There are so many different sports that can help you stay active whilst also making friends and having fun. You may feel a little put off if you are not especially athletic or if you prefer to work out alone, but there is a sport out there for everyone. 

If you discover a new sport that you want to dedicate your time to and there are no local teams, then why not start your own club? Starting a sports club can be a great new project – acquiring members, finding a venue, buying equipment. For example, if you do not live near the coast then you might think that volleyball is out of the question but check out the best volleyballs for indoor play and get started on forming your own team to practice at the local fitness centre. Here are a few more niche suggestions that you have probably never considered.

Ultimate Frisbee

Frisbee can be a fun leisure activity to pass some time in the park with your dog but ultimate Frisbee takes it to a whole new level. Two teams of seven try to get the Frisbee into the endzone of a field roughly the size of a football pitch. This game is a non-contact sport and often features mixed-gender teams. There is no referee in this game because they put an emphasis on the “spirit of the game” and put value in good sportsmanship and fair play.


Another mixed-gender sport, this game is a mixture of basketball and netball. It is played indoors where four women and four men try to shoot the ball through the opposing team’s basket – you are not allowed to dribble, run or walk with the ball. It is also another non-contact sport.


Lacrosse originates from indigenous Canadians and back in the early days, games could last up to three days and involved 1,000 players. Players carry a long crosse (a long stick) with a small mesh net on the end which is designed to catch, hold and throw the ball. The aim is to get the ball into the opposition’s net. Women’s lacrosse tends to be non-contact whereas men tend to defend their side through stick checking, body contact and positioning.

Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw is sometimes known as kick volleyball and comes from Southeast Asia where it has been played in the 15th century. It is a more low-energy sport but requires a lot of skill – players use their feet, knees, head or chest to get the rattan ball over the net.

Hurling / Camogie

This sport originated in Ireland around 3,000 years about and is known as hurling when played by men and camogie when played by women. It is a field sport played using a wooden stick and a small, hardball. You can only run with the ball if it is balanced or bounced on the stick. After taking four steps a player must wither pass, score or throw and then recatch the ball. A little known sport that is both fun and usual!