Lip augmentation can give you larger, fuller-looking lips that may aid in enhancing your appearance or treating certain deformities. You can opt for several kinds of treatments for your lips and the area surrounding your mouth. 

They employ diverse methods and have varying durations. You may have smooth, plump lips with a natural look by working with a professional cosmetic surgeon who will employ one of the numerous procedures. More natural-looking results will be achieved with minor enhancements.

Different Types Of Lip Enhancement Treatments

Cosmetic surgeons employ a range of techniques, from temporary filler injections to lip implant surgery, to assist patients in enhancing the look of their lips. They increase or restore the volume of the lips and reduce the vertical lines that surround the mouth and lips.

Lip Fillers Or Injections

By injecting dermal fillers directly into the lips, you may sculpt them and give your lips the better structure, thickness, and size you desire with long-lasting effects. 

The results you get with injections will remain a bit longer with the use of hyaluronic acid fillers with various forms of cross-linking. 

Lip fillers typically last six to twelve months on average. If patients want to keep their results after having lip fillers, they will need to undergo follow-up procedures once or twice a year.

Fillers can improve lip form, smooth vertical lip lines (perioral rhytids), and increase lip volume depending on the product. A qualified cosmetic surgeon can precisely control the amount of filler used to obtain your desired outcomes with this procedure. 

Fat Grafting Or Fat Injections

Fat grafting is a more durable solution for Lip Enhancement. Liposuction can be used to remove fat, which is then processed before being precisely injected into the lips to shape them. 

Fat grafting is the most long-lasting method of enhancing the lips since it often lasts for years. Fat grafting can be performed without making an incision on the face or lips and often includes liposuction surgery on a separate part of the body.

Only a licensed cosmetic surgeon with specific expertise in fat transfer techniques should provide fat injections. A specialist can use fat injections to provide a lovely enhanced lip contour that seems and feels extremely natural since fat appears and feels very natural on the lips. 

Neurotoxin Injections

Neurotoxin injections into the top lip are an excellent approach to generating a modest pout if you do not want to use fillers. 

A slight pout will develop in your upper lip when a small amount of neurotoxin such as Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin is delicately injected into the middle of your top lip. 

Your upper lip muscles are relaxed as a result of the neurotoxin’s action, and you will develop tiny, aesthetically attractive puckered lips. These effects should endure for three to four months.

People with prominent gums can use it to correct a gummy smile. It can relax the muscles that are pushing the upper lip up and expose your upper gum line when you smile. 

Tiny doses of neurotoxin injected into the skin right above your top lip and into the upper lip itself can achieve this result. 

Your grin will eventually cover your gums after a few days. The procedure allows your top lip to descend and cover your gums. Moreover, this technique doesn’t interfere with your ability to smile.

Lip Implants

Lip implants can accomplish this if you want a lip augmentation that lasts longer and requires less upkeep. The greatest candidates for implants are those who want to noticeably increase the volume of their lips. 

Implants are constructed from soft, malleable silicone rubber or biodegradable material. Lip implant surgery is normally performed under local anesthetic by skilled cosmetic surgeons.

The specialist places the implants through very small incisions hidden in the mouth’s corners. Lip implant surgery may be completed in less than 30 minutes by a qualified cosmetic surgeon and has almost imperceptible scars. 

Most patients just need one to three days off to heal the lips. You may retain the effects for many years.

Lip Lift

A lip lift is the only surgical procedure that may permanently reduce upper lip thinning and create a gorgeous upper lip pout. To do this surgery, a little bit of skin must be removed from the area surrounding your nose’s base. 

Your lip is then lifted towards your nose. The upper lip will have greater height and a more obvious pout if this is done medically.

Older individuals who have seen an increase in the distance between the base of their nose and their upper lip might also consider this operation. Not only may lifting this region produce a pout, but it can also be employed to look younger.

Types Of Lip Lift

The different types of lip lifts are mentioned below.

Subnasal Bullhorn

The base of the nose is a less obvious location for an incision. Thus, a surgeon would usually conceal it there. The lip’s center, left, and right are dragged up towards the nose, and the incision is done in the shape of a bullhorn.

Central Lip Lift

A subnasal bullhorn lift and a central lip lift are related procedures. Making an incision in the lower nose reduces the distance between the nose and the lips.

Italian Lip Lift

Two incisions are required below each nostril for an Italian lip lift. Typically, there isn’t a visible scar involved. It gives you similar results as the bullhorn lip lift.

Direct Lip Lift

A more distinct lip border is produced via a direct lip lift. Just above the top lip, a little section of skin is removed, and the skin is then pushed upwards to give the appearance of a more prominent vermillion.

Corner Lip Lift

Two tiny incisions are made at the corners of the mouth, and a small quantity of skin is removed to perform a corner lip lift. The face appears happier as a result.

Winding Up

Cosmetic surgeons are increasingly employing minimally invasive techniques to provide extremely natural-looking results that may last for up to a year or more, even if surgical procedures like lip implants still exist as an alternative.