A trip to the dentist’s office can be a nerve-wracking situation, especially if you need restorative services. 

Extreme tooth decay can lead to the loss of a tooth. Before it gets to that point, consider impact vs crown restoration. At first, you might think the two options are interchangeable—they’re not. 

Choosing between the two comes down to the benefits, drawbacks, and situation of your teeth. So when it comes to dental implant vs crown, which is best?

Differences Between Implant vs Crown

What is an implant, and what is a crown? Are dental implants a good idea? Are crowns a good idea? 

There are tons of questions when it comes to the two options. The answer starts with understanding the difference between the two procedures. 

A crown, much like the one you place atop your head, is a cap that looks like a tooth placed over your existing tooth. An implant is the complete replacement of the missing tooth with a crown or alternative placed on top of it. This cap gives the tooth the ability to function as an existing tooth would.

The implant itself is a reference to the screw-like post that’s attached to the jaw where your tooth was before.

When choosing between the two, an implant is used most often when a tooth needs to be removed completely. Crowns can be a good alternative if there’s still a healthy chunk of your existing tooth.

Affordability and Expenses

In most cases, dentists lean on the use of a crown over an implant because of the financial impacts. 

Implants are more expensive than crowns initially. Because it’s a more invasive process, implants require different materials and more time. An implant’s expensive nature is due to the piling one of the cost of the impact and the crown or prosthetic device that’s placed on top. 

A crown is a rather simple procedure making it the more cost-efficient option.

Affordability and expenses are higher, but implants are a better option long term. Of course, this service depends on the decay of your tooth, but impacts won’t need to be replaced as quickly as a crown.

Longevity of the Procedure

Although an implant costs more initially, the longevity of the tooth might save you more in the long run. 

Implants are permanent teeth. Crowns on the other hand are replaced every 10 to 15 years. As soon as wear and tear are evident on a crown, concern creeps in. 

Comparing implant vs crown means considering the longevity of your investment. Implants are also less likely to fall out. Another leg up on the investment in a dental crown. 

The Choice Is Yours

When it comes to choosing implant vs crown, the choice is yours. 

You need information in order to make the best decision for you financially, longevity, and situationally. The more you know, the more informed you can be when it comes to dental implants or crowns. 

The same can be said with other health concerns and benefits.

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