Running a PT business can be incredibly rewarding. You’ll be able to carry out work that you love, all while helping clients achieve their fitness goals. But to succeed, you’ll need a regular stream of customers. Much of this will depend on how effectively you promote your PT business. You can offer some of the best PT services in your area, but if nobody knows about you, it won’t matter. Here are some of the top ways to promote yourself:

Social media

Social media is one of the best tools you have for promoting your PT business. By growing your following on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you can build up a community of loyal followers whose hard work you can showcase. If you’re struggling to build your following, you could consider asking loyal clients to tag your page in posts or search for tips online for growing your brand on social media. 

Physical Marketing

Physical marketing is an often-overlooked way to promote a business, despite its proven success. To start, create some leaflets to distribute throughout the gym and the local community. This leaflet should be informative, showcase your services and persuade potential customers to contact you. Other forms of physical marketing could include business cards or banners to spread the word about your business. 

Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are one of the best ways to promote your PT business. If your clients spread the word about the excellent and trusted services you offer, it can help you pick up new customers without any expenditure. On top of this, you should be looking to collect client testimonials to use for your marketing. These testimonials can go on your website or social media accounts to convince interested customers that you provide a quality service. 


Finally, networking is another superb way of promoting your PT business. By connecting with other fitness and wellness professionals, you can unlock new opportunities for your business within the fitness industry. Try speaking to other professionals – such as nutritionists and fitness trainers – and you can enter mutually-beneficial partnerships. For instance, if you recommend a specific nutritionist to your clients, they might recommend you to their clients. This can be an excellent way of finding more work and growing your PT business.

Running a PT business is a good option for anyone who loves fitness and the correct level of knowledge. Following the tips above should help to maximise your PT business and continue growing.