Do you know Google receives over 70,000 health-related searches every minute? This shows that the internet is the first source most people run to for answers to several health-related questions.

Frankly, the internet has improved many people’s knowledge of vaccines, vaccination, medications, conditions, drugs, and health insurance, etc.

So, the internet is never short of medical and health resources. The only major concern is that there are many questionable online sources out there. And given the massive number of medical and health-related sources out there, identifying the right one can be a daunting and confusing process.

Nonetheless, we have handpicked the best medical and health encyclopedias online, where you can find accurate and detailed answers to all your questions without breaking a sweat. Check them out below!

1. Medline Plus: 

Medline Plus is NLM’s (National Library of Medicine) premier bibliography database, boasting over 28 million references to top-rated journal articles on life sciences, focusing on biomedicine. Information on this website is free and reliable. Plus, there’s no advertisement, and Medline Plus doesn’t endorse any company or product.

Medline is controlled by the United States National Library of Medicine and has a reputation for providing up-to-date health-related information in easy-to-understand languages. You’ll find consumer health information on this platform in English language and Spanish. But a handful of content is available in other languages.

Patients can use Medline Plus in several ways. You can learn about the latest research and discoveries in the medical field, look up drugs and supplements, the latest treatments for many medical conditions, the meaning of some medical terms, and watch educative medical-related media content.

Additionally, Medline Plus boasts a detailed A to Z listing of over 4000+ articles on diseases, injuries, symptoms, tests, treatments, and surgeries.

Visit the site here.

2. Mayo Clinic:

Mayo Clinic is a not-for-profit American-based academic medical center that focuses on integrated healthcare, research, and education. Their medical experts are unarguably among the finest in the medical profession. And when ranking the world’s best hospitals, Mayo Clinic would compete with the best.

Mayo Clinic’s website comes packed with valuable information on a range of diseases and medical conditions. Under health information, you’ll find health and medical-related topics in alphabetic order, from A to Z. These include diseases and conditions, symptoms, tests and procedures, drugs and supplements, including insightful health books.

Mayo Clinic’s website also boasts top-notch medical publications and journals that could benefit patients and healthcare professionals. Clinical updates for medical professionals also set Mayo Clinic apart. The updates consist of resources for medical practitioners and cover diverse fields in medicine. These include endocrinology, neurology and neurosurgery, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry and psychology, pediatrics, urology, cancer, and others.

Mayo Clinic also offers a training grant program. So, if you have interest in such, then visit their official website to have a look. You can also search for jobs, find a doctor, or donate to promote medical research.

Furthermore, articles written and published on Mayo Clinic are trustworthy. Over 3,300 well-trained physicians write and review articles published on the platform.

Visit the website here.


If you’re seeking simple-to-read and in-depth information on drugs, including valuable online tools like the pill identifier, has you covered. You’ll also find an interactions checker, which allows patients to check for possible drug interactions to prevent such from happening.

A free online pharmaceutical encyclopedia, provides detailed information about medications, making it a valuable online resource for healthcare professionals and patients.

You’ll find in-depth information on various drugs’ uses, potential interactions, and side effects. And what’s more, write-ups on drugs are simple so patients can understand how medicines work.

The website boasts an intuitive interface and search features. Just enter the drug name, condition, or pill imprint to find what you need.

You’ll also find information on new drug trials and FDA alerts. The FDA alert section is valuable to patients and medical professionals. It offers insight into drug recalls and warnings issued by FDA on specific medications or products.

Four top sources powers’s database. These include IBM Micromedex, FDA (Food and Drug Administration), Cerner Multum, and American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.

Visit the site here.

 4. WebMD:

WebMD is a popular online health encyclopedia, regarded as a health information services platform. It boasts tons of information-packed content on healthcare. You’ll also find drugs, symptoms checklist, including pharmacy information.

Are you seeking a safe online platform to store personal medical information online? If yes, WebMD is a wise choice.

Again, articles on the platform include summaries of the original research work. But there are links to the original work on every article on WebMD. Thus, you can click on the links to read the research to broaden your understanding.

WebMD’s biggest asset to patients is its symptoms checker, which proves helpful. Others include the drugs and supplements section, letting patients find drugs, vitamins, and supplements without breaking a sweat. You’ll also have the opportunity to use the pill identifier, drug interaction checker and locate nearby pharmacies where you can find specific medications.

You can find the lowest prices of various drugs via WebMD. And what’s more, you can locate a qualified dentist or doctor near you or connect to a care center.

Despite being feature-rich and information-packed, WebMD is still a breeze to navigate. Additionally, its Petcare section could prove helpful to pet parents.

Visit the site here.

5. MedicineNet:

MedicineNet got established in 1996, but WebMed acquired it in 2004. But its physicians and peer-reviewed editorial policy still stand. MedicineNet offers in-depth and easy-to-understand medical information for consumers.

On MedicineNet, you’ll find various topics and comments from patients who’re suffering or had the condition. The platform encourages patients to show their experiences to help improve the knowledge of others.

So, from the comments on the platform, you’ll have a better understanding of several conditions to make informed decisions.

MedicineNet offers information on a broad range of medical and health-related topics. These include diseases and conditions, drugs and supplements, tips for healthy living, symptom checker, and Midterms dictionary. Features such as “Find a Pharmacy,” pill identifier, and drug interaction checker, are a great addition to this website.

Visit the website here.


For accurate information on prevention and wellness for individuals and families, is a must-visit. The platform has a massive collection of action-packed health content on a range of subjects. got established to offer U.S-based healthcare professionals a place to refer U.S citizens for accurate disease prevention and wellness information.

You can translate information on this website to approximately 17 different languages. These include English language, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italiano, Deutsch, Polski, etc.

Top U.S. government offices control These include the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and Office of the Secretary.’s evidence-based health information makes it a wise choice for Americans looking to lead a healthy life. Subjects covered include food and nutrition, physical activity, health literacy, and healthcare quality. They’re all designed to help Americans improve their general health and contribute to the nation’s development.

Visit the website here.

7. Medgadget:

As the name implies, Medgadget offers up-to-date information on varied medical technologies. You’ll find information on the latest medical technologies, trends, and ongoing research.

Medgadget gives you precise information on medical gadgets. You’ll understand how several medical devices function, uses, benefit, and others.

Medgadget’s capacity to continue sharing trustworthy information on medical gadgets makes them an authority on the subject. They’re also one of the most-visited online platforms on the subject.

Biomedical engineers, Ph.D. holders, and M.Ds write the content on Medgadget. And they have a reputation for publishing content before most online platforms do.

Visit the website here.

8. Harvard Health Publishing (HHP) – Harvard Medical School

Harvard Health Publishing serves as a division of the highly-esteemed Harvard Business School that has been a trusted source of medical information across the globe for over 200 years. The faculty boasts over 11,000 physicians, which drafts the content published on Harvard Health Publishing.

So, you’re going to find only accurate information on this platform. Furthermore, in a bid to promote consumer engagement and encourage patients’ education, Harvard Medical School’s physicians try to make their content as simple as possible.

Harvard Health Publishing contains massive health and wellness content, valuable to individuals, families, and healthcare professionals. You’ll find content published in different media such as reports, videos, newsletters, and e-learning courses. The idea is to offer consumers more options to choose from.

Access to information on Harvard Health Publishing is not free. To obtain the Harvard Health Letter, you have to subscribe. In the letter, Harvard Medical School’s doctors provide answers to different questions clearly and concisely. It’s like having a typical monthly interaction with your doctor.

This website is a massive online medical and health encyclopedia, with over 500 conditions and diseases discussed, including over 800 illustrations. Harvard Medical School physicians have also created a detailed overview of each condition, describing their symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment options, prevention tips, and advice on when to contact a medical professional.

Visit the site here.

9. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital:

Founded in 1883, the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is among the most distinguished and oldest pediatric hospitals across the United States of America. They have a reputation for treating rare and comprehensive heart diseases in children and adolescents. And they’re a leading medical center in pediatric medicine, education, and research.

Besides pioneering breakthrough treatments of varied heart conditions, the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital has a rich encyclopedia on cardiac diseases. These include defects, disorders, and other issues that may affect a child’s heart.

On the encyclopedia, you’ll discover the different ways to diagnose and treat several heart diseases. And you can obtain medical records, schedule an appointment, find a specialist, find a researcher, find urgent care, find a doctor, and more.

So, if you’re seeking a reputable online encyclopedia on heart diseases and conditions affecting children and adolescents, the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is a wise choice.

Visit the website here.

10. Lab Test Online:

Lab Test Online provides detailed explanations of various lab procedures. Through this website, caregivers and patients can properly understand various lab tests crucial to the medical profession. Test results enable physicians to know the actual condition a patient has so they can offer proper treatment.

Lab tests information provided by this website not only helps patients to understand their medical condition better. But, with the knowledge obtained, patients can comfortably discuss test results with their doctors and make meaningful contributions.

Some analyzed tests include urinalysis, complete blood count, platelet count, D-dimer tests, Gamma-glutamyltransferase, COVID-19 test, and more.

Visit the website here.

11. Cleveland Clinic:

Cleveland Clinic has been around for over 100 years in the medical profession. Thus, they’re undoubtedly one of the top medical and health references online. They have pioneered groundbreaking medical research, such as the first trace transplant in the U.S. and coronary artery bypass surgery.

On this platform, you’ll find answers to questions on several symptoms, causes, and treatments. Other information includes a detailed explanation of various drugs, medical devices, supplements, surgical options, and more.

Visit the site here.


So, these are the top medical and health encyclopedia online, which contain information that will help you lead a healthy life and make informed decisions. You’ll also have in-depth knowledge of several drugs and diseases, including their symptoms, treatment, and more.