What is the best artificially produced nourishment for babies? Of course, it is the baby formula! Despite being commercially targeted towards babies, it is a product that has caught the attention of adults as well. 

Many speculations are surrounding it, which is why you should let this article guide you through its properties and uses.

But, can adults drink baby formula?

Yes, adults can drink baby formula. Although it is essentially made for babies, adults can drink it too. A fully grown adult will face no issues if he/she drinks baby formula. While there are no risks involved in consuming it, an adult will not receive ample nutritious benefits from baby formula.

What Is Baby Formula?

Baby formula is an artificially produced nourishment made for infants below the age of one year or twelve months. It usually comes in powdered and liquid forms. 

Since it is used as a replacement for milk, all the nutrients present in milk are incorporated into it. Milk itself consists of different ingredients as an ideal food, and so baby formula consists of them too.

Some ingredients that are commonly used in baby formula are cow milk whey, vegetable oils, vitamins, lactose, minerals, etc. The goal behind the production of every baby formula is to include as many nutrients as possible. Other than the six essential nutrients, other elements are also present to make it appear more appealing.

Baby formula is also known by names like infant formula, baby milk, infant milk, formula, etc.

What Happens When Adults Drink Baby Formula?

Strictly speaking, if an adult ends up drinking a baby formula, no prolonged side effects will occur. However, since adults have a different course of nutrition, it is not very commendable.

First of all, a fully grown adult needs a specific amount of nutrients as a daily requirement. This amount is in no way comparable to that of an infant. Hence, replacing regular food with baby formula is not an option.

Again, baby formulas consist of a considerable amount of fat as well as iron. While these two nutrients are suitable for a growing human, an adult should only consume a controlled amount of these. Consuming too much fat or iron is not healthy for an adult.

Reasons Why Adults Drink Baby Formula

Despite having other options, some adults opt for baby formula. It is because of the following reasons:


Baby formula has an exceptional, sweet flavor. When made, it transforms into an easily digestible food as well. Some adults prefer such types of food, which is easy to consume and tastes sweet.

Additional Nutrition

Since it is actually a substitute for milk, baby formula has many essential nutrients. Adults deficient in these nutrients can prefer to make up by drinking baby formula instead of regular food.

Having Leftover Formula

Often, there is formula lying around at home, especially if you have babies. Sometimes, adults use this leftover formula to make food or for any other purpose.

Effects Of Drinking Only Baby Formula

Let us start by making one thing clear; Adults cannot survive on baby formula alone. People often conduct experiments by drinking only baby formula for a week or month or so. But the results are never effective.

To keep up with your daily nutrition requirements, you have to consume a lot of baby formula. Consuming the same food in large quantities can cause a loss of appetite at a point.

And if you fail to maintain the quantity, you will not receive enough nutrients. As a result, your body will suffer. Therefore, you can conclude that the effects of drinking only baby formula on a healthy adult are nothing but adverse.

Baby Formula Vs Protein Powder

Before getting into the comparison, let us describe what these two things are. You already know that baby formula is a liquid or powdered incorporation of all the major nutrients, made especially for infants. Protein powder, on the other hand, is powdered incorporation of protein sourced from plants, eggs, or milk.

Structurally, there are two differences between baby formula and protein powder. The baby formula consists of all the essential nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, fats, minerals, vitamins, etc. 

But protein powder does not include any other essential nutrient except protein. Moreover, baby formula has different states, whereas protein powder only comes in powder format.

Now comes the battle of efficacy. Protein powder is known for having huge quantities of protein. If we consider the day-to-day serving, the amount of protein available in average protein powders is somewhat equivalent to the daily protein needs of an adult.

On the other hand, the amount of protein present in an infant formula is very low compared to an adult’s daily protein needs. Regular food offers a decent amount of protein. And so, consumption of infant formula puts you in a disadvantageous position.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you put baby formula in coffee?

Yes, baby formula can be put in coffee. It can be put in most drinks as a substitute for milk. However, make sure it is a powdered form and not expired. 

Is there a milk formula for adults?

There are no commercially recognized milk formulas for adults. However, many brands produce and sell similar products catered towards adults.

Coconut water while breastfeeding – does it increase milk production?

Coconut water is said to help increase the milk production for new mothers. As it has electrolytes, mothers are often suggested to drink it during breastfeeding.

Will drinking baby formula help me gain weight?

For an adult, drinking baby formula will not help gain weight considerably. If you want to gain weight by drinking baby formula, you have to consume it in large quantities.

What can I do with leftover baby formula?

There are a lot of things you can do with leftover baby formula. You can use it as a substitute for milk powder for cooking, making pastes, gardening, etc.


We are wrapping up this article here. Can adults drink baby formula is no longer a question now since we’ve thoroughly answered it!

Therefore, if you consider drinking baby formula, make sure you weigh in the pros and cons at first. Stay healthy and eat the right things. Best of luck!