Have you already planned a little trip? Then don’t forget to think over the menu for the road. How to organize meals so that no one is left hungry and everything is delicious? What foods can overshadow the upcoming vacation?

How To Choose The Right Products

If you have to spend more than a day on the road, then you need to think over the menu in advance. And here everyone is faced with the same question: “How to choose the right products for the road?”. If you are traveling in a car, your own or rented one, it will not be a problem to stop at road cafes, however, you may not be 100% sure of the quality of meals there, so its much better to prepare in advance, especially if you travel with children. Since 2020 traveling by rented vehicles has acquired a special attraction, and now various hiring services are ready to guarantee a fantastic luxury car rental Dubai price and excellent service.

The main requirement for theroadmenu is safety. Agree, it will be terribly unpleasant to treat poisoning or food infection instead of a long-awaited outdoor recreation and sincere conversations in a nice company. You definitely won’t wish this on anyone! This means that we take a portable thermos bag with us on the road, capable of keeping food fresh and drinks cold for a long time. If you don’t have such a useful accessory, it doesn’t matter. In this case, we plan the menu, excluding all perishable products. No sandwiches with boiled sausage, salads with mayonnaise or sour cream, cakes with custard or cream, fish pates, pies with cottage cheese. All the food that we take with us should not spoil at temperatures above +8 degreesthis is the environment favorable for the development of unsafe microorganisms. Use simple rules and you will have an excellent trip!

The Following Products Are Well Suited For Food On The Way:

  • Thinly sliced chicken fillet, pieces of baked beef or pork will become a delicious and healthy substitute for the aforementioned grilled chicken, as well as the basis for a hearty snack. Just put the meat on toast bread or wrap it in pita bread. Important: it is not recommended to store such products in a plastic wrap or bag. To prevent the meat from spoiling, put it in a special container.
  • Bread is better portioned. In order not to be distracted by annoying crumbs and not to look for where to wash the knife, it is better to take a precut product with you. Lovers of sweet pastries are advised to give preference to small products that do not require cutting. Without filling that can spoil or stain clothes.
  • Vegetables and fruits on the road will give the necessary charge of vitamins and will delight with juicy flavors. In order not to drip a T-shirt, choose strong, dense copies, of course, without the slightest signs of damage. Wash fruits and vegetables in advance and feel free to enjoy them throughout the trip. Please note that sliced cucumbers, carrots or peppers should be eaten first.
  • Dried fruits and nuts. Everything is simple here. These healthy snack options do not require special storage conditions. They can be bought prepacked or by weight. In the second case, make sure that the packaging is strong and the contents do not wake up

What should I take with me besides food and water? Even on a small trip, you may need: dry and wet wipes, toothpicks and antiseptic gel for hands.

How To Feed A Child On The Road

The youngest travelers also need a wellthoughtout menu for the road. No, putting together a delicious and healthy set will not be difficult at all. The main thing is to adhere to the rules described above and not to take food with you that the child has not tried before. It is better to give preference to the tastes familiar to the baby. And of course, it is not necessary to feed the child with pastries and readymade dishes bought from sellers at the train station. Such food may be stale or cooked in unsanitary conditions.