If you have ever suffered a dental emergency, you know how difficult finding an emergency dentist can be. Almost always, dental emergencies occur at odd hours, thereby making it way more difficult to find dental help instantly. Let me tell you what happened to me in Las Vegas.

At the last basketball game, both my upper incisors were knocked out, thanks to my fellow player. It was an accident and, like every other accident, unpredictable. All I can really say is, there was a lot of blood and I was in a lot of pain. 

Everyone present was trying to help by trying to reach an Emergency Dentist 24/7 Near Me. As it turned out, there are not many emergency dentist clinics to be found in Las Vegas. Thankfully, a friend found Teledentistry online, and my teeth were saved.

This article outlines a detailed review of Teledentistry and how their services have been extremely helpful to me. This article aims to share my experience and tell you why you can trust Teledentistry with your dental needs.

I Was In Extreme Pain And There Was A Lot Of Blood

The pain was so unbearable that I felt like I would faint. It was a late match, and there were no dental clinics in the vicinity. Everyone around was too puzzled by what had just happened. However, as everyone found, getting in touch with an emergency dentist is quite difficult. I remember feeling nauseated, and my body started becoming limp. I was in no position to physically travel to a dental clinic.

That is when my friend found Teledentistry online. Teledentistry offers remote medical assistance from experienced dentists 24/7 through video calls. Thanks to it, I was able to connect with an emergency dentist online, who guided me along the entire first aid. This way, I was able to avoid the emergency room and lengthy waiting times. 

My online dentist was quite experienced and prescribed medicines. Thankfully, the medicines arrived just in time to save my teeth. Also, my online doctor referred me to a local dentist, whom I then visited for further check-ups. 

The Lack Of Options For Emergency Dental Care In Las Vegas Shocked Me! 

When I thought later about this incident, it surprised me to think that there was only Teledentistry to save me at that time. Sports injury is one of the easiest ways to land in a dental emergency, and the unavailability of emergency dentists in Las Vegas, especially during odd hours, is shocking. Most dental clinics close after 6 in the evening, thereby skipping medical aid in times of emergencies that occur after that hour.

Some nighttime facilities operational were quite far and therefore very difficult to reach at odd hours. And stating the truth, I was in no way going to make that long ride. I cannot thank Teledentistry enough for the medical aid they provided in my time of need.

My friends tried making appointments in some clinics that stay open 24/7, but they were all full, and there was no way that I would be attended to shortly. Some even had their earliest upcoming appointments in almost two days’ time. I would have been utterly helpless if not for Teledentistry.

Teledentistry made it possible for me to get medical aid without having to travel. Also, quality care was available at a cost unthinkable. Moreover, my insurance covered the care. What more can I ask for? 

Why Do You Need Teledentistry?

As Teledentistry helped me overcome my dental problems, it works like a charm for several other dental issues too. Dental emergencies are unexpected situations requiring prompt and effective treatment to alleviate the pain, save a damaged tooth, or prevent further complications. For example, if you have a toothache, it can be because of several underlying conditions like injury, infection, decay, or a variety of other dental issues.

Similarly, suppose you have a chipped or broken tooth, lost the filling to your teeth, developed a dental abscess, picked up a soft tissue injury in and around your mouth, or even suffering from a swollen or painful jaw due to an infection, injury, or even a TMJ disorder. In that case, Teledentistry can be your one-stop solution to all emergency dental issues. 

My Experience With Teledentistry

If you are ever looking for emergency dentists, now you know where to find them. Teledentistry offers emergency dental care with the help of virtual dental consultations. You might think that the process is tedious, but in reality, it is only a matter of minutes before you can connect to an online emergency dentist.

The process is simple, convenient, and super-fast. A signature and a few forms connect you to your virtual dentist, who is experienced and available 24/7. He takes a good look at your problem, prescribes drugs, and also refers you to local dentists. The video call was smooth, and the dentist had a clear understanding of what my problem was. He clearly instructed the solution and prescribed drugs.

My understanding of the entire experience was that it would be impossible to get such fast and experienced medical care in case of dental emergencies if you rely on traditional methods by physically visiting dental clinics. 

The best thing about Teledentistry is remote medical aid, without having to leave your home or place where the emergency occurs, and to top it all off, Teledentistry accepts almost all insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid. 


I have to say that Teledentistry proved to be a lifesaver in my case. My experience with them has been exceptional, and I clearly have no idea of what would have happened otherwise. Luckily, I was able to find them just in time. 

Therefore, the next time you face a dental emergency, look no further. Teledentistry is only a click away, and in a matter of minutes, you can connect with an emergency licensed dentist. I highly recommend their services, and once you try them, I know you will too.