After a hard and stressful eighteen months, there has never been a better time to get back to indulging in the special things in life that we have had to recently do without.

The stress, anxiety and constant upheaval in our lives recently is unprecedented and our inability to interact with each other and enjoy the things we took for granted has taken an enormous toll on our collective psyches.

Recent studies have shown that a majority of people now feel that the pressure of the pandemic and its related effects have had a significant, detrimental impact on their mental health, with over one in five individuals identifying as suffering with “Covid-19 anxiety syndrome”.

Of course, whilst this increase in mental health issues can be attributed to the worry of the pandemic itself, the knock on effects of lack of routine, working from home, money and employment worries not to mention a lack of real human interaction has undoubtedly also taken its toll.

Many people were quite happy to work from home in those early days of the pandemic, the freedom to work to your own priorities without being micromanaged, the lack of a horrible and arduous daily commute and the ability to sit around the house in a more comfortable, less structured environment.

However, after months of this lack of consistency, sitting around in your PJ’s and intermittently going on the occasional Zoom call no longer thrilled as it once did, and before long many people began to ache for some sense of normalcy and a reason to get dressed up and feel good about themselves again.

The unacknowledged truth of the pandemic is that it led to  large swathes of the populace getting stuck in a rut and not taking care of themselves properly.

Beauty industry experts at the time reported seeing a massive drop off in consumers purchasing beauty, cosmetics and self care products and with no reason to go out its easy to understand why.

However, it would appear there has been one notable exception to this; the perfume industry.

Unlike many areas of the cosmetics industry such as make up and hair and beauty products, purveyors of perfume have actually done a fairly good trade during the pandemic and if we analyse the reasons for this it’s easy to understand why.

Fragrances have an extensive list of positive attributes that can actually help improve both physical and mental wellbeing, with the obvious bonus of not needing another person to actively use or enjoy the product.

Many people have actually begun to combat this work from home fatigue, by dressing up as if  they would if they were going into the office rather than working via zoom and purchasing and using a new fragrance compliments this no end.

By taking the time to purchase a new and invigorating scent, the consumer is making a commitment to smell better, feel better and live better, this will of course have a massive potential to improve mental wellbeing.

Besides the clear effect of smelling better, using perfume and scents can also have benefits when it comes to improving your mood.

Calming ingredients like jasmine, sandalwood and ylang-ylang when utilised in fragrances have been known to improve mood as well as relieve stress and anxiety.

Conversely, people who need help perking up can use a perfume containing a fragrant, fruity scent built around citrus tones, such as lemon, and feel energised, refreshed and uplifted.

The ability to help improve your mood is not the only positive attribute a good perfume has either, using a favourite fragrance can also trigger happy memories, meaning you can get the opportunity to reminisce and relive all those great memories of yesteryear.

Whilst these positive attributes to fragrances might at first appear to be small and  insignificant, the ability of fragrances to heighten concentration, relieve stress and make us remember happier times, have a significant positive impact on consumers’ mental health.

Additionally, the aromatherapy-like effects of perfumes that use ingredients such as patchouli, lavender and vanilla have consistently been recorded.

These types of frequently used perfume ingredients help a fragrance to calm the mind and soothe the body and for anyone suffering with undue anxiety, indulging in a favourite perfume could potentially relieve you of your pandemic induced worries.

It goes without saying though that a lot of people after the pandemic are also concerned with money troubles and indulging in a high-end purchase like perfume could be unaffordable at this present moment..

However there are actually several clever ways that you can indulge in your favourite perfumes without having to splurge all your hard earned cash and stress yourself even further.

Firstly there is always the option of discount code websites, auction or bulk buying sites, if however these options don’t suit, an easier and more effective solution might be just to change to an alternative brand.

FM Fragrances, is a new and vibrant fragrance company that offers a collection of perfumes that use the same ingredients and notes as the major perfume retailers, but can offer their fragrances at much more affordable prices due to their clever and innovative marketing structure.

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With companies like FM Fragrances building on consumer desire for affordable fragrances, now is the perfect time to indulge in perfumes and help relieve your stress and get you back on track.