Many careers require people to sit all day. If you are a taxi driver, a lorry driver, a teacher or an office worker, most likely, you’ll be sitting down for several hours almost every day.

But of course, work is not just the main reason why you sit for an unhealthy amount of time. For one, watching your favorite program in the evening seems even more inviting. This is also because you need to wind down at times.

Just remember that sitting is not a bad thing, but when you expose yourself to an abnormal amount of time sitting down, it can be so alarming. What should you do about it? Since quitting your job is not a good idea, here are some tips that can save you from unbearable back pain caused by too much sitting:

Effects Of Sitting The Entire Day

Back Pain

According to some recent studies, an average adult can sit seven hours a day. This may as well increase by about ten hours as you grow old, and that is when you need to bravely face the fact that you will be facing health issues, so you must be aware of back pain as the number one cause of sick days. This is brought about by excess pressure and slouching.

Organ Damage

An extended period of sitting-time can only slow your metabolism. This means to say that less blood will get around your body and will starve your organs of oxygen.

Slower Metabolism

Sitting would only need less effort. Your body will then compensate for this as it will slow down your metabolism. Then, this will result in weight gain. There will also be a lack of energy while resulting in diabetes, as the worse case. This is because the body becomes less efficient when controlling the blood sugar levels.

There are still some more issues that may come from sitting all day at work. The effects can go limitless as you grow old, but in this article, let us focus on the most common one, which is the BACK PAIN Problem.

Below are the important tips to beat lower back pain. There are some back brace you can try to alleviate back pain. Possibly reduce and eliminate some of the adverse effects of lower back pain. Apply the tips below to your daily routine:

Stand Up

You definitely can stand up while working, unless you’re a driver. If you are working in a different environment, you can make less effort to be able to stand up. Rather than sitting at your computer for several hours, try working on a standing desk or simply walk away from it for ten minutes from time to time.

The good thing is that there are some unique desks intended to move between standing and sitting positions. These will enable you to do more standing the entire day.

However, don’t overdo this practice. Standing up for a long period of time can also cause some problems.

Standing will help improve your posture and will enable you to use your muscles effectively. This will open up opportunities to increase your body’s metabolism while you burn your calories.

Move at Work

When you decide to stand, you engage your muscles while you improve your posture, too. Staring at a screen for an extended period of time while hunching or slouching does the exact opposite.

Walk around in your office for two minutes every thirty minutes of work. Repeat this all day and never worry about what others would think about you. Just remember that it is your health that we’re talking about here. Well, you can share the info with them too. They may not even know what they’re putting themselves in.

If ever there are stairs in your building, you could use them to your advantage. You can spend some time going up and down to raise your heart rate a little. Trust me, you’ll relieve yourself of strain, and you’ll feel more focused and awake. This will be a plus for you! It might even get you a promotion.

There are driving jobs that are not too strict with break times. You can walk around your car to enjoy nature for around 30 minutes every four and a half hours. The goal is to reverse the adverse effects brought by sitting all day.



Engage yourself in at least an hour of exercise every day. This will help avoid effects brought about by sitting for five or more hours each day.

Choose an activity that you will enjoy the most. Walking is a great exercise to start with. Replace your daily commute with walking or biking.

There are home workout programs out there that you can follow and learn. Stay committed to one for a month then change your routine. This can save you from getting bored or from getting used to a specific type of exercise. Level up from time to time. This will effectively improve your physical health.

Back Stretching Exercises

In any passive job that you do, try finding some time to exercise. Here are some ways you can engage your body in the workplace without any monstrous equipment:

2-Point Superman

Kneel and straighten your right leg just behind you. Do this while you raise your left arm in front of you, just like superman. This feels like you are a Superman flying. Hold for ten seconds and repeat with the other leg and the opposite arm. Repeat five times.

The Plank

Lie on the floor while your forearms are in front of you with your knuckles or fingers facing the sky. Your elbows should go in line with your shoulders. Now, push your elbows against the floor and bring yourself up, follow with your buttocks and legs. Have yourself supported by your toes and elbows — form an arch.


Deadlifts are among the best ways to enhance your posture. That is when you can undo the damage brought about by sitting all day. Firstly, check out the guide for the dumbbell deadlift. Never make use of a heavyweight. Know that this is about posture. This is not intended for strength building. Maintain correct position throughout the deadlifts. Do five sets of three. Customize the exercise according to your capability.

This does not replace your usual deadlift exercise for muscle growth, strength training, and weight loss.


Sitting still in front of your computer? Let me guess… with a hunched back? Or maybe in a slouched position. This is just the worst position you can put your body in. Firstly, our bodies are not designed for sitting for an extended amount of time. This is indicated by the strain you feel in almost every part of your body.

Improve your posture by buying back support. Make use of a rolled-up towel. Place it between the chair and the lower spinal curve. Do this in the vehicle as well.

And then, place your chair correctly. You should be looking down on the screen and not the opposite. Your feet should lay down flat on the floor. Do this to avoid back pains after long hours of working. However, standing is still the best.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (Tens)

After sitting all day from work, back pain can become a problem. There are just situations wherein sitting for too long cannot be avoided.

This is a burden when the horrible discomfort follows you to bed when it’s time to finally take a rest.

If you suffer from the same problem every day, it won’t be wise to use medication to counter the pain. You’ll end up being immune to medication, and you’ll worsen the situation.

TENS has been used since the 1970s. It is an effective method to relieve a person from pain. To emphasize its effectiveness, it is even used during labor. You can use TENS to relieve yourself of back pain.

Buying a TENS unit will not only save you from horrible back pains but from medical expenses too. There are several TENS units out there that you can choose from that are FDA approved, varying in sizes, features, and overall designs. Samantha compares these epic choices for back pain sufferers looking to buy their own quality TENS units.

Change The Chair You Use

Change The Chair You Use

When you sit all day, you’ll find yourself slouching towards gravity. It’s just how it works. We get tired of sitting, and our bodies show this by slouching or hunching over.

Fortunately, you can change how your body responds to sitting by changing your chair. What kind of chair do you have? If you happen to have a chair with a hard base, you’ll likely find yourself slouching after some hours to save your buttocks from rashes and strain.

On the other hand, if you have a chair that doesn’t have decent back support, you’ll be finding yourself hunching forward towards the floor.

Grab a kneeling chair now! They work great for people like you, or maybe, you can just get a yoga ball from the nearest sports center. Yoga balls work great in improving posture. They simply promote balance and a strong core.

Avoid Sitting When You Have The Chance

Fight the negative effects brought about by sitting all day. As much as possible, avoid the cause of your back pain! Implement the following tips below:

  • Walk to the desk of your colleague to discuss a problem than sending it by email or calling by phone.
  • Don’t put all your stuff on your desk. Have a separate table for your things. This will require you to stand up from time to time to reach for your phone or bag.
  • Play golf. This is the oldest trick in the bag — a golf club, a cup, and a ball; there is no need for green.
  • Hold walking meetings. This will not just make meetings fun and more engaging, you’ll also be able to exercise your legs and your mind! Walking improves mental health, focus and decision making.

Health Is Wealth

Your job is important. You need to earn to meet your daily needs or provide for your family, but there’s one thing you cannot obtain from sitting all day with only work in mind: it’s good health.

As you work, make it a habit to think of what your body needs at the moment. Avoid being drifted afar by chores; instead, keep a mental planner that keeps your body’s needs in line with your priorities. You can even make use of your phone. Have an alarm every 30 minutes that says, “STAND UP!”