Having a personal sleep tracker watch will provide you with an amazing insight into whether you are getting enough sleep or not. You don’t have to test every sleep tracker you find on the market when you can find one that is suitable for your needs.

Sleep tracker watches are classified either as wearable or non-wearable, though they offer the same services; people prefer them for different reasons. 

The ideal sleep tracker watch should be able to help transfer or share information from one device to the other. With this feature, you will be able to identify how you can improve your quality of sleep.

Can’t wait more to see the products? Well, here are top 5 picks for you at a glance.

How Does The Sleep Tracker Watch Works?

The wearable sleep tracker works just like the accelerometer in your smartphone. The device comes with a feature known as Actigraphy that monitors your movement during sleep.

Just like the accelerometer, the Actigraphy can sense when you move during your sleep and the total time you spent on such movements. The feature will also record the total length of lack of movement during your sleep.

The tracker watch measures changes in your heart rates. It is important to note that the heart rate is lowered during sleep but changes when you move.

The Best Sleep Tracker Watch: Buyer Guide

Sleep trackers have become more popular in the past few years especially among individuals who find it very difficult to sleep. These devices measure sleep patterns based on some readings such as heartbeat rates and body movements.

Most of these devices are also designed to monitor snoring and other sounds generated during your sleep with the use of smart sound monitoring technology. The ideal best sleep tracker will track your ambiance temperature, sound, lighting conditions, and air quality. The following factors must be considered when choosing your ideal sleep tracker;

  • Type of tracker
  • Desirable features
  • The design of the sleep tracker watch,
  • The battery life
  • Display option

The Types Of Trackers

There are wearables and non-wearable trackers. The wearable trackers tend to be more functional than non-wearable options because they can also serve as fitness trackers. Wearable trackers are worn on the wrist, or finger as rings and as other wearable accessories.

 Smart-watches are the commonest wearable trackers you can find around, and they are wirelessly connected to mobile apps that show graphical displays of collected information while you sleep. Rings are less obstructive than smart-watches and they also provide graphical representations of data collected while you sleep.

Non-wearable tracker watches are no-contact watches that can be slipped under mattresses, pillows, and beddings. They come with sensors that work with inbuilt apps to record and display visual representations of your sleep habit. The entire bed can be made to be the sleep tracker in some cases.

As mentioned early, choosing a wearable sleep tracker watch is better than the non-wearable option because the wearable watch can be taken anywhere you go for 24-7 monitoring and use of data.

The Desirable Features

There are some desirable features you must check in a sleep tracker watch before buying the product. For instance, the ideal tracker must come with an alarm system. Since it is easier to wake from a light sleep than from a deep sleep, having a tracker watch with an alarm can help you wake up at the right time. 

A smartphone app is another feature that is non-negotiable in a sleep tracker watch. without the app, you wouldn’t have access to the information recorded about your sleep. A smart app will be the easiest way to view your metrics. You can transfer your sleep patterns into a medical record via the smartphone app and your doctor may examine such information to administer therapy for you. 

The Design Material

The best sleep tracker watch must be very comfortable to wear at all times. This means the watch must not in any way flip off your wrist or create injuries on you. Though you can find some sleep trackers in minimal designs and a variety of colors, it is better to go for a sturdy and durable one that can withstand some mechanical accidents than to go for an aesthetically appealing watch. 

Coated steel sleep tracker watches tend to last longer than the leather watches. The coated steel tracker watches can withstand corrosion and some mechanical accidents for a long time while leather watches may expand and break out suddenly. You should also consider a watch with a solid gorilla-glass touchscreen because it is anti-shatter in nature and can withstand bumping and accidental dropping.

Water-resistance design is another desirable feature you should consider because it makes it easier to wear tracker watch even inside the rain without worries. 

The Battery Life

Perhaps the battery life should be another factor you should consider when it comes to choosing your ideal sleep tracker watch. You can find some watches that have batteries that can last for 4 days when fully charged, and you can also find some designed to last for several hours before it needs to be recharged. 

Whatever the situation is, the longer the battery lasts, the more convenient the watch is, but that does not mean you should consider battery life alone. 

The Display Options  

The display options on the watch are also important and you need to check whether the style and display options match your preferences. The display normally comprises of the touch screen, side buttons, color, visibility under different lighting conditions and size of the screen. 

If you have problems reading small texts, perhaps you should consider a sleep tracking watch with a larger screen. Most users will normally prefer side buttons for easier control and access, than the buttons located at the top or bottom which can be difficult to control sometimes. 

You need to be cool with the intuitiveness of the interface. Some tracker watches can be complicated, buggy and touchy while some can take a while to get used to. Complicated user-interface tracker watches are not worth the trouble; thus, you should rather find other products of similar prices. 

Visibility under low-light conditions may be an optional consideration only if you are taking the tracker watch to dark places to access your information. It is important to have a clear screen that will show details of your information without stress. 

Review Of Top 8 Best Sleep Tracker Watch

Based on customer reviews and descriptions, the following are some of the best sleep tracker watch products you should consider;

1. Fitbit Versa Smart Watch, Black/Black Aluminum, One Size (S & L Bands Included)

This is a smartwatch that is more than just a sleep tracker. It doubles as a fitness tracker and can store up to 300 songs to make your fitness routine more convenient. It tracks your sleep pattern and displays them in graphical representations It can also record tracks covered, amount of swimming time or stairs you climbed.

It is capable of tracking all your daily activities, while paying attention to important metrics such as heart rates, with your sleep phases. The total recharge time for the battery is 2 hours, though the duration will depend on the frequency of usage.

You can connect this watch with GPS for more real-time activity measurements such as real-time and distance. There are lots of apps included on the device, these include sports apps, weather, and calendar. You can send texts and make phone calls from the watch. Keep in mind that you can only send text message replies on android platforms.

This watch can operate within a temperature range of 10 and 60C degrees. It works with the famous Fitbit app to retrieve log periods and get information on symptoms. With the Fitbit app, you can share your information on sleep and fitness with a third party. Check out superwatches for a comparison of Fitbit models that you can buy.

This product makes use of Bluetooth 4.0 radio transceiver for operation. This feature makes it compatible with Android, Windows and IOS devices. It is built to last long, hence it can withstand a wide range of mechanical and non-mechanical accidents.

What I like about it

  • 4-day battery life before the next recharge.
  • The slim and lightweight design makes this smartwatch very comfortable to wear.

What I don’t like about it

  • It comes with just 50m of water resistance hence it is not recommendable for use in the sauna or bathtub.

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2. Withings Steel HR Hybrid Smartwatch – Activity, Sleep, Fitness and Heart Rate Tracker

This is one of the most beautiful and stylish options you will find on this list. It is packed with several features that can help you stay healthy. The heart rate monitoring feature here provides in-depth reporting on daily fitness and night sleep patterns.

A one-time charge will make the battery life last for 25 hours plus a reserve power mode for 20 more days. The reserve mode is only for tracking and time. It offers a 24/7 tracking feature that monitors your performance whether you are walking, running, sleeping, and much more.

You can connect the device to GPS tracking to use the map for your training session. This GPS map technology provides help on elevation, pace, and distance. Though, the 50M water resistance feature means you don’t have to worry when snorkeling, or inside the rain. It is not advisable to use it for swimming.

The sleep tracking feature will score you based on light or deep sleep. Your deep sleep cycles, regularity, and interruptions will also be displayed. Heavy usage of the tracker watch can still be supported by up to 5 days of battery life.

Get your smartphone notifications on this watch. You can use it to make phone calls, text and even take notifications on your next events. You can perform several operations on the screen, and you can link the tracker smartphone with Google’s Alexa and ask Alexa about your statistics. This feature works with a free Alexa skill.

The operational temperature range for this device is -10 and 40C degrees. It is predominantly made of white and grey silicone colors.

What I like about it

  • It offers a whopping 25 days of battery life, one of the best you can find around.

What I don’t like about it

  • The 50M water resistance may be okay for rain and snorkeling but not good enough for swimming.
  • Sensitive to temperature, it doesn’t work at temperatures lower than -10C degrees.

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3. Updated 2019 Version Smart Watch for Android iOS Phone, Activity Fitness Tracker Watches

This is a fully-featured sleep and health exercise that offers real-time monitoring and recording for heart rate and fitness. This sleep monitor can be compared to the Samsung and Apple iPhone smartwatches. With the analysis of your sleep quality and provision of information, you can adjust your sleep accordingly for a healthier lifestyle.

You need to recharge the battery only for 2 hours and it can power your monitoring for about 30 days depending on usage. It provides all-day tracking for breathing, steps taken, sleep status, idle and active times, and much more.

The multi-sport mode can be connected to the GPS and access multiple exercise modes. You can also view and respond to your calls and messages via this device. This device will vibrate to notify you about a message or incoming phone call. Fortunately, you can also access your social media pages, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram.

It comes with a lifetime warranty which is a confirmation of its quality. There is also a 30-day money-back guaranty. It is one of the most affordable sleep tracking watches you can find around. When fully charge, this watch offers up to 30-days of standby power. Generally, it should last between 20 and 30 days depending on the type and intensity of usage.

It comes with an IP68 dust ad water resistant feature for up to 100 meters of water resistance. Its slimmer design makes it even more comfortable. This watch will also send a notification if you are becoming too sedentary for too long. This means it reminds you of the need to move your body.

What I like about it

  • Very low power consumption
  • It can last for between 14 and 30 days after a full charge.

What I don’t like about it 

  • The rubber wrist handle may not be as durable as expected, but it snugs on your wrist and also comes with a hook.

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4. Amazfit Bip Smart-watch by Huami with All-Day Heart Rate and Activity Tracking, and Sleep Monitoring.


This sleep tracking watch is fortified with everything you can ask for. A GPS, 4.0 Bluetooth technology, and a lifetime warranty are just a few of such features. It is available in a wide range of colors but the Black Onyx is one of the favorites. It weighs just 1.1oz. Making it very lightweight and comfortable on you.

The 1.28” display is a very bright trans-reflective design. Once you recharge the battery for about 2 ½ hours, you can surely use the device for up to 30 days. The optical heart rate monitoring reports the performance of your heart in numbers. With the in-built GPS, you can also track your distance traveled during a workout, the total number of steps taken, the quality of sleep and calories burnt.

Get more detailed insights into the special sports modes, including treadmill, cycling, walking and running. This device will surely be your ideal companion if you want to remain productive all day. The smartwatch will display your incoming phone calls plus your SMS alerts. You can also check your social media notifications on the screen.

The device is powered by a 190 mAh Lithium-Ion battery. With the 12-month new replacement warranty and a 30-day money-back guaranty, you can rest assured of its quality. Besides support for social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you can also get weather forecasts on this device. The IP 68 dust and water-resistant feature keep your device free from water spoilage.

What I like about it

  • Up to 30 days of battery support.
  • Adjustable straps with holes for easy adjustment.

What I don’t like about it

  • Though the strap is durable, it may break off under certain extreme pressure.
  • The water resistance feature does not guaranty the safety of the device when used during swimming or deep-sea diving.  

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5. Zagzog Smart Watch: All-Day HeartRate Activity Tracking, Waterproof, and Sleep Monitoring Smartwatch

Just like other smart-watches on the list, this sleep tracking watch comes with a Full Touch Screen, Step Counter, Calorie Counter, and Pedometer. It is important to mention that this device is compatible only with IOS and Android platforms.

This is one of the most elegant and fashionable options you should consider. It has a very large 1.54” LCD for easy reading of enlarged information. In addition to measuring your sleep patterns it can also measure your blood pressure, heart rates total distance covered, steps, and calories burnt. With the information displayed, you can adjust your lifestyle accordingly.  

The IP68 waterproof feature gives the watch efficient protection against water infiltration. It comes also with an in-built 3D sensor that works with the pedometer for an accurate record of your steps, sleep, and calories burnt. You can feel free to wear this smartwatch whether indoors or outdoors.

The smart reminders on the smartwatch, are compatible with iPhone and Android devices. You can synchronize the reminder feature with a push-button function and you will see your calls and messages as alerts or vibration of the device.

With a 12-month manufacturer warranty, you can return the watch if there is a defect in any of its parts. The package contains a charging cable to recharge the smartwatch quickly. With a 2 hour recharge, you can use this watch for more than 20 days, and up to 30 days for just checking information only. There is a remote control camera on this device.

This is not a medical device, it is designed to be used for personal monitoring.

What I like about it

  • An ultra-long battery life.
  • The wrist bands are replaceable.

What I don’t like about it

  • It is not shipped to all countries; hence you need to check before buying.
  • It is not available for the Windows operating system.

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6. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor, Activity Tracker, Step Counter, Sleep Monitor, Calorie Counter, 1.3” Touch Screen Smart Watch

An ideal watch for kids, men, and women. It is ideal as a 24/7 heart-monitoring device. There is an auto-sleep monitoring feature that works with the Fit Pro app to monitor your sleep quality. There is 14 sports mode here alongside all-day 24-7 tracking. You can even use the device to track calories burnt, sports calendar, and you can check activity reports.

Get your call and message notifications on the watch’ screen, likewise your SMS messages and phone calls can be controlled from the device. You can read up to 10 messages on the screen of the watch. There are lots of extra convenience functions here. Music control, sedentary reminders, phone finder, and even breathing trainer features can be found here.  

A fully customizable dial makes the device more functional. There are 4 different dial themes you can choose from to customize your device screen. With the full touchscreen, you can also check your sports data fast. Music control, silent/alarm, female health tracker, and a pedometer are the other features to check out.

With the auto sleep monitoring, you can automatically monitor your sleep status which is either deep or light sleep. It is available in 4 different appealing colors to choose from. It comes with a manufacturer warranty plus a 30-day money-back warranty.

What I like about it

  • Full touchscreen with a dial face that can be customized.
  • Double hooks on the strap of the hand of the watch for convenient usage.
  • Affordable and can be easily maintained.

What I don’t like about it

  • You can’t read more than 10 messages on the screen of the message; hence you need to delete old messages for incoming ones.
  • The leather strap can expand under high heat. Prolonged usage may weaken the leather and cause its breakage.

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7. KUNGIX Smart Watch, Full Touch Screen Sleep and Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor.

This device boasts of all advanced features you can find in a sleep and fitness tracker watch. These features include; 5ATM waterproof, a pedometer, and compatibility with Android and IOS platforms only.

This is one smartwatch that can be used by kids, women, and men. It has a wrist band that can be adjusted according to your wrist measurement. The 2.5” high definition screen provides vividly sharp information, even under low-light.

It works with a full-screen touch operation, while the ultra-light design of the body makes it comfortable to wear all day.

With the watch, you wouldn’t miss any message or phone call, as there is a Bluetooth connection for high-speed connectivity. You can read your SMS, receive your calls, set alarms and sync your social media profiles. The in-built app works with all social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It sends a reminder after a period of inactivity while the vibration alarm notifies you of an incoming call or message. It comes with all activity tracking plus health check. It helps to report your heartbeat rate and your sleep patterns. There are 14 different sports mode on this device, and you can retrieve information on calories burnt, steps and distance completed.

All you need is 2 hours to recharge the battery of the watch to make it last for between 15 and 30 days depending on the intensity of usage. The normal tracking of your sleep patterns or fitness records alone can make the battery last up to 30 days, playing music will reduce that.

 The 5 ATM waterproof rating ensures that you can use the watch in wet conditions such as the rain. There are some apps you still need to download on this device for certain purposes. You can enjoy in-built features such as music controller, breathing and mood controller, timer setter as well as alarms. This device is a great bargain for its price.

What I like about it

  • The gorilla glass is very solid and protective of the screen.
  • Great battery life.

What I don’t like about it

  • The leather strap may not be as tough as it ought to be.

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8. Smart Watch for Android Phone, iPhone, Arbily Smartwatch with Heart Rate Monitor

If you are looking for a sleep and fitness tracker with a very high water-resistance rating that you can use even when swimming then this is the ideal choice. It has a step calorie counter, and pedometer and fortunately kids, women and men can use the device.

This is one accurate tracker that can track all your activities the whole day and display them on the screen. With more than 14 different exercise modes, it will be a good recorder for any sports you indulge in.

It displays three different levels of heart rate data. Just one charge can last up to 10 days plus an extra 20 hours standby time. One of the features you will love most here is the 4 stylish color-screen HD interfaces that are highly sensitive to touch.

This device supports receiving phone calls, SMS, and SNS notifications. The device can be set to vibrate and you can pick the call or respond to messages directly from the screen. The product also comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty which is a confirmation of its high quality.

This product comes with a 30-day money-back guaranty. It also has excellent customer care support that you can contact for all issues. With 2-3 hours of charging, you can rest assured of a full battery for many days of usage.

What I like about it

  • The IP68 waterproof rating means you can even use it to swim, and during other wet conditions.
  • You can personalize the smartwatch by choosing between 4 different color interfaces.

What I don’t like about it

  • The scree interfaces can be very sensitive to touch in the beginning but you will eventually get used to it.
  • It is only compatible with IOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 and above. You need to upgrade your operating system if you use lower android and IOS versions.

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Other Features Desired In A Sleep Tracker Watch 

In addition to the basic features mentioned above, it is important to consider some other desirable features when buying a sleep tracker watch, these include the following;

1. Manual or Rechargeable Battery

For some sleep tracker watches, you need to replace the battery manually and for some, you can recharge the batteries for several months before replacement. You should consider the option that is more convenient for your situation when choosing a tracker watch.

2. Multiple or Single User Allowed

Some sleep tracker watches are programmed to work only for a single user, while others can work for multiple users. You need to be clear about this and decide whether you want to use the watch alone or with someone else.

3. Comfortability

Not all tracker watches are good to sleep in. some can become too sensitive to room temperature and that could affect their readings. If you become too sweaty, some watches come with no water resistance features and that could affect your readings negatively. You need to be sure that the watch tracker will be comfortable with you, especially when you change positions inside your bed.

4. Functionality

Some tracker watches are designed for recreational usage too. For instance, these devices are designed to monitor sleep patterns at night and can also track fitness during the day. You can save money on such functional trackers without the need to buy multiple devices for different purposes.  

If sleep tracking is your priority, you need to ensure that the device measures every sleep metrics you want it to measure.

5. Waterproof or Water-resistant

You need to keep in mind that no device is completely waterproofed, instead, devices come with different levels of water-resistance. The specifications of your device should tell you the level of water resistance it has. The water-resistance of a tracker watch is normally rated in “ATM”. For instance, a water resistance rating of 5 ATM means the tracker has a water resistance level of 50 meters.

If you have to use your device in the rain or even swim with it, then you may need an ATM rating of up to 10, which also means the tracker can resist water damages up to 100 meters.

6. Design

The design of a tracker watch is very important. While some watches do come with square edges, some do come with round edges with customizable straps. Round-edge designs of the face of the watch can reduce the risks of bumping the device against different things, which means it is desirable more than square edge designs.

 Similarly, a customizable strap is a desirable feature in a sleep tracker watch because it allows you to adjust the strap to fit your wrist measurement. Both metal and leather straps are good, but it can be more expensive to replace broken metal straps, while leather straps may also wear out after prolonged usage. You should go for comfortability when it comes to straps.

7. Upgradable Features

It is ideal to go for sleep tracker watches with upgradable features. Some features can upgrade themselves automatically and some have to be upgraded manually. Upgradable apps, for instance, will ensure that you don’t have to contend with certain bugs that affect the effectiveness or reading capabilities of the watch.

 Upgrading the apps or any other feature on the watch should not slow down the functioning of the device, neither should it cause any problem. You can check the manufacturer website for the update or upgrade options available for the device.

8. Rechargeable or Replaceable Battery

People often get confused about whether to go for the rechargeable or replaceable battery tracker watch. It is easier to say that a rechargeable battery will save you money in the long run, because all you need to do is recharge the battery once it has run out of power.

The truth of the matter is that even rechargeable batteries do have a lifespan and they may not last as long as some replaceable batteries. For this reason, it will make sense to choose a replaceable battery-powered watch that can last for at least 6 months. Some replaceable batteries can last for several years before you change them.

9. Added Features

It is amazing to know that there are long lists of actions that can be performed by a tracker watch. some sleep tracker watches will tell you what time you resume to bed and how long it took you to fall asleep. The alarm system in the watch will also wake you up at the optimum duration of your sleep cycle.

Some tracker watches can be recharged even when you sleep and without wearing them on you, yet they will track and monitor every sleep pattern from one day to another. Most trackers should be able to monitor your heartbeat rates, sleep phases and even the amount of snoring duration.

Many of these capabilities may not mean a lot to you but they sure will help you determine whether you are getting quality sleep or not. Make sure you also go for a tracker that provides details on humidity, and temperature measurements of your sleep environment and all information must be provided in easy to read graphs which can help you determine your sleep trends.

10. Price

Good products don’t come at the cheapest prices, similarly, poor quality tracker watches can be extremely cheap. For this reason, you need to avoid imitations, because they can cost you double in the long run when you go for replacement. Make sure you check warranty information before you purchase the product.

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This guide has provided all the information you need to make the right choices as regards sleep tracker watch. It is important that you follow through and also compare the review of the top products to make an informed choice. In addition to this guide, you may want to ask around for recommendations, but make sure you consider the important factors here before you decide.

Though, there are no important rankings of factors used in deciding which tracker watch is most suitable. It is important to consider your convenience and needs before any other factor.

If for instance, you have a fitness tracker already, you can save money by investing only in a tracker for sleep. If you don’t have any other tracker around, perhaps you can buy the fitness and sleep tracker watch to save money.   

Most beginner users of sleep tracker watches may have to try out different options for a while before they eventually settle for the best sleep tracker watch. Your case doesn’t have to be the same if you read the review and guide above. With the guide, you can avoid costly mistakes that other people are making.

Once you can find a comfortable sleep tracker watch at the right budget price, other factors can follow. You should also pay attention to the available apps on the tracker watch. Some apps used for synchronizing social media profiles may come with the watch and for others, you may have to download the app yourself.  

You need to check the compatibility of the watch with the operating system of other devices you want to use. For instance, a second device with an operating system other than the one on your watch may create a conflict and they wouldn’t sync for file transfer

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