Every year people create goals that they wish they could accomplish for the year. If you’re one of them, your focus may be on your career, your relationships, or even your health and lifestyle. But one aspect you must try to improve every day is your health. Without taking care of your health, there’s no way you could accomplish the other goals you have for this year. Striving to keep up with your health goals doesn’t necessarily mean taking huge leaps.

Sometimes, it’s all about the small steps or small changes you take that would improve your health and strengthen your immune system. Try drinking fewer sodas and instead drink more water. Try a salad as a side instead of a plate of fries. Go for morning walks before starting your day.

The best thing about starting small and being consistent is that these minor adjustments to your life are easy to incorporate into your routine and in the long haul. Even if you have plenty of commitments and responsibilities, you can still improve your well-being through small healthy habits. So how will you get started toward better health and a better life? You can try these five natural ways to boost your health this year and tick off some of your health goals:

1. Eat Right

You’ve probably heard of this a million times, but this is among the essential keys to boosting your health, if not the most essential one. It all starts with what you eat. Remember, what you eat reflects on your health and body or, in more famous terms, you are what you eat. So fuel your brain and body by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and slowly phasing out instant foods filled with artificial preservatives and flavorings from your diet.

It might also be a good idea to start reading nutrition labels, as this helps you be more aware of what you eat and put into your body. Don’t get so easily swept by misleading labels like ‘zero-sugar,’‘ low-fat,’ or ‘high-fiber food’ and instead dig into the details on the label. Similarly, try your best to eat fresh foods rich in vitamins and minerals. You may also incorporate more vitamins and minerals into your diet by taking natural supplements daily. You can refer to Healthpost’s everyday vitamins or other reputable brands to make sure you get high-quality supplements that can potentially help maintain good health.

2. Be More Proactive

Perhaps you’re already maintaining a daily or weekly workout routine. Exercise is good and beneficial for your health, regardless of your age. But aside from exercise, another way to boost your health is by being more proactive. Exercise doesn’t stop after the 30 minutes you’ve exercised for the day. You can still keep on exercising through your everyday activities.

For instance, if your office is within a comfortable walking distance of your home, try the short trek instead (as long as you keep safe). If you have a choice between stairs and an elevator, go for the stairs. When parking your car, park farther away and spend that extra time walking. In simplest terms, being proactive means choosing to move more and stay idle less.

3. Stay Hydrated

You’ve already been told many times before to drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Water helps you control your food and calorie intake, keeps your kidneys healthy, strengthens your muscles, and hydrates your skin. Unfortunately, not everyone can take note of this because most of their liquid intake comes from other beverages like sodas, coffees, beers, and juices. While these beverages may quench your thirst, most of them aren’t healthy for your body.

Most of these drinks contain excessive amounts of sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and other artificial flavors, which have been proven by research to affect your health over time. Therefore, pick the healthier choice and choose to drink more water. And as you increase your water intake, you’ll also notice that you start craving less sugary foods and beverages!

4. Get Enough Sleep

One factor that people easily overlook and neglect is their sleep quality. It’s easy for people to sacrifice their sleep so they could complete their tasks and responsibilities that must be finished within their day. Eventually, not getting enough sleep has become a norm, and people have become used to sleeping late.

However, studies suggest sleep deprivation can have a massive impact on your health. Not only will it affect your energy in the morning, but it can also lead to severe health issues that may cause premature deaths. Some people are unaware that they’re slowly reducing their years by choosing not to get enough sleep. So, as much as possible, get enough sleep at night. Remember, no one else is in control of your sleep quality but you.

5. Laugh And Smile More

One of the easiest and most natural ways of boosting your health is simply laughing and smiling more. Some studies have shown that when you laugh, you breathe deeper, which stimulates your lungs, heart, and muscles. It also elevates your brain’s endorphin production, uplifting your mood and putting you in a better, happier state. So surround yourself with the best people and add more laughter into your days.


Remember, the way to better health this year is through the small changes you do one at a time. So don’t be too overwhelmed by the idea of doing too much. Instead, start slowly, be easy on yourself, and take the small steps with these tips above. Focus on doing these things slowly but consistently. This slow-and-steady approach will surely be worth it, and soon enough, you’ll see how much your health has improved.