For most people, health is all about having a body that is free of any disease or ailment. After all, your physical body is what you and other people see with the naked eye.

However, the absence of diseases is only one part of your overall well-being. If you want to be completely healthy, you must also pay attention to the other aspects that make up your whole existence. It means recognizing not just your physical needs but also those of your spiritual state.

Balancing your physical and spiritual bodies is the key to achieving optimum health. Here are four ways to help take your body to the next level, both physically and emotionally.

If you think about it, life itself is energy. The body uses energy to perform physical activities. The very concept of extending human longevity and all the tips for living longerare about getting more of the good energy and doing away with the things that block it. That said, you must have full access to the energy source, which goes beyond just eating the right food or getting enough sleep.

Energy can be accessed using your spiritual body. You need to ensure that your being’s spiritual aspect maintains a strong connection to the energy source. For some, this source is called quantum energy. For others, it’s known as God or the universe. You can maintain this link between the source and your spiritual body through daily spiritual practice. A big part of that is meditation.

If you don’t believe that this link exists, just look at the countless guides on improving stamina. As you know, it refers to the energy that you must spend when performing physical activities. When you optimize your stamina, you will spend less energy to sustain any prolonged physical activity. In short, you have maximum staying power.

Part of building up your stamina is meditation. Yoga practitioners, who are often trained in various meditation techniques, can attest that meditation balances their spiritual body, which improves their stamina or energy levels. With more energy in your system, you attain good health both physically and emotionally.

2. Discover True Potential Via DNA Activation

Everybody knows that humans are made up of cells. Each cell contains DNA. But did you know that only 3% of DNA is used, and the remaining 97% is referred to as junk DNA? If DNA is made up of data about life itself, then a majority of that data is considered by mainstream science as scrap material. But some believe that these unknown parts of the DNA are the undiscovered frontier in the blueprint of life.

By unlocking these junk DNA, a person may be able to reactivate those dormant strands and obtain access to the higher self. Through DNA activation, you may be able to clear out the obstacles that block off energy into your physical and spiritual bodies. With a clear path to the energy source, you can discover your life’s purpose and true potential. When that happens, you have attained a higher level of existence.

DNA activation symptoms and benefits may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Reduced stress after DNA activation is completed
  • Enhanced natural healing in the physical body
  • Deeper connection to nature and natural frequencies
  • Body feels tired at the start of the process because it’s repairing itself
  • Hearing buzzing or odd sounds as your energy field expands and develops
  • Mood swings and other emotional changes occur as you resolve trauma from past lives
  • Noticeable patterns and coincidences can occur as your manifestation ability develops

Essentially, DNA activation will allow you to change your life for the better and prepare you for the next level as you journey in this life.

3. Energy Transfer Through Reiki

Energy Transfer Through Reiki

At this point, you’re thinking that attaining the next level is all about working with energy inside and around you, and you’re right. But just as there are many ways to make pancakes, there are also several ways to access and use energy. You can add Reiki to your physical and emotional improvement toolbox.

Reiki originated in Japan, where it has been practiced since the 1800s. It’s mainly used as an alternative form of healing that involves passing energy from one person to another. The energy fields surrounding your body can be used for healing many types of diseases and ailments.

What makes Reiki different from other healing touch methods is its emphasis on attunement or energy transfer. The Reiki practitioner or master will unlock and broaden the passage of energy to the patient or student. This process will remove the obstacles that block the flow of universal energy into the body. By doing so, the universal energy or Chi will flow unhindered into the patient or student.

When Chi flows freely in your body, you can feel significant amounts of energy getting into you. This energy does not only provide natural healing, but it can also ensure balance in your physical and spiritual well-being. Anybody can train to become a Reiki practitioner, and training modules can vary.

4. Increase Willpower By Fasting

You may be wondering why prominent world religions like Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam have all embraced fasting as a core part of their disciplines. There must be something about denying oneself of food and water that elevates a person’s spirituality.

Fasting goes way beyond reducing calories and losing weight. When you fast, you are training your willpower. You are making your inner self stronger in the fight against the many temptations in life, which can be interpreted as the bad energies. Through fasting, you shield yourself from distractions that can pull you down. Fasting boosts self-control, which is why it plays a crucial role in the path to enlightenment—undeniably the next, if not the highest, level for one’s physical and emotional states.


Even before religions and modern science even existed, ancient societies have known that health is influenced not only by the physical body but also the spiritual aspect. If you want to reach the next level for both your physical and emotional states, you need to let good energy get inside you and rid yourself of the bad energy. There are many ways to do this. Some examples include linking your spiritual body to the ultimate source of good energy, unlocking your potential via DNA activation, transferring energy through Reiki, and improving self-control by fasting.