Do you know why you can’t beat the guy next to you? This can stress you to a certain point where you start to perform worse. That workout routine needs a change. 

Which type of exercise are you doing? All workouts are great for health, but there’s a catch. Not all exercises are best for athletes. Maybe you’re doing something wrong. 

Maybe it’s time to change and do what’s right for you. Here’s a list of thirteen exercises for athletes. There are specific exercises for athletes only. 

1. Cycling

Cycling is an effective exercise for athletes. Hit the road with your two-wheeler in the morning. You can also get an exercise bike if you have time constraints.

Cycling increases cardiovascular ability. A healthy heart can tolerate high-level activities. Your heart pumps more blood into your system. 

You can increase your calf and hamstring muscles if you cycle regularly. These two groups of muscles are vital for athletes.    

2. Squat

Squats improve your calf, hamstring, and back muscles. There are eight exercises known as “Pillar of core muscles”. The squat is one of the eight. 

Try to squat every day. As an athlete, you must ensure your body is capable of a sudden blood rush. Regular squatting will increase your ability to handle this shock. 

You are doing wrong exercises if you don’t have “Squat” in your regime. Add it as soon as possible. But don’t overdo it if you are not a regular squatter.  

3. Deadlifts

Deadlifting is also one of the founding pillars of core exercises. If you deadlift regularly, you can improve your shoulder, deltoid, and back muscles. This exercise is effective enough to strengthen your glutes and hamstring muscles as well. 

It is important to maintain a certain position while deadlifting. You won’t get the maximum outcome if you are doing it wrong. Furthermore, it can cause injuries to your lower back.   

4. Box Jumps

Box jumps are great for improving speed. You can do side box jumps and front box jumps. But long-leg box jumps are known for the maximum outcome. It stretches your lower muscles which can help with the speed intensity. 

Start with smaller boxes. Your goal is to jump over two boxes at the end of the month. 

5. Bench Press

Bench pressing is an intense workout. You lie on your back on an exercise bench. Hold the bar with both hands and remove it from the holder. You need to hold the bar for two-three seconds. Pull it close to your chest and push it as high as you can. 

Doing this exercise can grow your chest, triceps, and deltoid muscles. You can get maximum results doing ten to twelve reps per set. You should drink a cup of coffee before bench pressing. It will boost your energy level.

As an athlete, you need to keep your upper body muscles strong for balance. Bench pressing regularly can help achieve that goal.

6. Barbell Roll

You need to strengthen your abdominal muscles if you are an athlete. A lot of athletes perform lower than their ability because of having weak abdominal muscles. Barbell roll improves your lower abdominal muscles.

You need to ensure stretching your lower abdomen. The best way is to dip your belly as low as possible while pushing the bar. Slowly raise your lower back and pull the bar. 

7. Landmines

Landmine exercise is a great way for improving your upper body muscle. You can do it with both hands and one hand. But it’s best if you do it with one hand. That way, you can concentrate on one side properly. 

Landmining exercise can improve your gripping strength partially. Put on a pair of thick gloves. Otherwise, you’ll get calluses. 

8. Frog Crunch

Frog crunch is similar to sitting crunch. You need to sit straight on your lower back and raise your legs from the ground. Bring your knees to your chest level and your hands around your knees. Then push both of your legs and separate your hands. 

It’s a great way to improve your upper abdominal muscles. 

9. Leg Raise

Hold on to a high bar with your hands and grip tight. You need to hang loose and raise your leg above waist level fast. Try to maintain a proper balance when doing a leg raise. Raise your legs slowly if you are swinging too much. 

Leg raise improves your upper and lower abdominal muscles as well. But you’ll be doing this exercise to improve your balance. 

10. Rope Skipping

Rope skipping is known as a universal workout. You can improve your stamina, lower leg muscles, heart health and speed with this exercise. You should do rope skipping for twenty minutes every day. Free-hand rope skipping is a great option as well.

11. Lunges

Lunges are an amazing option to improve lower and upper leg muscles. Doing it regularly can strengthen your hamstring and quads. If you are an athlete, lunges should be part of your routine. Your knee strength will improve, and you will be able to tolerate more shocks. 

12. Swimming

Swimming is a high-low impact exercise. It can improve your mental health, lungs, heart and almost all body muscle groups. Your performance can improve significantly if you swim every day. You’ll see all great athletes have kept this exercise as part of their routine. 

13. Yoga

Yoga has become a popular option for athletes. Doing yoga regularly can improve blood flow and joint strength. It’s an amazing exercise for athletes recovering from an injury. 

Yoga can improve mental stability as well. A strong mind can change your performance surprisingly. So, keep yoga on your to-do list if you are an athlete.


Not all exercises are made for everyone. Doing the wrong exercises can reduce performance to a certain degree. Athletes need to follow routines that can improve endurance. Their exercises should be fast and focus more on lean muscles. Now that you know what to do, you should start doing these exercises as soon as possible.