Fitness trainers help their clients create customized workout plans or fitness routines. They work with clients individually or in small groups. They provide mental and physical guidance for their clients, assessing the strengths and weaknesses in their bodies and helping them achieve their fitness goals.  To succeed at this job, you must understand nutrition plans and fitness methods and be an excellent communicator. It’s necessary also to have a bachelor’s degree, and many employers prefer that their fitness trainer also have a certificate as a personal trainer.  

If you’re looking for employment as a fitness trainer, it’s important to sort your resume because it can determine whether you get employment or not. Many fitness trainers tend to employ CV writers to help them craft their resumes, but it’s something you should be able to do on your own. You don’t need the best resume writing service before you get a good resume. You only need to understand the characteristics of a good fitness trainer resume and follow an example.

Characteristics Of A Good Fitness Trainer

  • Summary: Resumes start with a summary describing you and stating your achievements and skills relevant to the role you’re seeking. Ensure that you’ve read the job description well enough to identify the qualifications and top skills the employer is looking for, so you can add to your professional summary. 

Example: goal-oriented and hardworking personal fitness trainer with 5 years of experience training adult clients. Specializes in nutritional plan development and weight and endurance training. Committed to following a holistic fitness approach to help clients achieve their fitness goals. 

  • Skills: Your skill section should also be tailored to the job and include keywords used in the job posting. For instance, the job posting may be about fitness trainers that are highly motivational and skilled in weight training. If you have these skills, ensure to state them in this section. A good practice is to list your soft skills (CPR, physical assessment, biomechanics, etc.) and your soft skills (communication, empathy, patients, good listening, etc.). 
  • Work History: This section of your resume discusses your previous roles. Ensure to highlight your accomplishments and not your duty or responsibilities. Also, add numbers to show impact. For example, “created a customized fitness plan for my clients” doesn’t show impact compared to “created customized fitness plans for 25 individual clients based on each person’s needs and fitness goals.”
  • Education: This section should include your highest academic credentials and any certification or training you have as a fitness trainer. 

Example Of Fitness Trainer Resume 

Jacob Sink 

123 Adventist Road, 

+1 234 5678 

Professional Summary: Experienced fitness training seeking employment in a gym where my ability to provide ongoing advice and motivate difficult clients can be maximized. Interested in a challenging and fast-paced environment.  

Core Competencies

  • Ability to assess clients’ capabilities and create more difficult routines with time.
  • Proven at working with difficult clients that need a high level of motivation. 
  • Willing to work long or unusual hours to help clients meet their needs with time constraints.
  • Strong communication skills to help clients set and achieve their goals.  
  • Ability to overcome client objections and motivate them to do unfamiliar activities. 
  • Can understand when a client has been overworked.
  • Understands various medical conditions and the kind of activities clients must avoid. 
  • CPR certified. 

Selected Achievements

  • John Myers’ (client’s) success story can be found on his website. 
  • Recommendation letter from several five-year clients. 

Professional Experience 

John Myers

Personal Trainer, 07/2015 – Present

  • Assisted Mr. Myers in setting a fitness goal to lose 100lbs in 12 months.
  • Helped client developed a nutritional guideline and discussed the importance of diet and lifestyle changes.
  • Developed a workout schedule consisting of several activities like aerobics and cardio; also added exercises like cycling, hiking, and swimming to keep them motivated and prevent boredom. 
  • Motivate the client to follow the lifestyle changes after daily exercise with him for three months. 
  • Keep progress record and show the client that fitness goals are being met. 
  • Continue working out with the client weekly to provide motivation and monitor progress. 
  • Client has lost 130lbs and is now healthy and physically fit. 

Carlie Chambers 

Physical Trainer, 01/2012 – Present 

  • Carlie Chambers wanted to tone up her upper arms, abdomen, and thigh regions.
  • Helped client create a daily workout routine fitting into her busy schedule to work on the target areas. 
  • Photographed client regularly to show proof that her efforts are working and also provide motivation. 
  • Works with client continuously, changing her workout routines when needed to meet additional fitness goals. 


University of Highlanders

B.Sc Physical Health, 2009

Streator College 

Associate’s Degree in Fitness and Nutrition, 2010


Creating a solid resume is important to get a job as a fitness trainer. You’re competing with other people for the same position. An excellent resume is the best way to stand out from the crowd.