If you suffered some type of muscle or joint injury, or suffer from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, chronic diseases, without a doubt, you will need to undergo rehabilitation treatment with physical therapy, with all that that implies.

So, in case you live in the state of Michigan or surroundings, you are in luck. We piled up a list of the best clinics in this Midwest state.

What Diseases Does Physical Therapy Treat?

Physical therapy treats an infinity of diseases, both to prevent and to accompany specific treatments for each patient and type of ailment. Some of the followings are shown in the table below:

Main diseases treated with Physical Therapy
Pre-surgical rehabilitation Alzheimer
Post-surgical rehabilitation Scoliosis
Heart disease Back pain
Diabetes (metabolic diseases) Knee pain
Cancer and related diseases Shoulder pain
Chronic lung diseases (COPD) Plantar Fasciitis
Ankle/foot problems Sciatica
Sprains and muscle strains Fractures
Hand/wrist problems Arthritis
Carpal tunnel syndrome Arm pain

MSU Health Care Physical & Occupational Therapy

This center has a wide variety of professionals, both traumatologists, nutritionists, physical therapists, osteopaths, among others, who make up a solid group that uses the best tools and practices to diagnose any disease or related pattern. You can go to any of the locations in the Greater Lansing area. Physical therapy and occupational therapy are the standard disciplines of this center.

Orthopedic Rehab Specialists, P.C.

Named as the “best physical therapy”in Lansing and beyond, ORSMI has a large number of consultation and treatment centers. Its mission is, clearly, the care and prevention of injuries of all kinds, muscular, joint, chronic diseases, accompaniment for patients who have gone through Covid-19. Rehabilitation and education in this area for the population, to restore the vitality of an active and healthy life. Visit their website and book an appointment that fits your needs.

Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan’s Physical Therapy Neuroresidency

You can be sure that here you will find the most complete physical therapy services in the entire area. At the DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM), they work comprehensively with patients to recover and maintain a healthy life. It is also distinguished by having special care in Neurologic Physical Therapy and has more than 30 centers specialized in physical rehabilitation.

Michigan Sports & Spine Center (MSSC)

This center focused on Regenerative Medicine, Physical Medicine, and Rehabilitation is committed to the care of patients of all ages and types, both for professional athletes, amateurs, and people with sedentary habits. It has advanced and traditional treatments typical of this discipline. It also offers – through its website – the much-needed telemedicine today.

Miracle Physical Therapy and Massage Center

Finally, one of the best physical therapy centers in the Michigan area, makes available to the patient, based on a validated diagnosis, a wide variety of resources, and personalized treatments for sports injuries, orthopedic rehabilitation, preand post-surgical assistance, therapeutic massages, among other methods.

It has two clinics located in the Michigan state. One inWarren and another one inFarmington Hills. To book an appointment in the latter, click here: https://www.miraclerehabclinic.com/locations/farmington-hills.

You can also access a free consultation by visiting their website. Fill the contact form and book an appointment with a physical therapist. Also, consult their blog section to get filled on some questions you might have about massage, therapy and whether your insurance can cover the expenses.


Physical therapy is widely known in the medical field. Any type of injury or various types of diseases can be treated with physiotherapy or as a complement to other methods or treatments, accompanied by – not only the physical therapist – but a large medical group in a professional way.

Ultimately, the goal of physical therapy is to reintegrate the patient into daily activities in the best possible way.