You’re probably contemplating doing Dry January come the New Year. After a month of Christmas parties, socialising, and this year a World Cup, you may already be feeling a little boozed out, but have you thought about giving up alcohol for 2023 in its entirity?

Yes, that’s right, what’s a month when you could do 12? It’s an alcohol detox like no other, and there are many reasons why you should seriously give it a go. So, what are they?

You’ll Save A Fortune

Alcohol isn’t cheap and you can end up spending an awful lot on nights out, with the price of your drinks, taxis, takeaways and more. In fact, you can probably calculate exactly how much you would save by giving up alcohol, or at least a ballpark figure, which may be enough in itself for you to kick the booze for good.

Think about what that money could instead go towards, especially in a cost of living crisis. It’s a no brainer.

You’ll Have More Energy

The knock on effects of alcohol are quite large. A night on the booze will affect your sleeping patterns, which in turn will have an impact on your tiredness and mood the following day and even week. By not drinking, you will sleep better and in return have a bagful of energy when you wake up, ready to tackle the day and be much more productive. 

It’ll Improve Your Health

The obvious one now, but you’ll naturally be healthier for it. We all know the impact that alcohol has on our body and the long term effects. That can include cancer, liver damage and heart disease. Give up the alcohol, and that lessens your chance of suffering with such diseases. It’s as simple as that.

What’s more, there are many other health improvements. Your skin and hair will be looking better, while your mental health will improve tenfold due to a lack of alcohol – it’s a depressent, after all.

You’ll Think More Clearly

You’ll be less groggy, any anxieties will be heightened less and you’ll be much more clearer in your thoughts as your brain won’t be impacted by the chemicals released through the consumption of alcohol.

You’ll be able to think more logically, more accurately and more sensibly, which is only going to aid you in all walks of life, whether it be in your career, relationships or even hobbies and recreational activites.