Fashion is a vast universe of self-expression. It’s about unveiling your personality and feeling confident in your skin. However, in the pursuit of style, many find themselves caged by ‘fashion rules’ which, though prevalent, are often unfounded and stifle creativity. 

It’s time to rewrite the rule book and explore the unexpected with these unorthodox styling tips.

Rule 1: Clashing Colors Are A No-No

Breaking the Rule

Contrary to popular belief, combining what are traditionally seen as clashing colors can result in some unique and fashionable looks. By taking a bolder approach, you can create unexpected color contrasts that truly catch the eye.

Combining hues that seem to ‘clash’, like orange and pink or green and blue, can provide a fresh perspective. Break this rule consciously and use the Color Wheel as a guide. Adjacent colors and complementary colors can create harmonious combinations.

How to Style It

When experimenting with clashing colors, the key is to balance your outfit. If you’re combining bold colors, keep the silhouettes simple. For example, pair a bright orange top with fuchsia straight-leg pants and complement with minimalistic accessories in neutral tones. This helps to maintain the focus on the exciting color duo.

Rule 2: Prints Should Not Be Mixed

Breaking the Rule

While it’s often said that wearing multiple prints in one outfit is a fashion faux pas, breaking this rule can lead to some extraordinarily creative and eclectic looks. The idea is to be bold yet strategic in your choices.

How to Style It

When mixing prints, maintain some cohesion by keeping a consistent color theme. If your floral top is predominantly blue and pink, choose a geometric print skirt that incorporates these colors.

Size also matters. Pair larger prints with smaller ones to balance the overall effect. For instance, a small polka dot blouse can look terrific when paired with wide-striped pants.

Rule 3: Sequins Are Only For Evening

Breaking the Rule

Who decided that sequins are meant only for evening and special occasions? In reality, sequins can light up your everyday style, if used thoughtfully. Adding a touch of glamor to your daytime look never hurts.

How to Style It

For a daytime look, try to keep it subtle. A sequin tee or a skirt can be paired with more casual, plain items to strike a balance. Wear your sequin skirt with a basic white t-shirt and sneakers, or pair a sequin top with a pair of boyfriend jeans and loafers. The result will be a classy, chic look with just the right hint of sparkle.

Rule 4: Denim On Denim Is A Fashion Disaster

Breaking the Rule

The ‘Canadian Tuxedo’, or denim on denim, is a style that has long been considered a fashion misstep. However, when executed with a thoughtful eye, it can look incredibly modern and cool.

How to Style It

Mix different denim washes to break up the outfit and add depth. For instance, pair a light washed denim shirt with dark indigo jeans. You can even add a pop of color with accessories or a brightly colored shoe. The key is to make sure each piece stands out, instead of melding into a denim blob.

Rule 5: Socks And Sandals Don’t Mix

Breaking the Rule

Socks with sandals were once considered a major fashion blunder. However, this rule is quickly becoming a thing of the past as many fashionistas and even high-fashion designers are embracing this quirky style.

How to Style It

This look is all about the contrast. Pair chunky, colorful socks with sleek, strappy sandals for a look that is sure to turn heads. Alternatively, try a more subtle approach by wearing delicate lace socks with a chunky sandal or slide.

The key with this trend is confidence. Like all unexpected fashion choices, it’s about owning the look and wearing it with pride.

Rule 6: Overdoing Accessories Is Overkill

Breaking the Rule

Accessories are often thought of as the final touch, the subtle cherry on top of a stylish outfit. However, the rule that over-accessorizing leads to a cluttered look is not set in stone. In reality, experimenting with multiple accessories can lead to some incredibly unique and expressive styles.

How to Style It

The trick to successful over-accessorizing is to create a balance and find a rhythm in the apparent chaos. Try combining various types of accessories, like necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings, but aim to create some form of cohesion.

For example, you might choose to play with a color theme, using different pieces in the same color family, or even clashing colors for a bolder look. Clear frame designs from GlassesUSA can provide a complementary backdrop for these color experiments without stealing the show. Another approach could be to unify your accessories through their material or design style. Remember, the goal isn’t necessarily to match but to create an aesthetic flow.

Remember, the goal isn’t necessarily to match but to create an aesthetic flow. So, if you’re wearing multiple statement necklaces, pair them with smaller, more delicate earrings. Similarly, if you’re layering various rings, you might want to keep your bracelets minimalistic.

Finding Beauty in the Unexpected

True fashion isn’t about adhering to a set of strict rules. It’s about personal expression and creativity. So, don’t be afraid to break the rules and experiment with your style. Remember, fashion is supposed to be fun, and it’s through the unexpected that we often find the most inspiring and unique looks.

In breaking these rules, you’re not just creating an outfit; you’re embracing the idea of fashion as an art form. So go ahead, break the rules and style the unexpected!