Bowling isn’t known for its health benefits, but there are some that you probably never heard of! Learn the hidden health benefits of bowling here.

Bowling is known for the fun and excitement but rarely do people think of it as beneficial. Only those who have played the sport often and for a long time know the hidden health benefits of bowling. This fun game you play with friends on a Friday night out has many health benefits! Read on to find an incentive to bowl!

1. Bowling Serves As Exercise

To people all around the world, bowling is usually just one of the games they play once in a while. For regulars of the sport, having the right accessories makes the difference to their game. One such essential item is the bowling balls. To acquire the right bowling balls for you, you should check out the best bowling balls reviews of 2022 ranked with pros and cons online.

Now, these balls are known to be quite heavy. Those who have played for a while know that one of the hidden health benefits of bowling is that it can also be a great exercise! This allows you to stay fit while enjoying the game.

Even if you play it for the first time, you will quickly realize that the sport takes quite the effort as the bowling balls are pretty heavy. Furthermore, your body also stretches and flexes when throwing the ball. This serves as exercise for the ligaments, muscles, tendons, and joints in your arms. 

Bowling can help you lose a couple of pounds! The game speeds up your metabolism as constant moving with extra weight can burn fat. Up to 170 to 300 calories can be burnt during an hour-long bowling session. It should be no surprise, as you continuously move your whole body to play the sport.

2. Better Mental Health And Social Life

Whether you are hitting the gym or playing a bowling game, physical activities can go a long way in keeping your mental health in better shape. How? If you surf online, then by now, you have certainly come across videos and posts saying that sports and exercising can serve as a natural remedy for stress.

This is one such sport that helps you destress your mind from all the struggles of your daily lives and enjoy the moment while reaping the health benefits of bowling. Furthermore, the sport can be played at any age and allows you to socialize.

Bowling is often played with friends and family, which means that you get the opportunity to spend quality time with them. Your social life tends to have a massive impact on your mental health, so a healthier social life leads to better mental health.

This game is one of few that allow you to play at any age, meaning that you don’t have to worry about being left out whether you are a preschooler or a senior citizen. You can also find new people that love the sport as much as you do, and mutual interest is a sign of a long-lasting friendship!

Additionally, the quality time you spend with experienced or new players of the game has very few complications. It’s easy to learn how to play and can be enjoyed in either a relaxing and comfortable way while socializing or in a more competitive manner. This makes bowling perfect for maintaining connections with friends and family and relieving yourself of piled-up stress.

3. Reduced Disease Risk And Overall Health Benefits

Bowling is a great game to play as it has a very low rate of injuries. Not only does the sport offer several health benefits, but you can reduce the chances of diseases as well! This makes it so that you stay unharmed while attaining the hidden health benefits of bowling.

As bowling is also a form of exercise, you can lower the chances of different diseases. For example, the adrenaline and stress relieving experience can keep your heart healthy. Heart attack, strokes, and even diabetes can be kept away if you bowl often. Other benefits include better oxygen usage, increased bone density, improved circulation, low levels of cholesterol and blood pressure, etc.

If played regularly ( say about once or twice every week), bowling can also improve coordination in the body. Your hand-to-eye coordination benefits the most here as these are the parts of your body utilized while playing the sport. You can significantly improve your motor functions as concentration and mental awareness promote your body to function at the optimum level.

In Conclusion

Around the globe, the sport of bowling serves well when you are looking to get healthier or work towards your dream body. Although the exercise may not be heavy and rigorous, it is still enough to improve your body functions. 

The key takeaway here is that bowling keeps you from leading a dull, sedentary life and can evoke a strong sense of joy and productivity. We hope that this article has taught you the hidden health benefits of bowling, and we wish you stay healthy and happy throughout the exciting journey!


Can Bowling Improve Mental Health?

Bowling is a social game, and the activity can also stimulate endorphins and get your blood pumping. These go a long way towards mental well-being.

Can You Attain a Better Body Composition with Bowling?

The sport speeds your metabolism and can help burn off the excess fat in your body as you are constantly moving, often with a heavy ball in your hands.

What is the Main Reason for Bowling?

Bowling is just a fun game that brings additional benefits into your life. So the main reason to go bowling should be to have fun and enjoy your time!