The search for viable root canal alternatives is heating up, especially when you consider a recent survey from the American Association of Endodontists. The AAE found that more people fear root canals than spiders, snakes, and sharks!

In the following article, we’re going to set your mind at ease if you’re in that group. We’ll be doing it by exploring some of the most common (and popular) alternatives out there. Let’s begin!

Full Extraction

Sometimes patients choose to go with no dental implants at all, at least not right away. They opt instead for full extraction or removal of the tooth. This provides some time to consider the best path forward instead of pushing forward with the trauma of a root canal.

While certainly preferable to the root canal process, it could lead to feelings of self-consciousness. Few people want to walk around with gaps in their teeth, and it could be more susceptible to infection.

Maryland Bridge or Regular Bridge

Another positive alternative to the root canal is a Maryland bridge, which distinguishes itself from a regular bridge by preserving enamel. Regular bridge bonds to the two natural teeth on each side, rubbing off some of their enamel in the process.

The Maryland bridge comes equipped with metal flaps that graft to the back of the regular teeth. This allows for a continuous smile while keeping the natural teeth intact.

Removable Partials

Another of the popular alternatives to root canal surgery is the removable partial. In this case, the patient gets a partial denture that can be removed and cleaned non-invasively. 

It’s a much better alternative to full dentures in that you get to keep most of your natural teeth. However, you still have to go through proper maintenance, and it could be bothersome to the self-conscious. 

Ozone Gas

This alternative to root canal treatment involves using ozone gas to kill bacteria and save as much of the natural tooth as possible. From there, you might consider a bridge or partial depending on the visibility of the tooth. This is an increasingly popular alternative because it reduces the likelihood of further infection. 

Calcium Hydroxide

Calcium hydroxide operates in a similar way as ozone gas. It’s a different material, but it is equally valued for its antimicrobial properties.

Usually, calcium hydroxide will be left in the tooth for anywhere from a week to 24 months. It also has reparative qualities to the dentine. 

Natural Remedies

An ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure. Perhaps the best thing you can do along that line is to focus extra care on parts of your teeth and gumline that are showing areas of concern. 

Brush after every meal. Floss regularly. Drink lots of water, and eat the right foods, eliminating as many added sugars as you can in the process.

These Root Canal Alternatives Offer a Better Solution

Your teeth are windows into your overall health, and they can often be indicative of a greater health issue in the body. Holding onto your natural teeth as long as possible is like holding onto your overall health. Using any of the root canal alternatives presented here will help get you there. 

Best of luck! For more health and wellness articles and tips, make sure you check out our related posts.