The thought of boosting the brain with a substance called nootropics is no doubt appealing — little wonder why people are showing great interest in them. But the question is, are nootropics legit? That’s what many people are asking. Well, if you’re one of them, you have made the right choice. Here, you will find the information. But first, let’s answer the question to address any doubt.

So, back to the question, “are nootropics legit?”

The answer is yes! But it depends on the nootropics you are using. The Greek word “nootropic” means “to shape or bend the mind.” And there are tons of over-the-counter products sold via different platforms claiming to enhance memory, creativity, and other forms of brain functions. However, there are highly-rated nootropic supplements that contain a mixture of lipids, food-derived vitamins, antioxidants, and phytochemicals, which, according to studies, helps to ensure healthier brain function. Some also contain exotic ingredients and herbs that offer promising attention and memory-boosting benefits. So, nootropics work! But you must ensure you are using the right supplement.

Read for more information about nootropics to make an informed decision.

What Are Nootropics?

First off, know that nootropics have different names. They are sometimes regarded as smart drugs, limitless pills, brain-boosters, genius pills, performance enhancers, and cognitive enhances. But they all mean the same thing.

Also, know that nootropics differ from one brand to another. And the difference is nothing but the constituents, which dictates how effective the supplement would be. The ingredient you will find in one product, you may not find in another. Even if you do, they may differ in quantity. But the good thing is that the Best Nootropics 2020 come manufactured with quality ingredients to boost cognition, concentration and more.

They are also ideal for everyone, such as students, workers, and the elderly. And as I  said earlier, nootropics works. When you look carefully at the list of ingredients in certain products, you will see that they’re natural. In addition to being natural, many of these ingredients have been proven to be effective cognitive enhancers.

What Qualifies A Substance To Be A Nootropic?

There are several criteria outlined for a substance to assume the status of a “nootropic.” However, not everything that has the name “nootropics” or “smart drugs” is the real deal.

Back to the history of how brain-boosting drugs came into existence! The name “nootropics” was coined by a Romanian, a renowned psychologist, and chemist, Dr. CorneliuGiurgea.

The story behind the formation of the smart drug is quite impressive. It was said that Dr. Corneliu’s mission was to manufacture a sleeping pill. But unfortunately, he ended up with something he named a nootropic, aka piracetam.

So, Dr. Guirgea is the father of nootropics. He also outlined several conditions for a substance to be labeled a nootropic.

He added that, for something to be a nootropic, it must have the capacity to do the following.

  • Boost memory
  • Enhance one’s behavior under challenging conditions
  • Show minimal side effects and toxicity profile
  • Protect the brain from any means that could cause injury whether physical or chemical

There is evidence of the use of nootropics in the days of old — medicinal plants such as coca leaves, and Ginkgo was used to influence cognition and mood. There’s also a possibility that the boosting of cognition and improvement of mental health might have started a long time. That’s because Ginkgo was used for medicinal purposes a long time ago. It’s over 250 million years old and the oldest tree on the planet.

Today, we have different kinds of smart drugs. And while some contain a balanced proportion of Ginkgo and some other proven ingredients, other smart drugs aren’t even close. You will find other ingredients that aren’t even clinically proven to be effective for cognition boosting. The bottom line is to find the right nootropic if you want to enjoy the benefits the supplement offers.

Who Should Use Nootropics?

Many people believe they are intelligent and, thus, don’t need a brain booster. Well, I entirely agree with this assertion. But the thing is there’s a level that high-quality nootropics can get you, I mean mentally. For instance, if you’re a student, you can perform even better in your exams when you gobble up a smart drug. If you are preparing for a highly demanding paper and need to cram cumbersome textbooks, smart drugs can make things easier for you.

Another set of people that needs nootropics are those in highly-demanding jobs seeking that mental edge to enhance productivity and creativity. When you find yourself in such a highly competitive environment, the last thing you want is to be sluggish. You would always want to be at your best mentally and otherwise, to retain your position in the company.

Nootropics can make that happen for you. And as I said before, it would take good quality nootropics for you to receive enormous cognitive benefits.

Overall, nootropics can make you happier, more productive, and mentally alert. They can also enable you to develop good habits.

Issues surrounding the legality of nootropics, aka “smart drugs,” have been aroundfor ages. There are many questions about who should regulate them. However, let me start by saying, nootropics are supplements.

Also, because they are supplements, nootropics are regarded as food and regulated as such. And as you already know, foods are legally considered safe until they are proven otherwise.

Nootropics are legal in the United States of America. What that implies is that anyone can buy, own, or take nootropics as he or she wishes. The government doesn’t have control over them. You are in charge of whatever nootropics you take. So, choose wisely.

Are Nootropics Safe?

Let’s clear this doubt once and for all. When Dr. Giurgea brought the idea of nootropics, he was particular about what  qualities a supplement should possess to be called a nootropic. One is that the supplement must have little to no side effects. Toxicity should also be at the lowest level.

So, by definition, smart drugs, aka “nootropics,” are safe! You should also have in mind that not all nootropics are worthy of the name. Most of them aren’t safe for either short or long term use. They don’t even meet the criteria stated by Dr. Giurgea for an ideal nootropic.

The thing is anyone who has tried nootropics without tangible results will conclude that the supplement doesn’t work, whereas it’s wasn’t the right cognition enhancer that they took. High-quality nootropics are made of natural ingredients, which generally make them safe to use. They usually contain the calibrated percentage of the active ingredient considered safe according to clinical trials..

So, purchasing a higher-end nootropic is the real deal. The companies in charge of those supplements pay close attention to quality and use state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

Again, when you talk about the safety of nootropics or supplements in general, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) comes to mind. GMP implies a set of regulations and guidelines designed by the USFDA.

Before nootropics manufacturers can obtain the GMP certification, there are specific guidelines they must follow when manufacturing the supplement. The first is testing all the herbs collected for possible contamination and the presence of microbes. The equipment also needs to be sterilized and maintained before and after production.

Social Anxiety: Is Nootropics Helpful?

Social anxiety is a big issue in our society today, and it’s prevalent among women. People with this condition exhibit diverse traits. It could be fear of failure, staying away from a social gathering, inability to express one’s self in a social forum, sweating, trembling, and so on.

The thing is social anxiety can reduce one’s quality of life. So, it’s a condition that must be addressed. And as I said, women  are twice as likely to have this condition than men. Other factors that can lead to an anxiety disorder are;

  • Childhood trauma
  • Family history
  • Extreme shyness
  • Being poor
  • High cortisol levels

Social anxiety is a challenge that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It has also been linked to diverse life-threatening conditions such as depression, drug, and alcohol abuse, including other vices that can reduce one’s quality of life.

However, people usually take social anxiety to be a minor issue until it escalates. So, if you know someone or you are personally struggling with this issue, it is best to seek medical help. In addition to medical advice, you can consider taking the right nootropics to serve as natural support.

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Are nootropics legit is a critical question. Anyway, the answer is yes. But then, you need to ensure that you are using the right supplement. Whether you are a student or professional in a highly demanding career, these supplements can help you to become more productive. So, focus on using a top-quality nootropic if you want to get the entire benefits of the supplement. You also do not have to break the bank to get one.