Yoga pants are cool, flexible, comfortable and quite durable. But can men wear yoga pants? The simple reality on the ground is that ill-constructed clothes have a way of adversely affecting your workout. With wearing the wrong clothing for your workout comes poor breathability, irritated skin, and trapped sweat. This is why it is not only important to get yoga pants but to get the right yoga pants.

Can men wear yoga pants?

Yes, man can wear yoga pants. Yoga pants can be made flared, skinny or bootcut. It’s normal to find men wearing compression pants to help with running. However, at the end of the day, it all boils down to having the right self-confidence and body required to look good in them. It is however important that while using them; you should be decent as regards what. Men should put on Yoga pants for both internal and external benefits. Yoga pants offer men benefits such as increased levels of comfort as they are the closest thing to being naked in public you will get. They also offer increased levels of flexibility for your posses while also offering grip in several posses. They are great for biking, running and strength training.

Why Do Men Wear Yoga Pants?

It is worthy of note that Yoga pants are quite fashionable. They often come in several patterns, colors, and designs to select from. They are also becoming increasingly trendy. Being a male will mean having fewer options even though you should still be able to find something that suits you. They also offer the wearer increased levels of flexibility for them to move in their desired direction. Yoga pants also have a great level of support around the waist where you can tuck your stomach in while lifting your butt in complex yoga postures. You may put them on for dancing, running, surfing and other related activities. Some people even use them as casual wear.

What Are Yoga Pants?

Yoga pants are simply a form-fitting type of trousers that are designed to be used for yoga exercise. They were first sold back in 1998 by a company named Lululemon. The company was specifically founded for that sole purpose. When they first came out, they were made of a combination of Lycra and nylon. Although there have been modifications in fabric to produce moisture-wicking and odor reduction.

There has been a surge in the market for yoga pants for several reasons. Chief among this reason is that women these days even wear yoga pants as everyday wear. There has been a raging controversy in America over the wearing of yoga pants for purposes other than exercise. The sales of Yoga clothing is recorded to have reached over thirty-one billion dollars back in 2018.

What Is The Real Origin Of Yoga Pants?

Yoga takes its origin from India which was regarded as a form of spiritual exercise. In the early part of the 20th century, the posture gotten from the medieval hatha yoga was joined with movements gotten from gymnastics thus creating a tradition of postural yoga. By the turn of the 1990s, this had spread in popularity across the world, especially for women.

According to the story told, the founder of Lululemon named Chip Wilson was said to have attended a yoga class back in 1997 where the instructor was putting on attire that was fitted just like a second skin. Then came 2005 when Lululemon introduced Luon which had increased nylon microfiber. The level of popularity enjoyed by yoga pants increased so much so that in 2014, American teens referred to them as Jeans. As a result of this existential crisis, jeans manufacturer Levi Strauss had to make its jeans a bit stretchy.

What Are The Types Of Yoga Pants?

There are quite a several brands and styles of yoga pants that are available at different prices. This is usually determined largely by the brand. As of 2018, there were over 11,000 different types of yoga pants with one of the styles going for sale for almost $230.

The yoga styles available include the flared yoga pants with a flat waistband and the bootcut. The basic yoga pants are often tight-fitted, black, flared, boot-cut and reversible. They are often made of a four-way stretch fabric that has a flat elastic waistband. They usually provide comfort and flexibility and help in removing moisture from the body while ensuring that the wearer is comfortable and cool. They are often made from cotton, nylon, lycra spandex, and stretchy synthetic material. This helps in giving yoga pants a smooth and soft feel.

Some Useful Tips You Should Know About Yoga Pants

Taking a journey through the numerous choices for yoga pants for both men and women can be a rather daunting task especially if one is not equipped with the right amount of information. Here are a few types of yoga pants you should consider:

1. Cotton Yoga Pants

Cotton Yoga pants are often soft and comfortable. They are ideal for stretching as well as practicing moderately placed and restorative yoga types. This is as well as lounging after classes. One thing about cotton is that it is quite absorbent. Hence, if you are putting on loose-fitting cotton yoga pants to a rigorous workout, expect them to become heavier as the sweats increase. There is also research that indicates that when you put on cotton as against synthetic fiber, it may take quite a while for your body to cool down. Also, shivering and sweating sensations tend to last a while longer. Therefore, cotton yoga pants may be your ideal option if you are focused on hot yoga alone.

It is advisable that if you are a hardcore cotton fan, you should consider going for yoga pants made of organic cotton. Also, regardless of whether you are the type that goes for tight leggings or loose-fitting pants, ensure that the composition of the fabric is made up of some spandex. This will help in preventing sagging knees while also assisting in keeping the shape of the pants.

2. Yoga pants made of synthetics

Synthetics include fabrics such as spandex, nylon, polyester, PVC and other related materials. The production process of synthetics is one that may not be friendly with the environment because of the volumes of toxic materials required. However, regardless of your disposition towards synthetic materials, they are quite cool for activewear. They are even more so for high-impact routines. Polyester and nylon blends, for instance, are very useful for removing moisture. Thus, instead of absorbing the moisture, the sweat would have to evaporate from your skin. This thus helps you remain as dry as possible while also preventing sweat marks. Another unique benefit is the fact that yoga pants made from polyester and nylon are quite permeable thus meaning your skin can breathe.

Even though synthetic fiber may not feel as pleasant and soft as bamboo or cotton, it is usually quite durable. It doesn’t spoil quickly and is resistant to fading.

3. Bamboo yoga pants

Bamboo is an organic material that is usually processed into breathable or light fabric referred to as viscose or rayon. It is usually an ideal choice for yoga pants due to their unique features. Some of these properties include its ability to wick out moisture while preventing the buildup of bad odor. As a result of its temperature regulating properties, pants made up of this material will ensure you are kept dry and cool. These fabrics are also gentle and soft even for the most sensitive skin types. They are also durable and made in such a way as to last.

Also, bamboo is usually mixed with other fabrics such as cotton, spandex or wool. One thing about growing bamboo is that while it is quite sustainable, the process of conversion to fabric is quite a labor and chemical-intensive. It thus means that not all yoga pants of bamboo origin are as eco-friendly as they sometimes claim.

4. Those made of cotton synthetic blend

Yoga pants created from the cotton-synthetic blend often give you the worst and the best packaged in one. One unique feature they possess is that they will often be softer than your regular synthetic wear. They will, however, absorb sweat. They are also more likely to pill which can be quite nasty because it can make a brand new yoga pant look old and shabby.

What Are The Qualities To Be On The Lookout For?

Ease of movement and comfort

It is imperative that you feel as good as possible when putting on your yoga pants. The fabric ought to be as pleasant as possible on the skin and not itchy. Also, they should not draw you back or down to any posture.

Check their performance features

You should be on the watch out for features such as its ability to wick away sweat, stretch and prevent bacteria. The nature of your daily yoga should determine the material you get.


Before getting yourself yoga pants, ensure to confirm their level of durability first. Check the track record of the material and product.

Make sure it fits

If your yoga pants do not come out looking cool and fine, chances are that you may dispose of the theme very quickly.

Final Word

Yoga is beautiful and yoga pants make them even more beautiful. Yoga pants can be used by all genders as long as it fits and looks good on them. Use the tips provided here to make your choice.