There is one fact of life we can do little about, and thats getting older! As we age so does our body, and the signs can be quite distressing when we remember the youths we were. The good thing is we can do something about those signs. Sagging skin, lines on the face, and many more problems can be attended to with one of the many cosmetic procedures available at clinics in and around Fort Lauderdale. 

Even better is that many such procedures are non-invasive – they do not require surgery. Some may need small incisions to be made, others use injections, and many can be combined to provide relief from signs of ageing for both men and women. Take Botox, for example: this injection stops the muscles in the face from working temporarily, allowing the skin to smooth out. Its performed in an hour or less, is safe and tested, and is enjoyed by millions of people across the world. 

But its not Botox were here to talk about today. Instead, were interested in body contouring. What is body contouring and why is it becoming a popular routine with both men and women? Thats what we want to explain, so read on if you are interested in this non-invasive cosmetic procedure.

Body Contouring Explained

The term body contouring covers a variety of treatments that can be performed together to achieve a younger looking body. Each of these procedures is proven safe and has been carried out many millions of times. One of the main routines in body contouring is liposuction. In fact, many people have commented that body contouring and liposuction are the same thing – except thats not quite true.

Liposuction is the removal of excess fat from the body. This is done by way of making a small incision and inserting a cannula into the incision. The fat is then loosened – the modern method is by way of laser or acoustic wave treatment – and a small medical vacuum device is then used to take it from the body. 

Note here that liposuction is not a weight loss routine. If you are overweight by too much it will not be performed. This is because removing fat from persons who are so overweight can lead to further problems. So, the candidate for liposuction is someone who is near their ideal body weight but perhaps has areas where excess fat is causing problems. 

So, where is liposuction in the body contouring routine? Liposuction forms a central part of the body contouring procedure and is performed in combination with procedures that effectively tighten the skin. This involves, in some cases, laser skin tightening which is a big part of the body contouring procedure, and other non-invasive treatments that are known to help shape the body.

We dont want to get into too much medical detail here, but we think weve painted a good picture of what it is all about. Now let’s have a quick look at some of the areas of the body that can benefit from body contouring.

What Areas Of The Body Can Be Treated? 

Before agreeing to the procedure a qualified medical professional will discuss and outline the processes involved in body contouring and recommend the right treatment for your problem. This varies by individual. The following list is that of areas that are commonly attended to by the body contouring process:

  • Love handles
  • Jawline (jowls)
  • Double chin
  • Upper arms (“bat wings”)
  • Outer thighs (“saddlebags”)
  • Male breast reduction (gynecomastia)
  • Abdomen (“muffin top”)
  • Sculpting abdomen (“6-pack abs”)

Its easy to see from the above the sort of people who decide to undergo the body contouring procedure, and you can imagine the results. However, not everyone is a good candidate for this routine. Weve already eliminated the obese and overweight, so what else do you need to know before you undergo consultation?

Am I A Good Candidate For Body Contouring?

First, you should be close to your ideal body weight and shape. This not a procedure that is designed to lose weight, and we cant stress that enough. Now, excess fat can be a medical problem – you may have endured a surgical procedure that limited your movement, for example, or have a condition associated with fat gain – but in many cases it is result of lifestyle choices. When you talk to your consultant, they will ask you about your lifestyle and your daily habits, as they need to know what you are doing to try and lose the excess fat, and what is causing it. Here are some lifestyle choices that can result in weight gain or excess fat:

  • Poor diet such as too much junk food
  • Alcohol drank in excess amounts
  • Smoking tobacco regularly
  • Lack of exercise
  • Using recreational drugs.

You will be expected to change these habits if you are to be accepted for treatment in body contouring. The treatment will not work if you continue with the above. Also, body contouring is not a miracle cureand you need to have reasonable expectations of the outcome. If you are expecting simply massive changes that make you someone completely different, you will not be accepted. Be reasonable, be sensible, and help the consultant help you. 

Risks In Body Contouring

In general body contouring is considered a safe routine and has been performed successfully many times. Risks and side effects are few as there is no surgery involved. The most commonly reported effects include bruising and swelling where the cannula has been inserted, and there may be bleeding from the incisions. These symptoms will fade quickly, and if they do not you will be given instructions by your consultant on who to get in touch with.

Final Words

If you are close to your ideal weight and seeing areas where excess fat is present, and you have a sensible view of what the results should be, get in touch with Fort Lauderdale clinic and arrange a consultation to find out if body contouring is the answer.