Are you looking for more bonding time with your family during the get-togethers that you throw? Do you want a way to create some friendly competition among your loved ones? If so, then you should research some new outdoor sports to try.

Doing so will give you the chance to get everyone (adults and kids) to enjoy some quality time together. It will be something that the entire group will look forward to every time that you guys are together.

See below for several outdoor sports that you can do to have fun with your entire family and group of friends.

1. Wiffleball

So, you’re trying to get the entire family interested enough in playing an outdoor sport as a collective group. That can be a difficult task.

Some in your group won’t want to exert a bunch of energy. Others will have their competitiveness take over with any sport you choose. You need to find a middle ground between the two: enter wiffleball.

This is basically a softer version of baseball. All you technically need to purchase is a Wiffle ball and bat (sold together).

Other than that, you can use the area around you. For example, you can set up a folding chair to use as the strike zone. You can use a tree as first base, second base, third base, or all three.

It’s a great sport for family events since the kids can get involved as well. Even if they’ve never played before, the concept is easy to grasp and fun to play.

2. Cornhole Tournament

Depending on where you’re from in the United States, you might simply refer to this game as “bags”. No matter what you call it, this is an enjoyable outdoor sport/activity for any age.

Simply purchase enough cornhole sets for the number of players that you intend to have. For example, if you plan on having 8 people participating, you’ll want to purchase/rent/borrow 4 cornhole sets.

Be sure to take the time and teach everyone how to play. Some rules can be a bit subjective (such as the point system), so be sure to clarify that before the start of the tournament.

This tournament shouldn’t take long at all when you have multiple sets. Simply arrange the tournament in a bracket. For extra incentive, give rewards out to the winner. This will keep things fun, yet exceptionally competitive for the prize.


If the place that you’re getting together with your family has a basketball hoop, you’ll want to use that to your full advantage.

HORSE is one of the most enjoyable basketball games you can play. It’s competitive to a certain point, but more so just an enjoyable way to spend some time outdoors goofing off. 

The rules of the game are simple, you assign an order for all the people that are playing. So if you have five players, you would assign someone to go first, second, third, fourth, and fifth in the shooting rotation.

The first person gets to take a shot from anywhere and even add a bit of specification about the shot if need be (such as shooting with your weak hand, skyhook, etc.). If they make the shot, everyone else has to try and make it as well.

Anyone who doesn’t make the shot gets a letter “H”, or the next letter after ones they already have to their name. As soon as they spell out “HORSE”, they get to try one last shot and, if they miss it, they’re out of the game.

If you want to shorten the game a bit, you can spell out “PIG” instead. Be sure to invest in cool outdoor sports equipment, such as an LED hoop light to keep the game going well into the night!

4. Ultimate Frisbee

Yet another cost-efficient outdoor sport that everyone will love. It doesn’t take too much energy exertion, so your lazier relatives don’t have an excuse not to play.

Ultimate frisbee works a lot like football, but with more passing and the inability to take more than two steps after you catch the frisbee. You have then had to pass the frisbee to someone else on your team before you can move again.

The end goal is to try and throw it to a teammate standing in the end zone, touching the fence, or whatever “goal marker” your family agrees to. You should avoid injury for the most part since this is a fairly contact-free sport.

5. Duck, Duck, Goose

This game will make you and your loved ones gitty at any age. You’ll enjoy the youthful thrill of bringing it back to the days on the playground with duck, duck goose. 

You can play this game in the backyard, in the pool, on the campground, at a park, or wherever else you guys might be. It doesn’t require any extra equipment and is easy for everyone to understand.

If you find that your family is bored and unsure what to do, get them all outside to play a bit of “duck, duck, goose” for old time’s sake!

Spend More Quality Time Through Outdoor Sports

Now that you have seen several ideas for outdoor sports and activities that you can do to get your family more active, it’s important that you use them.

Remember, not all families will enjoy the same activity. Some of your relatives won’t want to take part in some of them. Find an activity that you all enjoy either playing in or cheering from the sidelines in order to get everyone outdoors.

Be sure to browse our website for more family fun ideas, as well as many other helpful topics that you’ll enjoy reading about.