We all know the importance of implementing a good skincare routine into our daily lives. However, the products we implement into our daily routine can vary among different individuals. For those people who are looking for a product that is more powerful than having just a cleanser, and can make huge changes to your skin, then owning face serums may just be the thing you need in your life. Using a face serum can help enrich and enhance your skin tone to a huge degree, and is usually the step between using a cleanser and putting on facial lotion. 

Although many of us have probably heard about the number of benefits that face serum can bring about, few actually know the actual benefits of using a particular serum. So, what are these benefits? Continue reading to find out!

What Is A Serum?

First and foremost, what is a serum? They are extremely concentrated forms of product that contain many active ingredients that help to enhance one’s skin. Although it is thin in its viscosity, it contains very high concentrations of molecules, allowing it to enter the skin extremely quickly and effectively.

What’s the difference between that and a moisturiser or even a face cream? Well for one, a serum is usually lighter on the skin and has a faster effect than a moisturiser. Because it is so highly concentrated, it should then be sealed by layering with a face cream, which is why it usually comes as the step before applying moisturiser. Using a facial serum is most beneficial to treat a wide variety of skin issues, such as dull or wrinkled skin. On the other hand, moisturiser and face creams are most beneficial for their hydration properties.

What Are The Benefits?

Now that we know what a serum is, and how it differs from moisturisers and face creams, let us now discuss the amazing effects of using a facial serum. So, what are the specific benefits of using a face serum? Well, not only can they be quickly absorbed into your skin, but they are also lighter in texture, making them an easy product to layer on your skin right after you’ve cleansed your face.

Also, having a lighter formulation than creams, it is also very appropriate for use for individuals who have very oily or sensitive skin in general. For individuals with skin sensitivity issues who do not react well to thick and greasy formulas applied to their faces, having a serum is definitely a better option.

Another amazing benefit that serums bring about is the improvement it makes to any wrinkles or ageing lines that some people experience. Not only does it help to remove these imperfections, but it can also help delay the onset of ageing skin, something most of us desire.

The environment can do a lot of harsh damage to our skin, and hence it is important to protect our skin from these free radicals. Serum can once again help us with that! As many of them contain beneficial ingredients such as vitamin E, C, and green tea, they can help prevent all the damage caused by the ultraviolet (UV) rays that our skin is exposed to. This also explains why it can help prevent fine lines and wrinkles, as the skin is being protected from all the harsh environmental damage it is exposed to.

Types Of Face Serums And Ingredients

Due to the high number of benefits it brings about, it is no wonder that face serums have surged in popularity over recent years. There are now so many different types of serums that are all over the market. Let’s discuss a few categories of serums that currently exist. When choosing a serum, you should pick something that would cater to your own needs.

Anti-ageing serums

Anti-ageing serums stimulate collagen production and also promote skin renewal. They usually also contain ingredients like retinol.

Skin-brightening serums

Skin brightening serums usually contain many antioxidants and various ingredients that fight pigment to help improve a person’s skin tone. The most commonly found ingredients in these serums are vitamin C, ferulic and glycolic acid.

Hydrating serums

A key ingredient in any hydrating serum would be hyaluronic acid, which binds with the water in your skin temporarily after you apply it. It may also have temporary effects of removing fine lines and helps your skin look more refreshed and overall younger looking.

Free-radical fighting serums

Free radicals are one of the most damaging factors that affect your skin. To prevent these harmful effects, you should pick a serum that contains vitamins E, A and C.

Acne and sensitive skin serums

If you are suffering from acne, you should choose serums that contain salicylic acid and niacinamide which can reduce skin inflammation to a large extent.

Skin texture serums

Lastly, for individuals struggling with skin texture issues, try looking at serums that contain glycolic acid serum, which can remove layers of dead skin that might be causing these rough textures.

How To Use A Serum

Now that we know about all the different forms of serums that are out on the market, it’s time to pick a favourite and apply it to your skin! However, the way you go about applying serum to your skin is also important. How many times should you use a face serum? For younger skin, face serum may not be as crucial, as your skin is likely to be healthier. Depending on your own skin goals, the frequency of face serum application can differ.

For serums used to prevent pigmentation, you should start using them first thing in the morning, while anti-ageing serums should instead be used at night so that your skin can repair itself overnight.


All in all, face serums are beneficial in many different aspects, and should be applied based on the type of serum you are using. We hope this article has been useful to equip you with the knowledge you need to begin your face serum journey. So, know what you know about how serums can benefit your skin, what are you waiting for? It’s time to go out and buy one!