Setting up a home gym is a great alternative to paying for a monthly membership, saving you time and money. But if you are new to working out or only just deciding to build your own home gym then you may be a little stuck for exactly what equipment you should get. You do not want to buy unnecessary, expensive equipment or waste your money when there are cheaper options available for the same thing. Here is a guide to all the must-have pieces of equipment for your home gym.

1. Power Rack/Squat Racks 

this is a fairly large investment and will probably be the staple piece of equipment for your home workouts. Check out these garage squat racks for an idea of what kind of racks are available. If you are short on space, you can opt for a foldable rack or go all out and set up a permanent rack in your home gym.

2. A Quality Barbell

You will want to splash out on a decent quality barbell as cheaper ones corrode over time and will start to chip and crack. A quality bar will also be much more comfortable to grip, cheaper ones can tear up your hands or be too slippery. Some even bend easily and become completely useless so shop around and find the best one you can for your budget.

3. Weight Plates

 this completes your set: barbell, squat rack, and weights. You should be familiar with how much weight you are comfortable with, but it is always a good idea to purchase a full range. With a variety of weight plates, you can completely customize each workout meaning you can really push yourself if you want or go easy on an off day. With weights and a bar and a rack, you can really get a great range of exercises and arguably you could stop here and there is no urgent need to purchase much more.

4. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are a very versatile piece of workout equipment, especially if you buy adjustable ones. They are essential for isolation movements and provide an increased level of safety whilst facilitating movement patterns that are not possible with a barbell. Here are some great dumbbell exercises to help you build muscle.

5. An Adjustable Weight Bench

The function of a bench is to get your body in the correct position for certain exercises that are not achievable without it such as the bench press. 

6. Resistance Bands

These are perfect to help take your exercise routine to the next level, adding resistance bands can help work your muscles without putting too much strain on your joints. It is a much gentler way to strengthen your muscles and your core as opposed to piling on weight after weight using dumbbells. They are perfect to warm up or cool down after a workout to prevent injuries and sore muscles. This is also another item you should splash out a little on as cheaper ones will snap easily.