In Manhattan’s Upper East Side, many have become familiar with Dr. Neinstein. Perhaps most well-known for his surgical papers advancing plastic surgery and his specialized procedures, Dr. Neinstein has shown throughout his work history that his aim, above all others, is to improve the lives of his patients. 

But who is the doctor behind the titles? Let’s meet Dr. Neinstein in closer detail below.

Who is Dr. Neinstein?

Dr. Ryan Neinstein, the founder of Neinstein Plastic Surgery in New York City, is a board-certified plastic surgeon. The public has since associated Neinstein with being the surgeon’s surgeon after many surgeons decided to use him as their trusted doctor. Many believe his strong reputation is a product of his dedication to safety guidelines and his position as a masterclass instructor. However, others believe it is Dr. Neinstein’s strong emphasis on the value of specialization and patient care.

Looking back at his history, Dr. Ryan Neinstein holds a position as a certified surgeon and a member of Canada’s Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. His career began at Western University. Here he earned a bachelor of science in genetics before earning his Doctor of Medicine. As an undergraduate student, Dr. Neinstein volunteered as a medic in Israel. His interest in science and goal to help others eventually led him to study medicine. Dr. Neinstein became fascinated with surgery during medical school and how technical mastery can produce dramatic and satisfying patient results.

Medical Advances

The desire to deliver satisfying patient results and improve patient lives is evident in Neinstein’s careful consideration of the body contouring process. Although traditional methods may yield similar results, Dr. Neinstein takes into consideration the most advanced methods available to ensure results look realistic and patients experience the least downtime and comfortable experience possible.

Fat Grafting

Under the traditional fat grafting process, a surgeon takes a patient’s fat via liposuction, purifies it, and then injects it into various areas for natural augmentation. The process has since become common to augment the buttocks and breasts. With successful results, fat grafting can replace silicone implants, making the more risky use of foreign materials unnecessary.

Therefore, in procedures like the Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL for buttock augmentation, surgeons can ensure safety by injecting fat into the area above the buttock muscles. Injecting fat adds the desired volume to the area while greatly improving the buttock curves. The accompanying liposuction can improve the aesthetic result even more.

Similarly, surgeons will follow the fat grafting process for breast augmentations, where fat tissue is injected into specific areas of the breast to achieve a natural, augmented appearance. Cleavage lines and upper pole fullness can be dramatically improved, as can breast enlargement.

Ensuring Patient Comfort

Although the standard process remains the same, the Dr. Neinstein difference is the additional advances his team takes to ensure maximum comfort. For example, Neinstein typically uses an ultrasound-based device called VASER to melt fat in the abdomen, back, and bra rolls. After softening the fat, Dr. Neinstein’s team uses small liposuction cannulas to gently extract the fat and provide the desired contour. Previously, after the procedure, women still had a significant amount of residual fatty tissue after a tummy tuck; now, technological advancements ensure a significantly improved appearance.

Additionally, the medical community has considered skin tightening the Holy Grail of body contouring surgery for nearly a decade. However, the only reliable way to tighten skin was through excision and the resulting scar. Several of today’s devices use energy to tighten underlying collagen. Dr. Neinstein’s office prides itself in using a device that uses plasma energy to tighten the skin reliably and safely in their practice. Therefore, patients who would have previously required a full-length abdominoplasty incision can receive a shorter incision or a combination of VASER, liposuction, and skin tightening alone.

Dr. Neinstein also looks at ways to improve the 6-pack muscles. Their team now uses Emsculpt, which is a device that uses electromagnetic pulses to stimulate and contract the abdominal muscles. Even one 30-minute session with this technology can give patients the same result as doing 20,000 crunches. 

Giving Patients Their Confidence Back

In addition to Dr. Neinstein’s attention to medical advances as his, the purpose behind why he does what he does has also become a key differentiator between him and others. For Neinstein, plastic surgery is about recreating, resculpting and giving people back their confidence. With procedures like the Mommy Makeover, Dr. Neinstein relates that he has to recognize what all moms go through, giving them the confidence to continue running the world.