Perhaps you have some gained some weight you wish you to shed. In such a situation, what would you do? More often than not, you turn to a tested and tried weight loss methods such as exercise and dieting. You may also begin to run or lifting weights a few times weekly. You start running away from junk foods while also cooking at home more often.

How to starve your body to lose weight?

A lot of people often wonder How to starve your body to lose weight? The answer is quite simple; stay away from food! However, as simple as this may sound, it requires some tact strategies to make it effective. First and foremost, you must understand that you cannot simply get to that point overnight, this means that you have to take the process gradually.

So you can start by cutting down on the junk intake each day. After this, you should begin thinking about reducing the number of times you eat each day by fifty percent. Also, ensure that you are strictly indulging in a healthy and balanced diet. 

What Exactly Happens When You Starve It To Lose Weight?

When people engage in certain weight-loss strategies, the results may not be immediately pronounced due to a few reasons.  Because we live in a generation where everyone seems to be in a hurry, a lot of people look for quick solutions. Some resort to starvation diets while others go for extreme diets which restrict the calories below their energy needs each day.

Also, they may drop in weight rather quickly, but then certain things happen when people starve their bodies. So what happens when people starve their bodies in the short and long-term?  What are the health effects of such actions?

What Is Our Body Made Up Of?

What Is Our Body Made Up Of

Body composition simply refers to the components that your body is made up of such as fat-free mass and fat. The fat-free mass is composed of all things that are not fat like protein, minerals, and water.

For you to alter the composition of your body, you should not just focus on the goals of weight loss. Your focus should be based on two things, first is that you should attempt to lower the fat mass while you are increasing the lean body mass.

However, why should you focus on altering your body composition as against weight loss? The answer is simply that lean muscle tends to give you look of being thinner even if there is no difference on the scale. The reason for this is that muscle is usually greater than fat.  Hence, focusing on the composition of your body instead of fat loss can go a long way helping you improve the total appearance while also lowering your body fat and increasing strength.

What Makes Starvation A Good Choice?

The basic model for weight loss is simply predicated on calories in vs. calories out. If you use more calories each day than you burn, chances are high that you will increase in weight. By simply burning higher numbers of calories each day, you will lose weight. You need a calorie restriction if you are trying to lose weight.

As indicated earlier, several people opt for an all-or-nothing approach to weight loss. Therefore, they go for calorie levels that are quite lower than what is originally recommended thus leading to quick weight loss. Starvation diets may be able to help you lose weight, but this may be at a cost!

What Occurs To Your Body When You Starve It?

What Occurs To Your Body When You Starve It

Study shows that people who engaged in starvation diets by consuming just 50% of their energy needs within three weeks observed a loss of weight. They however also encountered a drop in their lean muscle mass. What this means is that if this starvation state is sustained religiously, the lean muscle mass could drop by twenty percent.

Also, a research carried out showed that lean mass and lean muscle mass were sacrificed while starving. However, the body fat stores were observed to be the same for mice in control and obese mice that were on a starvation diet.

Weight loss through starvation can lead to people losing reasonable amounts of lean muscle mass. The reduction of your bone mass can prove to be a problematic issue because it lowers your bone density thus making your prone to injury. On the other hand, upgrading your Lean Body mass can greatly increase your bone density and strength which is a common concern for several Americans as they age.

A research carried out indicated that a significant drop in calories from your diet can lead to a significant loss of weight as well as lower lean muscle mass. It is however interesting to note that the participants of the research gained back almost all the fat they lost within eight years.

What Is The Connection Between Weight Loss And Metabolism?

This brings an important topic to the fore and that is metabolism. It should be noted that chronic starvation leads to a change in metabolism. Resting metabolism rates and metabolism are connected to the lean body mass. This means that a person who has higher mass may require greater levels of energy to function properly each day and as such will have a higher rate of metabolism. With a decrease in weight comes a decrease in BMR.

It, therefore, suffices to say that there is a level of calories needed to sustain your lean mass. You drop below this; your body may likely be forced to break down the muscle stores to create energy.  Starvation diets may have long term negative consequences on your body. By starving to lose this weight, there will be a change in metabolism thus lowering bone density, lean muscle as well as strength.

What Should You Be Concerned About Starving Yourself?

There are a few things you should be mindful of as regards starvation as a measure to cut weight. Chief among them is that there is a high chance of your regaining the weight you have labored to lose.

Go For Healthier And Safer Ways To Lose Weight!

Go For Healthier And Safer Ways To Lose Weight

Opting for starvation to lose weight is a short-term solution to fixing a condition that requires a long term approach. Such a calorific deficit may lead to a reverse result from what you originally want. As against helping the body reduce fat, it instead causes the body to break down lean muscle mass, bones, and tissues.

Furthermore, this weight loss type cannot be sustained over a long period. More often than not, those who opt for starvation diet usually gain the lost weight back within a few years. It sets your body to increase in fat quicker over the long term while leading to the lowering of your BMR thus making it difficult for your body to carry out its normal functions.

There are several healthy ways you can lose weight. You need to focus on losing fat while gaining muscles. You can choose a healthy diet that falls within a specific calorie range and make use of strength training to improve the lean muscles.


Having considered how to starve your body to lose weight, we must point out that your health should be your priority. Do not in your quest to lose weight adopt extreme measures that may solve one problem and create another.

Weight loss is more gratifying when your total health and well-being is at an optimum level. Thus starving your body may not be the ideal approach to adopt in this case. You can adapt some of the strategies we suggested or better still consult your dietitian for help regarding the right diet to adopt.