With growing awareness and medical facilities, people today are more health-conscious than ever. Be it physical or mental health; there are a lot of therapies that promise good health and overall well-being, enhancing the quality of life. 

One such healing solution is the popular IV therapy which has been dominating the medical world for ages.

Unlike the old times when Iv therapies were used for dehydration or sickness, today, this therapy is used as a means of feeding your body significant nutrients. This article covers what Iv therapy is and how it benefits your body. 

What Is IV Therapy?

Intravenous therapy also called iv therapy or IV hydration therapy, is deemed as a solution to replenish the human body. 

It is used for people suffering from dehydration and other related nutritional deficiencies which need to recharge their bodies with sufficient vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other fluids. 

This method of recharging the body with essential nutrients is considered more effective as the fluid is directly absorbed into the bloodstream. Unfortunately, the digestive system acts as a hurdle that reduces the number of vitamins and other nutrients that can be absorbed in the body.

This therapy ensures the absorption of around 99% of nutrients at a comparably faster rate in contrast to an oral method that has an absorption of around 50%. 

Some common fluids, such as saline, Dextrose, etc., are injected through veins and are absorbed into the bloodstream to cure medical emergencies and promote well-being. 

IV therapy is used to improve weight loss, clean toxins from the body, stimulate energy levels, boost the immune system, and so on.

How Does IV Hydration Therapy Work?

The process involving IV therapy is simple and effective and usually ranges from 45 minutes to 60 minutes in duration. 

Once a proper blood test and other medical examinations are carried out to understand the requirements of the patient’s body, a certified medical practitioner or, typically, a qualified nurse will guide the individual to an IV room. 

The patient is then asked to sit or lie down in a comfortable position. The nurse then proceeds to disinfect the skin area, typically on the arms, where the IV catheter is to be inserted. Once the catheter is in place by injection of a needle into the vein, the nurse adjusts the fluid delivery rate. 

Both manual and electronic pumps are available that drip fluids such as vitamin C, glutathione, saline, etc., at a constant rate, thereby making the fluid enter the bloodstream steadily. 

Moreover, two types of IV procedures, namely IV drip and IV push, can be recommended to the patients according to their weight, age, medical conditions, and other factors.

How IV Therapy Benefits Your Body?

Using IV therapy over any other method is a quicker absorption rate and almost immediate results. Typically, individuals can observe the effects within 12-24 hours of receiving IV therapy. Another factor that makes it a better solution is the simple procedure. 

Generally, most hospitals or medical care centers offer IV therapy, but individuals can opt for in-home therapy for better comfort. 

From preventing dependence on pills to boosting energy through customizable treatments, the following benefits are observed in patients receiving this therapy.

Reduce anxiety

Anxiety can be caused by various factors, including lack of sleep, increased blood pressure, stress, etc. IV therapy that includes magnesium sulfate in fluids can help reduce blood pressure, prevent migraines and stimulate good sleeping patterns, thereby reducing general anxiety. 

Additionally, this therapy also helps in loosening up tensed muscles, calming the mood and feelings that might lead to anxiety. 

Boost immune system

A weak immune system can lead to cold, flu, and other diseases caused by a virus, harmful bacteria, etc. IV therapy boosts the immune system by supplying required nutrients, increasing energy, and boosting metabolism. 

Stronger immunity also aids in athletic recovery and preventing certain diseases. Additionally, this treatment, combined with a proper diet and regular exercise, can help in weight loss.  

Cure hangover

Hangover symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, migraine, stomach aches, fatigue, dehydration, etc., can be alleviated by receiving IV therapy. 

A common hangover with these symptoms can be instantly relieved by replenishing the body with fluids containing electrolytes, sodium chloride, and anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea medications. 

Typically, the concerned individual can observe the difference almost immediately upon receiving the therapy.

Remove body toxins

Free radicals and toxins residing in the body cause cell damage, promoting aging. This therapy is beneficial in reducing signs of aging by neutralizing the free radicals through the supplement of antioxidants, minerals, and more. 

Essential nutrients such as vitamin c, glutathione, etc., can effectively enter the body through this therapy and reduce DNA and cell damage, thus reducing the aging of cells and improving complexion.

Treat nutritional deficiency

This therapy is effective in providing required nutrients to the body in case of medical conditions that trigger nutritional deficiencies. 

For example, medical conditions such as Scurvy, Celiac disease, cystic fibrosis, short bowel syndrome, cardiovascular diseases, colon cancer, etc., can be life-threatening if the required nutrients are absent in the body. 

Through this therapy, fluids can quickly enter the body and replenish it with the required nutrients to relieve the symptoms of such conditions.

Improve circulation

Another change that occurs upon receiving this therapy is an improvement in the circulation system. Unnecessary sugar from drinks and foods can lead to imbalanced blood sugar levels. 

This therapy effectively balances sugar levels, lowers blood pressure, regulates blood pressure, etc. In addition, certain nutrients such as calcium, tri- amino, and magnesium sulfate can also improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system and promote bone health.


While this therapy is beneficial in many ways, it is better to seek professional help before opting for this treatment. Unless recommended by doctors as a measure for dehydration and other medical situations, it is better to opt for other treatments such as oral medications. 

In addition, it is advisable to avoid including every other fluid in this therapy as it may cause allergies and severe health hazards.