Our lives have changed dramatically since the pandemic hit at the end of 2019. Businesses got shut down, companies turned remote, people died and the mask became a compulsion. What was thought to be a temporary attack has turned into an everlasting one, and from communication and business to education and entertainment, everything has partially or fully shifted online. The industry that has been the most impacted by the coronavirus is that of healthcare. From overflowing hospitals and recruiting doctors to check patients virtually – all have become a reality.

How Is The Internet Facilitating The Healthcare Industry Nowadays?

Since everything has become virtual and people are being advised to stay indoors as much as they can since the pandemic is hitting the doors again, a good internet connection is all that you need to keep the work flowing. So, if you are looking for a reliable internet connection, then check out internet plans offered by Spectrum which come with an unlimited data allowance so that you can constantly stay connected to the World Wide Web.

Here are some ways the internet is helping the healthcare industry in these unperceived times:

Clinics, Hospitals, And Doctors Have Adopted Telemedicine 

What was once an optional tool has now become a necessity. Healthcare providers and institutions are building in-house telemedicine software programs or outsourcing them according to their needs. Telemedicine allows patients and doctors to connect through the internet. The doctors can treat the patients through audio, chat, or video calls by offering consultations. The entire process of booking a doctor is carried out online with hassle-free payment and a virtual “waiting room” is also created to let the patient know when the doctor will treat him/her. 

This is not all. Sick leaves are given online, e-prescriptions are sent directly to the patient’s phone, and medical reports are given, analyzed, and forwarded online as well, all in a secure manner whilst keeping patient confidentiality intact. Furthermore, it does not matter if you are in the USA and your doctor is in Canada, a good internet connection is all you need. Now you can get treated from the comfort of your home by literally the best specialists in the world.

Virtual Deliveries Of Medicines Are Being Done

Having the doctor cure you through your gadget’s screen is one bit, but how can the medications and tests be carried out without having to visit the hospital? Now, patients can download applications over the internet that allow them to upload their prescriptions and have their medicines refilled and delivered from pharmacies to their doorsteps. Moreover, patients can also be requested to be tested at home by booking the healthcare team online. 

The Internet Is Allowing The Advancement Of Real-Time Tools

Due to consultations being carried through the internet, specialties like dentistry, gynecology, etc. are developing big internet tools that the patients and doctors can get to have “physical” checkups done without having to visit the clinic. This, however, is limited to some treatments. Other treatments do require physical presence at the clinic

Delicate Surgeries Are Taking Place Continents Away

Due to robotic technology powered by the internet, the surgeon can control the movement of the technology with his own hands and perform complex surgeries without actually being present next to the patient. Many successful surgeries have taken place in the past and the technology is being exported in countries worldwide, with doctors being trained on how to use it in times of emergency and urgency. 

Individuals Are Being Monitored At All Times

Applications have been advanced to such a level that not only can they take your temperature over the internet with just you holding your phone, but can also tell if you’ve come in contact with an affected patient or remained in an impacted place. These days’ travelers are to use such applications to have their tests sent from one country to another to keep the safety of the other passengers intact. In China and Dubai, a user can track the temperature and past CO-VID history of their food rider, Uber, or delivery person to make sure that they do not come in contact with a contaminated individual. 

Patients Are Being Monitored At Home

Due to the virus rapidly spreading, people are not only quarantined in their homes but due to severe lockdowns and airspaces shut, loved ones cannot even visit in times of emergencies. In this period, researchers have developed ‘smart apps’ to be downloaded on phones and fitness watches which alert the loved ones about the person’s current health, and in case an unfortunate event occurs, the hospital or nearest help is alerted at once – all through the internet. 

Final Words

These are just some of the many developments in the healthcare industry that have taken place or are evolving through the internet during the pandemic. Man can only be surprised as to what is to follow in the years to come.