Since the medical revolution in the 1970s, the world of medication and treatment has been improving eminently in countries around the UAE. And stem cell storage is an excellent example of the same. 

But, what is it really? How does it work? And, the most important of all, who should you opt for when it comes to storing cord blood?

We’ve answered it all in this article. So, don’t forget to keep reading till the end! 

An Introduction To Stem Cell Storage

Stem cell storage, otherwise known as cord blood banking, is a type of medical procedure where the doctor stores the umbilical blood. The stem cell available within the same can be used later on to cure any other critical ailment, like cancer or tuberculosis. Generally, cord blood is stored in two different manners, which are – 

  • Public Storage: As the name implies, public storage can be used by anyone. Even if you don’t use it, you can always lend the same to someone else who’s in dire need of it. You can either take money for the service or keep it for later usage.
  • Private Storage: In private storage, you can only keep the stem cell for yourself or your family. However, you will need to provide a yearly charge for the same. It’s a little expensive, but it’s definitely worth it.

Your overall expense will depend on how you’re storing the blood and the overall duration of the storage. Make sure to calculate everything correctly before making a decision about it.

How Are The Cells Collected?

The cord blood, in essence, will be collected or accumulated by your obstetrician or the staff of the hospital. Here’s how the process goes.

  • So, once the baby is born, the doctor will cut the umbilical cord from the mother. 
  • After the same, they’ll clamp it and draw the blood from the same with a needle with a bag attached to it.
  • The process will take somewhere about ten minutes.

However, here’s the catch. Not every healthcare organization out there will offer such a service. Whoever’s providing the same will ask for a separate charge from you as well. And, in most cases, it won’t be covered by the life insurance you have.

Who Is The Best Option?

As of now, we’ve offered some information regarding the stem cell collection procedure and whatever’s related to it. Now, let’s see who you can choose for the same in the UAE.

Option – 1: Cellsave

Idealism, efficiency, and eloquence – if you’re looking for such a three-in-one option in your case, Cellsave would be the perfect option for you. The process is pretty easy as well. All you need to do is call them, and they’ll provide the blood-containable kit to you. 

Give it to your doctor, and they’ll collect the blood within the kit for you. And once it’s done, you can send it to the organization for storage. 

Option – 2: Medcells 

When it comes to overall efficiency, Medcells can definitely be considered as a competitor to Cellsave. However, they tend to fall a little short when it comes to turnaround time and price. But, if you’re looking for a decent, local option in Abu Dhabi, they’ll be perfect for you.

Option – 3: Future Health Biobank

In terms of experience and expertise, Future Health Biobank is definitely one of the (if not the) top stem cell storage providers in the UAE. Due to their excellence, they’ve been approved by the government of the country as well.

The Bottom Line!

So, that’ll mark the conclusion of this article. But, before we leave, let us suggest to you the best option for your storage. In our opinion, Cellsave is undoubtedly an ideal option for you – both from the viewpoint of pricing and efficiency. 

However, if you’re looking for a more accredited option, Future Health Biobank can be pretty excellent for you as well. 

In any case, before you choose someone, don’t forget to do some research on them a little. This way, it’ll be easier for you to understand if you’re selecting the right option or not. You may look for references from your close ones as well.