Camera-ready look is not about the skin covered with heavy makeup! Rather, it is our skin health and how well we look after our skin.

Everyone dreaming a picture-perfect look and thinks it can only be possible by using dense and costly makeup products but, trust me; it is not as troublesome as you think! You can get the camera-ready look just by taking good care of your skin.

Let’s take a look at beauty tips you should follow to get a camera-ready look always!

Some essential aspects toward camera-ready look are our habits, diet, lifestyle and skincare routine.

So, let us enlighten you,

1. Eat Healthily! You Are What You Eat!

Eat Healthily! You Are What You Eat

Indeed, you can not completely stop the exposure of your skin to external factors (pollutants, UV rays and dirt grime). Still, by adopting healthy dietary practices, you can protect yourself from their harmful effects.

A healthy diet rich in multi nutrients is the base for our overall well-being and helps to keep us healthy and clean from inside. It not only offers an adorable glowing picture-perfect skin but also helps to boost your immune system, thus prevents from several diseases.

To get a camera-ready look, it is utmost important to know what to eat and what not?

Let’s discuss,

What to eat?

Diet enriched with antioxidant-rich foods, omega-3 fatty acid, fibres, amino acid, vitamins, flavonoids and fresh green leafy vegetables.

What not to eat?

Junk foods, refined sugar, and high saturated fat-containing foods, beverages containing a higher concentration of sugar.

2. Follow The Rule Of 8 By 8!

The rule of 8 by 8 is the fundamental principle behind a healthy body!

It means a daily habit of drinking a minimum of 8 glass of water and 8-hour sleep gives you all. Plenty amount of water and enough sleep helps to hydrate, repair and rejuvenate skin naturally and offers you gorgeous camera-ready look every day.

Research published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science reveals that “drinking more than 2 L of water per day have a positive impact on skin physiology”.

As per a study “women with deprived sleep are more prone to show sign of premature ageing and reduced skin ability to recover after sun exposure”.

3. Regular Workout! Workout Has An Overall Revitalizing Effect!

It is the best, long-lasting and healthy beauty weapons to get attractive blemish-free and every time camera-ready look. It helps to improve blood circulation, thus enhancing oxygen supply in the body.

So, if you want a picture-perfect camera-ready look, put on your sports shoes and do the workout!

4. Cleansing!


The first step towards camera-ready look is to start with cleansing. It helps to remove dirt, dust grime and whole day pollutants from the skin surface.

Cleansing twice a day (in the morning and before going to bed) is a crucial step in getting clean, bright and flawless skin. But before going ahead with any cleanser, some points should be considered such as

  • It should be as per your skin type such as for oily or acne-prone skin go for anti-acne foaming face wash, and for dry skin go for hydrating foaming face wash.
  • It should be free from harsh chemical ingredients
  • Along with cleansing, it should also possess hydrating after-effects to the skin.

5. Exfoliate! Exfoliation A Wonder For Skin!

Exfoliation once or twice a weak is sufficient to remove dead and damaged skin cells. But the essential point to be remembered during exfoliation is never scrub too hard on your skin because it leaves skin dry and irritated.

6. Wear Sunscreen Daily! Always Step Out With Sunscreen!

Sunscreen is a protective sheath that offers complete protection from harmful UV rays. Always go ahead with the sunscreen SPF 50 gel which offers broad-spectrum protection and gives you a healthy glowing camera-ready skin.

7. Moisturization, A Golden Rule!

Moisturization, A Golden Rule

Moisturizer a basic need of every skin no matter whether it is dry or oily, you should choose a suitable moisturizer as per your skin type.

Moisturizer offers nourishment and hydration to the skin by forming a protective layer over the skin. It also helps to prevent transepidermal water loss from the skin surface, thus provides long term hydration to the skin.

Having eyelash extensions applied can provide an extra boost of confidence and glamour, but they do require some special care. Taking the time to moisturize your skin daily is important, but if you have eyelash extensions, luckily there are a number of eyelash extensions aftercare tips you can use to keep yours looking as stunning as when you first had them applied. You should be cleaning your lashes regularly and choosing non-oil-based makeup remover for removal. You should also be careful about the eyelash glue you use, making sure it’s suitable for extensions, not just your own eyelashes. As well, try not to get them wet while showering by using a dry face cloth over them – this should help them remain in fabulous condition no matter how often you wear them.

8. Take Your Multi-Nutrient Supplements On Time!

 Multinutrient supplements fill the gap of nutrition between diet and your body. It is not just about your skin, but for a camera-ready look you should also take care of your hair. It is an essential part of our personal care regimen. The basic concept behind multi-nutrient hair supplements is that due to hectic lifestyles people won’t have to much time to take healthy diet and this cause deficiency of nutrients in the body, resulting in hair fall and dull hair. Give your hair the boost of nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, omega-3- fatty acids with hair growth tablets! They nourish your hair and improves their overall health.

9. Shampoo Time! Hair Adds Charm To Our Beauty!

Shampoo the most vital steps towards shiny, manageable hair. It prevents hair from becoming greasy and removes dirt and oil particles from the scalp.

But you know, shampoo is not enough for healthy hair. Along with shampoo hair conditioner and hair, serum plays a vital role in imparting healthy hair. It forms a protective layer over hair and prevents it from day to day environmental pollution.

At last but not least,

10. One More Good Steps Are Your Antioxidant-Rich Face Serum!

Never forget this marvellous skincare formulation as it gives you all. It is a power booster ingredient, the reason why it is called power booster is it has superior penetration into the skin as compared to creams. Always go ahead with a serum enriched with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid.

Feel beautiful! feel confident!

Concluding, no matter whether you wear makeup or not, but your healthy hair and skin keep you camera-ready always.

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