Adam Kipling

Adam Kipling

I’m constantly trying new workout ideas on myself. In the past year I’ve trained 50 people, all shapes and sizes, and have had 100% results.

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  • About Me
    I have the knowledge, the experience, and the drive to get anyone to their goals as quickly as possible. In the past year and a half I've trained over 50 people all shapes and sizes and can still guarantee 100% results to you like I've done for them. I have had such a passion for Health and Wellness my whole life that I've done hundreds of hours of reading, researching, implementing, and testing on my own body. I currently work at California's top rated gym Equinox of West Hollywood where I am still learning on a daily basis. I'm surrounded by fitness all day and have picked up the tools to sculpt anyone’s body! My philosophy, living life to the fullest, means being at your full potential Physically Mentally and Spiritually. The road to success is paved with rewards!
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  • Specialties
    Weight Loss, Muscle Building, Endurance Training, Injury Rehabilitation, Vegan, Postnatal, Senior Fitness

My Certifications

  • AFAA Personal Training
    CPR/AED/First Aid
    AFAA Group Fitness
    AFAA Kick Boxing

My Normal Gym Rate

  an hour
  • Personal Training x 1 hour
  • Workout plan (1 session)

My Exclusive FitOrbit Rate

   a week
  • Personal Training x 7 days
  • Workout plan (weekly)
  • Meal plan (weekly)
  • Food and exercise journal
  • Unlimited email messaging
  • Motivation and guidance
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My complete plan for you includes:

  • Your daily meal plan, hand-crafted to your taste
  • Personal workouts with easy "how to" videos
  • I am always here to motivate and hold you accountable
  • Simple tools to log and track your progress
  • Jack came to me desperately seeking help and guidance. He suffers from Crohn’s Disease, which really limits the amount and type of food you can eat. He was very skinny and needed not only help with working out, but also nutritional advice on weight gain and muscle building. In two months he gained over 10 lbs. of muscle and his life turned around tremendously. Crohn’s disease is pretty serious and really puts a limit on the normal things in life we take for granted. Now, he has more energy, better quality of life, and is getting way more dates!!! Sorry Jack ☺ You are the best though!
  • When I first started with Carlos he was very scrawny and not very strong at all. He could barely perform 1 pull-up. After a year of training with me, he gets comments all the time about people asking him if he's been working out because he has filled out very nicely. Also, to give you a better idea of where he's at today he did 30 pull-ups in less than 3 minutes!! That's an accomplishment! Not to mention his benching has increased over 200% and his V02 level is through the roof!
  • Nohemi, like most people, wanted to lose weight. I explained to her the importance of consistency in diet and training a certain amount of times a week. I worked her legs very hard to burn a ton of calories and then had her do kickboxing and other cardio exercises on those tired legs. Of course we covered the upper body as well, but I mainly focused on activities that have the "after burn" effect for continual calorie burn while in recovery. I coached her on nutrition and held her accountable. In three weeks she lost 10 lbs. of stubborn fat!! She is 5 foot 5 and weighed 135 and now she is at 125 and looking very good. "5 more lbs. to go!" she said. "2 more workouts are all we need." I said. Next thing you know we're there! Time to maintain and increase balance and stability!!

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