Your kidney is an essential organ in the body, filtering water, impurities, and other waste products. They maintain proper pH levels whilst monitoring potassium and salt levels, in addition to helping maintain other bodily functions. They are an essential part of your overall health and wellness, and are deserving of more attention.

These essential and useful tips will help you become more conscious and informed about the steps you can be taking to keep your kidneys operating healthily and efficiently. So, put on your shoes, queue your workout playlist, and get ready to start your day as you take active steps to improving your overall health!

1. Stay Hydrated

We always hear that we should be drinking more water, but so few of us are actually changing our ways and doing it. Health professionals maintain that eight to ten glasses of water per day is the minimum amount of water to avoid dehydration and keep you working at top performance. The power of water can’t be underestimated. Water clears out toxins and salt inhibiting the kidneys, and proper flushing lowers the risk of developing chronic kidney disease. This is essential, and adding more water into your day will improve nearly all channels of the body.

Your aim should be 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day, but you will also want to take into account your lifestyle and overall health. In planning your daily water intake, consider factors such as exercise and activity levels, climate, and whether you are breastfeeding or pregnant. These are all factors which will affect your optimal level of water intake.

2. Monitor Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure undoubtedly causes severe damage to the kidney. Having high blood pressure will affect your body in more ways than you can imagine. Luckily, there are easy ways to monitor your blood pressure, most commonly with a smartwatch! There are many options out there, so, no, it does not involve a luxurious intricately designed best skeleton watch hanging in your wrist.

Having a smartwatch on your wrist easily helps you keep track of or monitor your blood pressure and can quickly identify if you need to see a doctor. This will help you paint a more holistic picture of your health and let you know if there are any changes in your blood pressure.

3. Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

There are tons of reasons why you should stop smoking. Smoking affects not only your personal health, but the wellbeing of those around you. It could be your loved ones or something important in your life. Smoking damages the blood vessels in your body, leading to slower blood flow throughout the body and to the kidneys. Smoking will also make you vulnerable to the risk of having cancer in your kidney.

Stop smoking and leave cigarettes in the dust behind you. If you stop smoking, the risk of having kidney cancer will plummet. It is crucial to regress from smoking since it allows other toxins in your body that are excessively harmful to your kidneys as it increases the amount of protein in your urine.

4. Have an Active Lifestyle

Maintaining a more active lifestyle is a change that many of us can work towards. Regular exercise significantly decreases the risk of chronic kidney disease, and it reduces blood pressure and helps with your heart health. Extreme exercise is not necessary; just adding thirty to sixty minutes per day is enough to boost your overall health and support your heart and kidney functions that are essential to a healthy body.

5. Eat a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is another essential part of maintaining a healthy kidney and lifestyle. Try to incorporate foods that are low in sodium, and avoid processed meats and any other kidney damaging foods. Focus on eating food that is low in sodium or sodium-free, such as green vegetables, and fresh vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, fish, strawberries, lettuce, tomato, whole grains and other more. With this, you can avoid the risk of diseases.

Obese or overweight people are susceptible to having several health conditions such as heart diseases, kidney diseases, and diabetes. Having a balanced diet will prevent the risks of having cancer and stroke. You are in control of your diet, and can choose to reap the benefits of healthy bones and teeth, improved memory, and, most of all, a better mood.


In this generation, we must avoid eating chips, crisps, and popcorn while sitting on the couch watching TV. A sedentary lifestyle can unfortunately lead us to the depths of the risks of having certain cancers and cardiovascular diseases that will hugely much affect our holistic health.

Yes, there are times when you want to stay inside the house, lay in bed, binge watch your favorite TV Series, but it is crucial and critical to have a physical activity line up or routines to minimize the development of diseases. As typical as it may sound, but it’s true, health is real wealth.