FitOrbit gives you a real personal trainer. Online. At a fraction of their regular rates.

  • A Real Personal Trainer
  • A Perfect Plan for You
  • Personal Daily Meal Plans
  • Customized Exercise Plan

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An Expert Trainer Focused on You

A certified trainer is the expert who will make your plan and the friend who will make sure you use it! That’s the heart of our system – a trainer with a heart! Someone who’s planning for you, thinking about you, and always there to keep you honest, motivated and on track.

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Remarkable Transformations Happen Every Day on FitOrbit

Watch as real FitOrbit clients meet the trainers that changed their lives for the first time.

  • FitOrbit Member Karla B.
  • Weight Lost 50 lbs.
  • FitOrbit Member Ryan I.
  • Weight Lost 17 lbs.
  • FitOrbit Member Maureen O.
  • Weight Lost 40 lbs.
Total Solution

The Perfect Plan that is Perfectly You

Weight loss requires a total system for success. That’s us. No guesswork, no stress, nothing to figure out. Just a practical and complete exercise and meal plan that’s hand made by your trainer, just for you. Powerful tools, colorful recipes, detailed menus, instructional exercise videos, even a one-touch dining out guide make your FitOrbit plan so easy to follow, the only thing you’ll notice is the weight you lose.

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Total Solution, Total Convenience

Why stress trying to make your life fit your plan? With FitOrbit, Personal is… all about you. Get a plan as dynamic as you are, updated as often as you like. Plus smart, simple tools so your personal plan is always in sync with your real life.

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Hourly Rates Comparison

A Real Trainer You Can Really Afford

A real trainer, a real plan and so much more. At a price that will make you say “OMG, I can’t believe it’s so super affordable.” In fact, an entire month of unlimited, private and convenient attention from your FitOrbit online trainer costs less than you’d pay for just an hour of training at most sweaty, crowded, non-private gyms. With FitOrbit, the best way to lose weight is also the cheapest.

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Weight Loss Goal Meter

Peace of Mind With a Proven Solution

Face it. Fad diets, funky gadgets and magic pills don’t work. FitOrbit does. In fact, FitOrbit is independently proven to help average users lose 1.3 pounds per week, every week. FitOrbit is based in lasting science, not trendy gimmicks. Nothing works like a personal trainer – celebrities and science know that, and now so do you.

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