When’s the last time you went through all of the photos on your phone? There’s a good chance you have more than a thousand photos and most of them you haven’t seen in years. The more time you allow to pass before organizing them, the longer and more daunting the list will become.

You’re taking photos on your phone every day. You’re always adding to the list, but never organizing. Now is the time to begin down the path to photo organization. You have some amazing and heart-warming photos and videos on your phone.

Chances are, once you start going through them, you’ll reminisce on those moments when you were making memories and taking the pictures. Don’t let those beautiful memories get lost in the thousands of digital photos on your phone.

Discover all your lost memories and begin organizing your photos today! Keep scrolling to learn how. 

1. Create Albums

Creating albums is one of the best ways to keep your digital photos organized. Each time you take photos doing something new or in a new location, be sure to put them in their own album. Taking pictures while on a vacation?

Save them to an album with the vacation name and year. Taking pictures of a day at the beach? Label the album with the beach name and date.

Each photo should be placed in an album of some sort for easy finding. Go through your current photos and start creating albums on your phone for those ones as well. 

2. Upload to Folders

Another way to organize is to create folders on your computer. You can connect your cell phone to your computer and transfer all your images onto it. Once the images are on your computer, you can then begin to create separate folders for specific images.

To organize photos on Mac devices, you can create albums using the Smart Albums tool. You can then manage and customize these albums. Folders on your computer can be made the same way you’d create albums on your phone. 

Save images into folders based on the date they were taken, the event, the person in the images, or so on. 

3. Start From the Bottom

If you have an endless amount of photos on your phone that you need to go through, then be sure to start at the bottom and work your way up. You want to start with your oldest photos because chances are it’ll take you several days to get through all of them. 

As the days pass by, you’re most likely taking more photos, which are being added to the top. This can get confusing if you’re trying to start at the top. Start with the oldest photos and begin placing them in albums or deleting them.

If you have multiples of the exact same picture or something similar such as a few different angles of a selfie, then you’ll want to delete the ones you don’t want before sending them into an album. 

4. Place All Photos in the Same Place

Not all phones save photos to the same exact location. If you have multiple photos spread across different locations on your phone, then you’ll need to place them all in the same spot first. 

It’ll be much easier to go through your photos, deleting what you don’t want, and sending certain ones into specific albums if you can tackle them all together. 

5. Transfer Them to an External Hard Drive 

When your phone becomes overwhelmed with the number of photos on it, you can transfer them to your computer. Once you transfer them to your computer, you should then transfer them to an external hard drive

A flash drive or memory card are two great options for external hard drives. You can create your folders on your computer and then transfer the folders with your images on them to the hard drives. Most hard drives will have enough space to hold multiple folders of photos on them.

Keep them on your computer as well, however. Now you have a backup and a way to upload your images onto another device if needed

6. Use the Favorites Tool for Specifics

If you like to use the favorites tool on your phone, keep in mind that this can make things a bit confusing at times. The favorites tool will pull your favorite photos into their own album, but they’ll all be here together, and you’ll need to then organize and go through those as well.

Instead of favoriting random photos that you like, consider only favoriting photos that you need for a specific purpose such as a project you’re working on. You can then create an album for those specific photos as well. 

7. Maintain the Organization

There are several ways to organize your photos, but it’s up to you to maintain the organization. These photo organizing tools will only work if you keep up with them. Each time you take a picture on your phone or digital camera, be sure to file or transfer it to its rightful place.

If you can maintain a good organization, then you’ll never have a problem finding certain photos again!

Which Photo Organization Idea Will You Use?

From creating albums to filing images on your computer, there are plenty of ways to ensure you organize your digital photos. Which photo organization idea will you try first? If one doesn’t work well for you, be sure to try another!

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