The advent of new discoveries in the world of technology is affecting every single niche of our lives and this is most noticeable in the sector that concerns every human on the planet. And that is talking of the health sector, there are now more integrations of development in technologies with getting solutions in health care.

This is obviously important as pandemics can leave gaping holes running into well over half a trillion dollars in the global economy. Because there are resurgent threats concerning infectious diseases, public health experts are taking time to brainstorm on what is to be done to solve the lingering problems.

Earlier this year in New York, there was a declaration of a public health emergency and it was about a newly-detected disease-causing organism named Candida auris. This pathogen set off alarm bells across the globe because it led to an infection that was not responding to various conventional drugs.

In order to get a good grip on the situation at hand, it has become even more important to have a deeper comprehension of these disease outbreaks and also study present epidemics in various parts of the globe.

This explains why Metabiota decided to take the development a step further and this it did with its launching of the Metabiota Epidemic Tracker. This solution is aimed at infectious diseases but it is a lot more than that.

The tracker is available for use for free, users do not have to spend a dime and it is an innovative system that allows users to observe, study and have a better comprehension of disease patterns. These are patterns that have a direct or indirect influence on the masses, businesses and entire countries, so it can be said that the Metabiota Epidemic Tracker is clearly a big deal.

There are many reasons as to why the tracker is not just a great idea but a very useful one. According to Bill Rossi, who is the chief executive officer of Metabiota, the tracker is very innovative in several ways. For example, before the launch of the tracker, there was really nothing to properly get ready for and tackle emerging health issues.

This was a major challenge for health establishments, government agencies, and different organizations all of whom are stakeholders in the health sector. Rossi explained in detail and he made use of the Zika virus crisis as example when he pointed out that the travel updates were directly linked to the financial losses that were incurred by the tourism sector. What this pointed out was that infectious disease outbreaks have real-life effects on people and economies.

One of the best things about the tracker is that it has been designed in such a way that it blends perfectly with the objective of Metabiota to ensure that the world is better equipped to tackle and face all sorts of health challenges that can affect human populations and the economies. This is achieved by establishing a transparent, efficient and stable perspective into emerging and present health crises.

Using in-depth information collected for more than 120 disease-causing organisms, the Metabiota Epidemic Tracker is in a class of its own. The information base used has the individual profile of each pathogen, historical records, and figures of morbidity and even mortality. What this means is that the Epidemic Tracker can be used for a variety of reasons and a diversified user base.

These include public health experts, policymakers, risk managers and others whose responsibilities include studying the existing risks that have direct influence on the functionality of their ventures. The same thing applies to enterprises that are based on giving services relating to health and safety. For these organizations, such information is of extreme value and importance as it allows them to offer solid protection for their staff.

Another example that is not immediately apparent is the tourism and hospitality industry. With the information provided by the infectious disease tracker, hotels, resorts and other enterprises in the hospitality sector, they are able to guide and advise their clients and customers better.

This is even more crucial during periods of public health crises or emergencies. The same services are available for those who are researchers, students, healthcare professionals or pretty much anyone who is interested in knowing more about the many interesting issues in the global health space.

While explaining why the tracker was launched, Metabiota clarified that usually, the data and available reports on epidemics and other public health crises are always irregular, untidy and jumbled together thus making analysis very complicated.

One of the main functions of the tracker is to solve these problems by properly collecting, arranging and carrying out the validation of the erstwhile scattered data. The tracker has been structured in a way to simplify all the complexities and render a more understandable perspective of public health issues all over the globe.