Knowing that a drug test is imminent can put even the most detoxified person on their toes. You begin to have a playback of everything you have recently eaten and drunk, you begin to attempt to figure out the constituent of each of the items hoping to identify any loophole. One big question that makes people wonder if they would end up in Orange County drug rehab is; “can I drink the night before a drug test?”. This question is a tough and troubling one mainly because sometimes we end up with more than a glass of booze in our systems even when we do not plan to indulge.

Can I Drink The Night Before A Drug Test?

This depends largely on the type of test which is to be carried out on you and the reason for such a test. For instance, if it is a DOT test, then you should expect a breath analyzer test as well. It, therefore, suffices to say that you must not drink alcohol if you intend on passing a truck driving test or any type of drug that involves handling heavy equipment.

Some of the time the client may require you to take a urine or blood or ethyl glucuronide test. Each one of these tests could end up giving you a positive result depending on how recently you took in alcohol.

The ideal thing to do would be to know who exactly is asking for the test and what it is they are testing for beyond cocaine, weed, amphetamines, and phencyclidine. If what you indulge in is drinking alcohol, you may go ahead and ask them if they are in any way testing for alcohol. Be mindful of the fact that alcohol isn’t illegal so why can’t you ask? However, if you are in search of a DOT kind of work, you should be aware of the fact that you cannot pass the test if you drink.

How Do I Cleanse My System Of Drug Residues Before A Test?

There are quite a fewl techniques you can apply towards cleaning your boy of drugs before you go for a drug test. This is made easier if you are aware of the drug test coming your way. It would also interest you to note that there are avenues you can explore to hide the presence of a drug. However, these methods are largely dependent on the type of drugs and the length of time you may have ingested such drugs before your scheduled test. Here are a few tips to follow before you go for your drug test:

The general cleansing approach

One of the most common techniques for detoxifying your body involves lowering your kidney load. By doing this, you will be simply lowering the normal waste processing load which your kidney possesses. What this in turn does is to make your kidneys more efficient in the process of removing wastes which then allows your kidney to eliminate the volume of drug residue it can remove before the time of the scheduled drug test, thus lowering the possibility of it becoming a positive outcome.

Furthermore, it is advisable that while you are detoxifying your body that you do not take in alcohol of any type such as wine and beer. Also, make sure you do not consume certain food items such as butter, red meat and anything that is fried. It is instead wise that you consume a lot of vegetables and fruits. You should also drink large quantities of cranberry juice as it would assist you in flushing whatever remains from your body.

Water consumption before any such tests is also quite imperative.  The more water you consume, the more the tendency of having waste removed out of your system or diluting it until it is undetectable. This, in turn, assists in lowering the quantity inside your urine when you go for a drug test.  In addition to getting the residue flushed from your body, it also assists in diluting the residue concentration within your system. The lower the concentration of alcohol in your urine, the higher the chances of escaping a positive result in the drug test. However, many tests measure the dilution of the urine and if it is too dilute–as in too watered down, they will reject the test and make you do it again.

Another technique you may want to consider is fasting as it goes a long way in ensuring that the chances of a positive outcome in the drug test are reduced. You may want to try fasting once every other week. What this means is that you will not eat all through the day, but you are allowed to consume fluids. After every other day, you may opt to eat light with fruits, salads and the likes. Fasting helps in burning fat cells. It is, however, advisable that you do not fast on the day before the test or the day of the test.

Furthermore, you should consider consuming large volumes of fluids before you go for a drug test. As earlier stated, fruit juice and water are the ideal choices.  However, you should ensure that you do not take in too much juice due to its high level of sugar and calories. The ideal choice, therefore, would be a lot of water combined with squeezed lemon juice. You should, however, be mindful of fatty, salty and fried food items.

Sweating is another avenue you can explore to rid your body of alcohol and other impurities. Certain strenuous exercise that leads to a lot of sweating is indeed an effective channel of lowering the drug residue in your bloodstream while also dropping the fatty cell levels.  You should however not take it too far in your efforts to sweat it out, take breaks in-between, use the shower or dip in a pool. You should also stop the exercise a day or two before the big day.

What Should I Do On The Day Of The Drug Test?

What Should I Do On The Day Of The Drug Test

When the day of the test comes, you should drink lots of water and ensure you visit the toilet as many times as possible.  Also, be smart enough not to hand over the first, second or third urine as the sample for the drug test. The secret here is that the more water you drink and urinate before handing over the urine sample for the drug test, the more such a sample will be diluted. Another thing you could do would be to shut down your kidney just before you go for the test. This is done by making use of vinegar a minimum of two hours before you go for the test.  One easy way to consume vinegar will be to get a shot glass filled with an ounce while you quickly take in the vinegar. I would, however, recommend that you belch during the shots or you may throw up.

What Is The Easiest Way For Me To Pass A Drug Test?

If you are about getting a new job, chances are that you would be required to undergo a drug test before you can be hired.  Also, employees may be tested for alcohol or drugs at work. Therefore, you may wonder what the best way to pass a drug test would be. The ideal thing to do if you want to pass a drug test is to ensure you do not have drugs in your system.

What Types Of Drugs Are Usually Screened For In A Drug Test?

Many times, several companies may make use of blood drug tests when job applicants are being screened for the presence of illegal drugs. What a blood test does is to ascertain the level of drugs or alcohol in the bloodstream at the time when the blood was extracted.

Some of the drugs that are investigated in a blood test for a new job include cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, methamphetamines, alcohol, cannabis, and nicotine.

What Is A BAT?

BAT simply stands for breath alcohol testing. This test is carried out using a device known as the Breathalyzer.  This device helps in measuring the quantity of alcohol that exists within your blood. What these tests do is to determine the current levels of intoxication and not the previously consumed levels. It should be noted that one ounce of alcohol generally stays within a person’s system for an hour, but it is highly variable depending on weight and gender..

What Type Of Drug And Alcohol Test Is The Most Common?

The most common test carried out for people looking for jobs in search of alcohol and drug use levels is the urine test. What a urinalysis does is to indicate the presence of residues within the body after the overall effect of the same must have worn off.  Some employers carry out urine tests for all their employees while others carry out random tests.

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Take Away

If you are a sports person, or perhaps gunning for a new position, you must have realized by now that drug tests are pretty important. It is therefore important that you take necessary precautions to ensure that you do not miss out on opportunities over things you could easily handle. Follow our guide as outlined and you will be bouncing out unscathed from that test.