Hydrolyzed collagen or HC is popularly known as collagen hydrolysate or collagen peptide. This particular type of collagen can be absorbed into the bloodstream really easily.   

In the last few years,  collagen hydrolysate supplements have made a really impressive market. Whether it is repairing skin, improving joint and bone health, or helping with improving digestion, collagen supplements can cover all these aspects.   

However, the use of collagen supplements is full of controversy. When it comes to the quantity and quality of the ingredients in all those over-the-counter collagen supplements, there is a serious lack of regulations which means it’s important to go with a trusted brand with a  long track record of collagen production.   

Still, as per the people who have already used collagen supplements or are using that for a considerable amount of time, collagen supplements are actually beneficial. They have experienced improved  younger-looking skin and reduced joint pain.  

The Advantages Of Collagen Hydrolysate  

Here, we will talk about the reported  health benefits of hydrolyzed collagen. Generally, collagen supplement research has particularly focused on the below-mentioned aspects.  

  • Body composition.  
  • Wound healing.  
  • Joint and bone health.  
  • Skin anti-aging.  

If you are thinking about the effects of collagen on heart health, nail growth, weight loss, and eye health.  

#1 Skin Health 

It might surprise you that your skin is made up of 70% to 75% collagen. It is the largest organ of your body. With aging, the inner layer of the skin can become depleted and also become dry, lose elasticity, along with developing wrinkles and lines.   

Recent studies have found that oral collagen hydrolysate is really effective in slowing down skin aging. According to an analysis, the nutri-cosmetic formula of collagen produces an improvement in the basic structure of the epidermis.  

The collagen supplements also can improve the collagen fiber’s structure and stratification within the dermis. Research also showed that the consumption of collagen could significantly  reduce the wrinkles around the eye area.  

#2 Bone And Joint Health 

Till now, there are a lot of studies conducted around the efficacy of hydrolyzed collagen in mitigating collagen damage, osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis.   

You just need to ensure that you are taking proper safety precautions, and then you are good to go with collagen supplements for long-term use for bone and degenerative joint diseases.  

Studies have also found that the usage of collagen, Vitamin D, and calcium supplements along with proper medications can actually improve bone metabolism.   

If you are suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee, regular intake of a moderate amount of collagen supplement can significantly improve knee joint comfort.  

#3 Wound Treatment 

All those hydrolyzed collagen-based supplements can significantly improve circulating pre-albumin and wound healing, as per some recent findings. Collagen supplements also can reduce the time spent in the hospital for a burn incident. 

Usually, the low level of pre-albumin in burn patients at admission is predictive, and that causes longer hospital stays.   

In the year 2019, a clinical trial was conducted with 31 adult men who were suffering from 20% to 30% burn over their entire body surface area. They were either given collagen-based supplements or a placebo for 4 weeks.   

The rate of wound healing, the length of hospital stay, and serum pre-albumin were assessed to the baseline and by the end of weeks 2 and 4. That same research has found that the level of serum pre-albumin was majorly higher at week 2 and week 4 in the collagen group.  

#4 Body Composition 

Now come the effects of collagen supplements on body fat reduction. Very few studies have been conducted on humans.   

A study was conducted in 2019 in Korea that investigated the efficacy and also tolerability of skin collagen peptides, particularly in the reduction of body fat among overweight adults.   

A group of 90 healthy volunteers with a mean BMI were assigned to an intervention group where they were receiving 2000mg of SCP every day. By using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry or DEXA scan, a change in their body fat was witnessed.  

By the end of the study, the percentage of body fat mass among the intervention group was found to be significantly much better than those of subjects in the control group.  


Collagen hydrolysate can really be beneficial, as per a number of studies and research. Still, it can not be used clinically due to the lack of cynical testing and evidence. However, if you are thinking about using one, you should always choose the best brand.   

Always ensure that you are choosing the collagen hydrolysate supplement that can be absorbed really easily by the body. At the same time, it also can be consumed along with the prescribed medications for better results.