We are living in a smart world where getting what you wish is not very difficult. For instance, if you are willing to build muscles, you can do that in a few months.

Well, many people will question this statement because some people do exercise more or less, but they do not get the proper result they wish. Well, no matter where you stay, science is not behind. 

Whether it’s nutrition or space, science has evolved a lot to explore the world and enhance the benefits of humans in all possible ways. Now it is possible to consider supplements and get your desired muscles quickly. 

Whole food is not enough sometimes for some people. They need more protein which whole foods might not provide. Well, considering supplements like creatine might give you the desired result. 

Well, creatine is found in natural products like red meat, milk, and seafood. And the best part is that you will find creatine in your body parts, such as the brain, heart, and other tissues.

Creatine helps to generate a continuous supply of energy to work out more. So, your working muscles intend for more production and better results.

Why The Taste Of Creatine Is Bad?

If you are accustomed to consuming creatine, you know how bad the taste is. However, taking creatine 20-25gm/day is common for the bodybuilder at the initial stage. 

But not everyone can get used to the bad taste of creatine. 

But why is the taste so bad?

Well, it is the natural substance created through amino acids l-arginine synthesis, including methionine and glycine. However, amino acids are extremely bitter, and unflavoured creatine monohydrate is an awful experience for the tongue.

In contrast, flavored creatine comes with various ingredient mixtures like beta-alanine and glutamine.

These proprietary blends may differ for various brands, but there is some typically flavored creatine found, which may consist of Betaine, Alpha-lipoic acid, L-Tartrate, L-Carnitine, and Taurine. 

People think of the FALCPA requirements for judging the standard of the creatine supplement. Well, whether you are using flavored creatine or not, you need to make it tastier to consume daily. 

Otherwise, even a flavored creatine might fail to get your attention.

Here we will find out the best ways to make your creatine supplement taste better.

Ways To Make Creatine Taste Better

To gain muscle retention and get an athletic performance, you will need to go through the instances and proper consumption trends of creatine supplements.

On the other hand, the best way to cover the bad taste of creatine is to mix it with other drinking products like milk or cocoa. 

Not clear? 

Well, don’t worry! 

We are here to get you out of the dilemma and give you proper ideas on how you can consume a better-tasted creatine.

Mix Creatine with Milk

One of the simplest ways to taste creatine better is to consider milk instead of mineral water. Some data suggest that creatine tastes like cooked meat, but if you consume it, you will get a feel of cardboard which is pretty awful.

Milk has a slightly sweet and creamy flavor. Adding milk to your creatine will not only enhance the taste but also include more amino acids and nutrients. Moreover, you should consider milk for making the drink because it is filled with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). 

Studies suggest that CLA mixed with creatine can enhance your strength and lean-tissue mass during heavy training sessions.

Consider Raw Organic Honey

Cucumber water or minerals can be a good choice as your healthy drink when you consider creatine powder and 2 ounces of organic honey. Well, you can use artificial sweeteners, but that only gives you a sweet taste and nothing else. 

In contrast, if you can consider organic honey, it will give you a sweetie-floral taste that is necessary to mask the bad taste of creatine supplements.

Apart from that, it dissolves in water better because it is nectar. The nutrients and antioxidants present in this mouth-watering honey can be your best combination of creatine monohydrate. 

Add Whey Protein

Consuming creatine monohydrate with protein shakes does not slow down absorption, but considers the scientific evidence that whey protein is a better way to cover the taste bad of creatine. 

Mixing your creatine with a whey protein shake can significantly enhance its taste. Apart from that, protein powder comes in several flavors, such as strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. 

So, it is a better choice to taste good and also includes more leucine in your diet.

Consider creatine mono gummies

Have you heard about tasty gummies?

Well, these are new in the market, but creatine monohydrate gummies are the best thing that you might seek to build your body while you are relaxing.

It’s just like the chewing gums that you like to keep in your mouth. The best part is that these mono gummies are not sticky and easy to digest.

Apart from that, you can also go for an enhanced muscle-gaining process with these bloat-free creatine mono gummies.

Well, this is not the end, but you will get delicious gummies that are convenient enough to take at any time of the day. If you want to get out of gritty drinks or powders, creatine mono gummies can be your best option this year to fulfill your resolution of building muscles.

Smoothies are a perfect choice

The combination of protein shakes, and juice can be your next choice while considering creatine on a daily diet. 

Smoothies have no boundaries, but you can make it the way you do. Fresh fruits are always welcome when it’s a matter of health. The taste of smoothies and the solubility of creatine is now in your hands to go for.

Consume creatine with coffee

We all like to have coffee at least once a day. People who are accustomed to caffeine are more into this. 

Coffees are tasty, and you can make them tastier the way you want them. There are various flavors of coffee available in the market. We are sure that your kitchen also contains a coffee mug and a pack of coffee. So, don’t waste your time but include some creatine in it while making a perfect mug of coffee.