Being body positive and comfortable in your own skin is a must if you want to lead a fulfilling life. However, that does not mean that you should avoid using quality, medically-sound procedures to help you reach this goal. With this in mind, here are the top six body positivity and health trends that you should know about in 2023: 

1. CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting has become one of the most innovative and exciting ways for people to achieve body positivity and a healthy lifestyle in 2023. Thanks to the experts at Kansas City CoolSculpting, the service is more widely available in the state than ever before. If you’ve been looking for a non-surgical way to remove stubborn body fat and marks that simply seem to be indestructible, this is the medical advancement that you’ve been craving. The simple outpatient procedure is affordable, effective, and is certain to be executed healthily by CoolSculpting professionals. If you’ve been holding off on this type of outpatient procedure, you should stop worrying, and embrace this absolutely incredibly body-positive way of burning pesky bits of body fat. 

2. Botox Treatments

Thankfully, the ignorance in the public eye about botox treatments has become a thing of the past. There are many amazing medical and personal benefits to using botox treatments, after all, and the procedure is more affordable (and accessible) than it’s ever been. This non-surgical procedure can help ease muscle pain, keep you looking young, and can even improve your sex drive. Because botox is now being used for such a wide range of benefits, it’s useful to consult a botox provider about your goals, wants, and needs before starting treatment. By doing so, you can ensure that you’re getting the most out of your next botox treatment. Doing so can help you understand how often you’ll need treatments as well. 

3. Microneedling

One of the newest body positivity treatments out there, microneedling is a great way to achieve your ideal looks and personality in 2023. These treatments address skin revitalization concerns for patients who are beginning to see wrinkles, or who are experiencing preventable skin pain. While the treatment used to be more limited, new advances in microneedling technology and techniques have made the process more accessible than its been since its conception. Many of the same providers who offer other cosmetic and therapeutic body-positive services now offer microneedling. Thanks to this, you can easily make your skin look younger than it has in decades by using quality microneedling services and products. 

4. Hydrafacial

Many people prefer the soft, easy, and affordable nature of hydrafacial treatments. For those who are just beginning to seek out body-positive therapy, hydrafacial treatments provide a great starting point. If you want an automated, painless way to get rid of wrinkles and reenergize your skin, hydrafacial procedures have you covered. The fact that hydrafacial treatments take less than an hour to complete, and are widely available around the US, makes them that much more attractive. This has also helped them secure their spot on our list of the top six body positivity and health trends of 2023. 

5. Chemical Peels

Although chemical peels have been around for decades, they’ve never been as precise, painless, and affordable as they are in 2023. If you’ve been looking for a great way to look young again and achieve the sense of confidence that you’ve been craving, this body-positive therapeutic procedure is a no-brainer. The more specific you are about your needs and wants with your chemical peel provider, the better. However, there are plenty of quality chemical peel products you can buy at the store, and use from the comfort of your home as well. If you want the best results possible, however, it’s still best to seek out a professional to perform your chemical peel procedure. 

6. Fillers

While far from cutting-edge in the same way as the other body-positive trends on this list, lip fillers have remained incredibly popular among the general populace (and for good reason). Due to this, they easily make their way onto our list of the six top body positivity and health trends for 2023. If you’ve ever wanted full, luscious lips that will help you reach your own ideal of beauty, this outpatient procedure is exactly what you’ve been hoping for. The injectable results offered by lip filler servicers will be immediately noticeable, so you can use them to boost your confidence before your upcoming summer vacation. Additionally, the minor swelling period associated with lip fillers is now just a few short days, so there are fewer minor drawbacks than ever before!