If you are an office worker, you know how complicated such work might be. It doesn’t even matter whether you work in an office or from home. At the end of the working day, you feel fatigue, pains in the neck and back, and migraines accompany you constantly. 

If all these things are familiar to you, you might need an upgrade to your working place. First of all, check the furniture: your desk and the chair. 

Are you still using a traditional desk? It might be the right time to replace it with a height-adjustable item.

Benefits You Get With A Height-Adjustable Desk

Standing desks are not a new invention. There are drawings proving that Leonardo da Vinci used a standing desk. It was not automated though. Nowadays, you can choose from a variety of automated height-adjustable desks such as here https://www.progressivedesk.com/collections/standing-desks. Even though the prices may not be inspiring, you might change your opinion if you learn more about the benefits such items deliver.

First of all, an adjustable desk enables you to interchange the standing and sitting positions. It means you move more which leads to spending more calories and thus, slowing down the weight gain. 

Along with the mentioned benefit, a standing desk can be adjusted perfectly to the needed height. It means eliminating pains in the back and neck, preventing the tunnel syndrom, and getting rid of migraines.

We believe that these benefits alone can already demonstrate the need of purchasing a standing desk. Now, we’ll have a look at how to select the best option for you.

Select The Best Standing Desk

When choosing a perfect standing desk, you need to consider many details. First of all, it is the desk lifting power and the size. Make sure the potential item fits in the available space. Also, check whether the item can lift the appliances you normally use for work, especially if their weight is higher than the average weight of a computer monitor and standard office items. 

Further, ensure you have the required accessories such as drawers, organizers, pen holders, or whatever you need. Check whether you need to get an adjustable support for the computer monitor. 

Now, you can make sure that you adjust the new item for both the sitting and the standing positions, and nejoy it.

An Ergonomic Chair As A Must-To-Be Complement To The Desk

To make your workplace as comfortable as it can be, you need one more item – an ergonomic chair. The best option is to get a height-adjustable chair with a headrest and armrests. Then, you will be able not only to work but also take short breaks and relax with maximum efficiency. 

Make sure the chair is adjusted for your desk. So, in a sitting position, your knees shall be bent under a 90-degrees angle. The wrists shall lie on the keyboard. The back shall be supported in its natural position, as well as the neck.

An Ergonomic Carpet

Another item you have never thought about but which is needed is an ergonomic carpet. When you used to work in a sitting position only, there was no need for such a carpet. But now, when you have an adjustable desk, you need to make your feet feel comfortable even if you stand for a long time.

An ergonomic capret distibutes the body weight optimally in order to enable you to work in a standing position for a long time without your feet feeling fatigue. An ergonomic carpet is a must-have addition if you want to create a perfect working place.

Other Details

Now, when the esentials are there, you might want to make your workplace even more comfortable and nice-looking by adding some details. What about all those nice accessories such as a flower pot in front of the screen? Or what about putting a small but cute humidifier to enhance the environment and boost your motivation? 

Don’t forget about paintings or drawings, and other decor elements such as rugs, carpets, pillows, and a nice comfy sofa for visitors. An artificial fireplace would complete the picture and make your home office perfect. Add a nice vase with flowers, some souvenirs from the places you like, and other nice touches. 

Bottom Line

The place where you work shall inspire you and motivate you to work more, better, and faster. Then, you will be able to handle your tasks more efficiently, and earn more by spending less time working. It, in turn, opens new opportunities to spend time with your family, frriends, or simply by doing the things you love. 

As you see, investing in your workplace pays off eventually. Moreover, by investing in it, you invest not only in an opportunity to work better and more efficiently but you invest in your health and emotional well-being.