Under state law, auto accident victims should be fairly compensated for their losses and injuries. However, insurance companies and defense attorneys don’t always play fair no matter how serious an injury may be.

Jared Spingarn, P.A knows just how costly injuries can be and is committed to working with clients to help them get the largest settlement possible. With our experience seeking fair compensation for clients’ injuries, we’ve identified these crucial tips for fighting accident claims.

Take It Slow

Immediately after an injury, some adjusters offer to settle claims. In many cases, however, the severity of a victim’s losses and injuries isn’t known for quite some time. Therefore, it’s recommended victims not settle a claim until they’re sure of what to expect during the recovery process.

Don’t Accept the First Offer

Insurance companies are in the business to make a profit, and they do so by offering less than the full value of an injury claim. Reaching a settlement requires negotiations, with each side justifying their proposed settlement amounts and values. Sometimes, adjusters make lowball offers and refuse to increase them outside of a lawsuit. Before accepting a settlement offer, seek advice from a qualified attorney.

Be Sure to Document Everything

Insurers don’t take victims at their word. To fight a claim successfully, you will need proof of the accident’s effects on your life. Use a journal or calendar to record your feelings after the accident and to track missed work and the inability to perform daily activities.

If you must miss work because of the injuries you’ve suffered in an auto accident, ask a doctor to certify that you can’t do your job. Keep receipts for medical bills, prescriptions, and other expenses, as all this information will help an attorney create a demand letter for the at-fault party’s insurance company.

Follow Doctor’s Orders

In the personal injury field, victims have a legal duty to mitigate their damages. That means they must take reasonable steps to minimize the effects of an injury. If you don’t get medical care as recommended, the other driver’s insurer may claim that you’ve made the injury worse.

Conversely, if you believe that a recommended treatment isn’t helping, it may be safe to decline it. If that’s the case, ask the doctor to document the decision by noting it in your medical chart. By working with an auto accident attorney, you’ll find it easier to gather the medical documentation needed for a successful claim.

Hire a Lawyer Right Away

There’s a lot that goes into a successful auto accident claim. While it’s certainly possible for victims to handle their own cases, trying to document and track everything takes time and effort. Most people are better off seeking professional advice. And, without a lawyer by your side, the at-fault party’s insurer may not take the case seriously enough to make a reasonable offer even if the claim is documented properly.

Don’t Deal With the Process Alone

To increase an injury claim’s chances of success and get the largest award possible, contact our firm right away. Our attorneys will get right to work, identifying and gathering all the necessary evidence to build a strong case and maximize the value of your auto accident settlement. Request additional information online or call today to schedule a no-obligation, hassle-free initial consultation.