Pleasing partners in bed is part of a human’s sexual fantasy. Every man on the planet wants to reach the maximum pleasure with his partner and enjoys the satisfaction of getting that point of ultimate happiness once both partners relax in bed after a rough workout.

However, unfortunately, things don’t always work the way we dream about it, and sometimes men face an issue they don’t like to talk about. Erectile dysfunction is every man’s nightmare, as it’s the disability to keep the erection robust enough for the duration of a sexual course.

This article will talk about erectile dysfunction. What is it? Why do people have it? And what is medical advice in such a situation? 

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What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Defined as having trouble keeping a normal and healthy erection or not even having an erection at all. This dysfunction could be temporal or permanent. Temporary erectile dysfunction could happen every once in a while for various reasons and might not be a sign of concern. On the other hand, constantly facing erectile dysfunction might be tied to an underlying medical condition that requires visiting a doctor.

Sometimes people confuse erectile dysfunction with not having a sexual drive, which is totally wrong. A man might have a regular sexual drive and a desire to have a sexual relationship, but the body won’t respond, and the penis won’t function as required due to erectile dysfunction. Losing sexual drive is a totally different topic that has its symptoms and causes.

When To Visit A Doctor For Erectile Dysfunction?

Suppose you are constantly facing trouble with sexual erectile and can’t find a logical explanation for what’s happening. In that case, you might consider visiting a doctor to find out what is causing this to happen and how you can get back to your everyday life.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Let’s start with the scientific reason behind this dysfunction. Mostly it’s due to the blood not flowing as supposed in the penis. It could also be related to a nerve issue because having harmed nerves might lead to losing stamina or the ability to hold a normal erection.

Another major cause of erectile dysfunction is emotional status. Sometimes feeling too much pressure, overthinking, sadness, and other types of solid emotional feelings can hardly affect sexual power. Although it might seem a little awkward that such functionality can actually stop working correctly due to feeling too much pressure, that is possible, and science has proved it to be true.

One final cause could be an early symptom of a serious health issue that requires urgent medical attention. For example, it could be due to atherosclerosis, heart trouble, or high blood pressure. Sometimes particular medication affects a healthy erection. For example, high blood pressure medicines could lead to such an issue.

Besides what we’ve written above, erectile dysfunction can also happen due to being over 50, smoking, lacking enough exercise, high cholesterol, and other similar reasons relevant to aging. As sad as it sounds, a man starts losing some power as years go by, but luckily there are always ways to recharge and get back on track.

What Are The Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction?

Despite not being able to perform sexually well, erectile dysfunction causes other side effects for both the man and his partner. Since sexual life has always been a sensitive topic for men, it might cause depression on various scales or lead to low self-esteem, affecting the man’s psychological health badly. The partner can also feel depressed or down for not getting enough sexual pleasure, especially if it starts happening more often and not just by coincidence.


If you woke up this morning feeling strange and couldn’t have a normal erection, or if you were planning on a wild night last Friday but got surprised with an unwelcomed erectile dysfunction. No need to worry about that because it happens, and all you need to do, is to take a deep breath, keep an eye on the changes, and consult a doctor to find out if that was some coincidence due to somebody changes or a health issues that require medical care to get back to normal.