Many people fall into a rut when using their grill. They cook the same things over and over again until they become tired of them. Now is the time to explore new foods and learn how great they taste when grilled. An added benefit of trying new foods on the grill is they may help a person take their fitness game to a new level. Which foods should a person try today to achieve this goal?

Experiment with New Meats

When looking for a bbq grill island to purchase, people often envision grilling burgers, steaks, and hot dogs. They forget that there are numerous other types of meat ideal for cooking on a grill. Rather than beef burgers, why not try turkey burgers tonight? To keep the fat content low, choose turkey burgers made from white meat rather than dark. Switch out pork chops for pork tenderloin and keep the fat content low while enjoying a delicious meal. Don’t overlook pheasant either when grilling. This game bird is high in protein, potassium, and B vitamins.

Grill Fish

Fish is another great choice when preparing a meal on the grill. Countless individuals say there is nothing better than snapper cooked on the grill, but it is only one of many options a person should consider. Pick up some salmon, as this meaty fish holds up well to high heat. While shopping, see if there is some swordfish available as well. Swordfish can be prepared in a variety of ways and always come out with perfect grill marks when it is done. However, don’t overcook it, as doing so could lead to a dry meal.

Delicious Vegetables

Asparagus is one vegetable every person should try on the grill at least once. It can be cooked in only five minutes on the grill and tastes delectable. In addition, asparagus is great for curing the ills associated with overindulging in alcohol, a fact many people will love when enjoying time in the sun with family and friends.

However, don’t overlook potatoes when choosing which vegetables to grill. Although it is considered a starch, a potato offers several benefits to those who are trying to up their fitness game. To get the most benefit, eat the skin. Potatoes are also excellent sources of potassium and vitamin C.

Grilled Fruits

Grilling a fruit takes it from a snack to an amazing side dish that people will request regularly. Cook some mango alongside chicken or grill pineapple to accompany the pork tenderloin mentioned above. Grilling enhances the flavor of the fruit by partially dehydrating it and carmelizing the sugar.

Hardy fruits, such as peaches and apples, can be halved and cooked facedown. Some people choose to dice them and cook them on a skewer. Either option works. When cooking soft fruits, however, such as mangoes and bananas, it’s best to leave them in their skin so they don’t fall apart. Once grill lines appear on the skin, they are typically done.

These are only a few of the many foods that can be cooked on a BBQ island grill. Grill a pizza for dinner tonight or try some peaches on the grill as a dessert. The ideas are truly endless. Choose foods carefully though to ensure they move fitness goals forward. As with all meals, a person must make wise choices to ensure they get the benefits they expect.