Getting ready to kick alcohol to the curb? If so, you should know that your diet can have a giant impact on your ability to recover. As such, you must plan accordingly.

Wondering what you need for an alcohol detox diet? Then read on. We’re going to cover 7 things below.

1. Eggs

When you’re withdrawing from alcohol, you’re likely to feel extreme fatigue. This is just one of those symptoms that you’re going to have to deal with for a while. Fortunately, however, there is a food that can reduce the effect of fatigue; that food is eggs.

Eggs are loaded with a variety of nutrients, from Vitamin A to Vitamin D to several B Vitamins to zinc to iron to calcium and more. Not to mention, they’re chock-full of protein.

When working together, these nutrients can provide human beings with tremendous amounts of energy. As such, they will enable you to fight off the effects of fatigue and keep yourself on the straight and narrow.

2. Fish

Fish is one of the healthiest foods this world has to offer. In addition to providing tons of lean protein, it also provides ample amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamins K, D, and B1, and iron and zinc.

In what way do these nutrients benefit you? Well, not only can they rev up the metabolism and give the body an energetic kickstart but they can also help the cardiovascular system, lowering blood pressure, and reducing the risk of heart disease.

There is no shortage of fish out there. You could try tuna, mackerel, salmon, trout, and much, much more. Make fish a staple of your detox diet and you’ll be feeling better in no time.

3. Leafy Greens

Leafy greens can be hugely helpful as well, as they’re packed with an endless number of vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals run the gamut from Vitamin A to Vitamin C to Vitamin K to iron to calcium to magnesium and much more.

These many nutrients help not only with blood pressure and obesity but with psychological symptoms as well. These symptoms include but aren’t limited to brain fog, depression, anxiety, and memory issues, many of which plague ex-drinkers.

There is no shortage of leafy greens for you to eat. You can try kale, arugula, collard greens, cabbage, spinach, and much, much more. Incorporate them into every one of your meals and reap the benefits.

5. Avocados

Avocado is everywhere right now and it’s not just because it’s trendy or it tastes good. The fact of the matter is that avocado is wonderfully beneficial to human health. This makes it a near-necessity for those who are in the process of quitting alcohol.

There are tons of vitamins packed in avocado, all of which offer their very own benefits. These vitamins include Vitamins E, K, C, B1, B6, and B9. There is also a bevy of energy-revving fatty acids, helping consumers to get up and get going.

The good thing is that you can incorporate avocado into just about anything. You can eat it as is, put it in salads, spread it onto sandwiches and much, much more. Regardless of what you’re eating, you can add avocado.

5. Cayenne Pepper

This might sound like a bit of a strange one to you, but it really does work: cayenne pepper! Filled with Vitamins K, E, C, A, and B9, it does a little of everything. Not only does it fight headaches and nausea (common in those detoxing from alcohol) but it also opens up the blood vessels, allowing for optimal blood flow.

Fortunately, you can incorporate cayenne pepper into a number of different meals. You can put it on sandwiches, mix it with soups, or, if you wish, eat it as is. The options are seemingly endless.

To put it simply, cayenne pepper helps you feel alive when you could be feeling anything but. It’s a lifesaver for many of those who are kicking alcohol to the curb.

6. Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds aren’t only beneficial for baseball players. Loaded with a variety of nutrients, they’re beneficial for everyone else as well.

The most prominent nutrients in sunflower seeds include Vitamin E, phosphorous, iron, and calcium. These nutrients help ex-drinkers not only by aiding in heart health but by strengthening the bones and cells as well.

There is also a chemical benefit to sunflower seeds. Namely, they increase the amount of dopamine that the body creates. Dopamine is a “feel-good” chemical, and so, when it’s released, it helps to combat depression and other down moods. Because detoxing drinkers are prone to these moods, sunflower seeds can be extremely beneficial.

Fortunately, sunflower seeds are the ultimate snack. Small, clean to eat, and easy to transport, you can pop them in your mouth throughout each day.

7. Water

You should be drinking ample water already. But if you’re detoxing from alcohol, the importance of water will at least double for you. As such, you need to make a concerted effort to hydrate over the coming months.

Officially speaking, you should consume 8 8-ounce cups of water every day. However, odds are, you’ll need more than that. Withdrawing from alcohol is bound to amplify dehydration and could lead to a range of negative mental and physical effects.

Carry a water bottle around with you and drink from it regularly. Make water your new drink of choice and things are sure to go swimmingly. Read on here.

This Alcohol Detox Diet Will Serve You Well

Removing alcohol from your life can be a truly daunting task. But if you make use of this alcohol detox diet, you’ll have a much better go of it.

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