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FitOrbit.com is a health and fitness blog dedicated to helping you make the most out of your life. We wholeheartedly believe that maintaining your health is the key to living longer, doing more, and feeling comfortable and happy. Our contributors are doctors, nurses, nutritionists, certified personal trainers, and even pharmacists. They are experts in their field who are excited to be sharing their knowledge with you.  You can check out our team here.

Our contributors are focused on providing sound advice for common health and wellness questions that people have. They also enjoy posting helpful tips about healthy living, sleep, hygiene, dieting, mental wellness, and illness prevention.

As new public health concerns arise, such as COVID-19, our experts will tackle those topics, providing you the additional guidance that you may be seeking.

Our team also likes to explore the lastest fads in health and fitness, be it dieting trends, fitness plans, or even product reviews.

Additionally, if you have a health or fitness tip that you want to share with us, we do accept submissions. Not only do we want to share our expertise with you, but we’d love to hear what you have to share as well. We also welcome any questions or comments on our posts – this is a friendly community, here to encourage each other to live healthier.

Note to our readers: In February 2020, the parent company of our site, Cash Digital, LLC., acquired Gvfi.org and their health and wellness blog. As of March 2020, Gvfi.org’s content has been merged into FitOrbit.com. We welcome Gvfi.org’s loyal base of readers to our community!