Posture is something that few of us really think about proactively. Instead, it tends to be a point of concern only among people who’ve started to suffer from ill health as a result of poor posture. Sitting and standing in the right way can help you to avoid preventable misalignment problems in the musculature and skeletal systems, along with the knock-on effects suffered by other parts of your body.

In other words, the time and energy you invest in correcting your posture will be more than repaid in the pain and suffering you’ll avoid. In many cases, postural problems can be avoided naturally with just a few lifestyle modifications.

Wear The Right Shoes

The human body is not adapted to modern footwear. A cheap pair of shoes can wreak havoc with your body’s natural ability to balance itself, in much the same way that a set of woolly gloves might interfere with your ability to work with your hands.

One of the most effective ways for improving posture is to walk barefoot – not only can this improve proprioception, but it also can aid with pain relief. While walking around barefoot might be impractical, especially if you’d like to venture outside the house, you can still get the advantages of barefoot walking by wearing barefoot shoes. These help to maximise contact between your feet and the ground, while still protecting the former against the latter.

Maintain An Active Lifestyle

If you aren’t physically active, then it doesn’t matter what sort of clothing you wear – your body will eventually collapse into itself. As the saying goes, you need to use it in order to avoid losing it. Even simple activities like walking can make a big difference – though there are certain forms of exercise which are particularly effective in maintaining proper posture and keeping the entire body in good shape. These include things like yoga and tai chi, which build core strength and keep every muscle in the body nicely limber.

Sort Your Ergonomics

If your workstation is at the wrong height, then you’ll find that your work on the yoga mat (or in the gym) is gradually undone over the course of a given working day. Make sure that your desk fits with all of the recommended ergonomic standards. Your monitor should be level with your eyes, and your elbows should be at right angles to your keyboard.

Understand how to sit

Posture isn’t something you can dial in and forget, like the thermostat in your home. It’s something that you’ll need to attend to constantly, especially if you’re trying to undo bad habits that have been instilled over years and decades. You should ensure that your feet are touching the floor, that your legs are uncrossed, and that your shoulders are relaxed. You might find that you’re regularly slipping back into those old habits – when this happens, don’t judge yourself too harshly. Simply correct the problem and move on. You’ll eventually get the posture you’re looking for!