Have you been hitting the gym, and pumping iron to gain a little (or a lot) of muscle?

As important as it is to work at a fit and healthy body, it is more important to heal your body – particularly your muscles – after a workout.

Your muscles work hard when you’re sweating over those dumbbells. In order to treat them right, you need to take vitamins for muscle recovery. In this article, we will tell you the most essential vitamins to include in your diet, so you can make sure you look good and feel great.

Why Workout Recovery is Important

Getting the right nutrients and vitamins are vital for workout recovery.

When you pump iron and build muscle, your muscles tear and repair in order to grow. All this work can make them sore, and tired. That is why muscle recovery is so important. It repairs tissue, and muscle and helps to reduce inflammation and post-workout burn.

But your muscles can only repair themselves if they are given the right vitamins and nutrients to do the job.

The Best Vitamins for Muscle Recovery

Whether you are looking for supplements for athletes, or for the occasional workout, making sure your body gets the right vitamins and nutrients is essential.

Make sure your nutrition after a workout is varied, healthy, and filling. Plan your meals so they include as many of these vitamins as possible. Go for variety, vegetables of all different colors, lean meats, fish, and nuts and seeds.

When in doubt, take vitamin supplements to help give your body a healthy boost. Here are our top vitamins to include in your diet.

1. Calcium

This nutrient is essential for keeping your bones healthy and strong. But it is also important for metabolism and muscle contraction. You can get your daily supply of calcium from food such as dairy products, spinach, sardines, and almonds.

2. Vitamin D

Vitamin D goes hand in hand with calcium, as it helps the body to absorb it. It helps your bones stay healthy and strong, and assists your body with absorbing other nutrients.

3. Iron

This is one of the best vitamins for building muscle. Iron is one of the main vitamin building blocks for muscle repair. Try taking Iron Tablets from Vitabiotics on a daily basis to help keep your muscles in optimum condition.

4. Vitamin B12

This is a great vitamin for building muscle, as it helps convert food into energy. Vitamin B12 assists your body in creating red blood cells, which deliver oxygen to your muscles. Making this a key vitamin for healthy muscle growth.

5. Vitamin C

Grab some oranges and eat up as Vitamin C is another muscle-friendly vitamin you need to know about. Not only does it boost our immune system (making us feel well and healthy and ready for a workout), but it also helps repair damaged tissue.

6. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is important for athletes and bodybuilders. It supports protein synthesis, which is necessary for muscle growth and recovery. It also assists with creating structural strength in muscles.

7. Zinc

This muscle-building mineral should be one you include in your workout diet. It helps your body produce testosterone, which builds muscle. Zinc also helps your muscles to recover from exercise and is great at boosting T-cells to fight off infections.

8. Omega 3

Take your daily allowance of Omega 3 to help reduce inflammation in your body. Omega 3 also improves bone repair and helps your muscles recover after a tough workout.

Your Workout Recovery Sorted

When you are on a mission to improve your fitness and build muscle, taking care of your muscles is crucial. Now you know which vitamins for muscle recovery are best, you can start including them as part of a healthy diet.

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