For every man the ability to perform satisfactorily in bed is important. It is also important to his partner and forms a large part of a successful relationship. There are some instances in which a man may find he has lost the ability to get or maintain an erection. This can be down to various causes. There are some medical conditions that cause erectile dysfunction or ED. Age may also play a part, and there are some basic lifestyle choices that a man may make that affect his ability to get an erection.

Smoking heavily and excess alcohol are two factors that can have an effect on a mans sexual health. Recreational drugs may also be a factor, and even such things as a poor diet or lack of exercise – resulting in weight gain – can also have an effect. 

In the article that follows we are looking at a quite remarkable procedure that not only aims to help men who suffer from ED, but also those who would like their penis to be bigger. This is not a supplement or pill that makes exaggerated claims, but a routine that has been shown to be successful. Its known as the Priapus shot – P-shot for short – and men in Dallas who are struggling with the embarrassment of poor performance may want to read on. Lets begin by explaining in brief what the P-shot is, and what it is for.

What Is The P-Shot?

The P-shot for men is a relatively new procedure that aims to rejuvenate a man who suffers from ED. It can also be offered as a penis-enlargement procedure. When the latter is claimed it is usually met with disdain, yet the science behind the P-shot is sound and does add up. The P-shot is an injection administered to the mans penis. The intention – as we will cover in more detail later – is to rejuvenate the cells in the penis and stimulate cell growth and blood flow.

To understand how this works, a brief explanation of what an erection is should help. Inside the penis are two hollow chambers or sacs. When a man is sexually aroused the hormones responsible for sexual health stimulate a sudden rush of blood to the penis. The blood fills the chambers providing the stiff erection.

Now, whether due to medical reasons, to those lifestyle habits, or simply through growing older this process becomes less efficient in many men. This can be because the veins are no longer in top condition, the blood flow has reduced, or hormone production has slowed down. The P-shot is a method of treating ED for all these reasons, and uses a procedure called PRP. Before we explain that, a bit more about a typical man who may undergo the P-shot procedure. 

Who Chooses To Have The P-Shot?

A prime candidate for the P-shot is a man of any age who is suffering from erectile dysfunction and is therefore getting stressed, embarrassed, and upset at his ability to perform sexually. Usually, this man will be beyond 50 years of age, although ED is not uncommon in younger men indulging in the habits we mentioned earlier. Be aware that a consultant will assess your background and lifestyle and – should you wish to undergo the treatment – you be expected to commit to altering your lifestyle to help reach your goals. So, what is PRP and why is it important? It forms the central part of the P-shot and is also used to treat other conditions, so it deserves to be explained. 

What Is PRP?

PRP stands for Platelet-rich Plasma. Your blood is made up of several components. The red and white blood cells are two, but were not interested in them. What we are interested in are two other vital components – plasma and platelets. 

Now, if you imagine that platelets are the part of the blood that actively stimulate cell growth – and that the plasma also plays a part in this procedure – you may get a better understanding of how it works. The idea is to enrich the blood in the penis so that it has a greater ration of platelets than would usually be the case.

As these platelets are the part that stimulates cell and collagen growth, more means better for a man having trouble with an erection. How is the PRP process performed?

The practitioner – who will be fully trained and qualified in the process – starts by taking some blood from the patient using a syringe. This blood is then placed in a centrifuge, a device that spins very quickly and is used to separate parts of blood and other substances. In this case, the result is that the plasma and platelets are separated from the red and white blood cells – hence we now have platelet-rich plasma. 

Its science at its best and there is more to it, but that is the basic process you need to know. Next, the PRP is injected back into the penis, usually in a couple of places. The PRP then gets to work reviving the blood, the cells, and encouraging the collagen to do its job. The end result should be a man who can now attain an erection as before, or who now has more girth to his penis as he wanted.

Should I Have The P-Shot?

The P-shot is a successful treatment for ED but may not be the right one in every case. You need to arrange to see a consultant who will assess you overall for suitability. There may be other methods that are more suitable for you, but the P-shot is becoming more popular with men of all ages who find it to be the answer to their sexual health problems. Bear in mind that you may need to attend the clinic several times and have the procedure repeated for better results.

Should you suffer from ED or want to talk about penis enlargement make and appointment with a Dallas clinic that performs the P-shot procedure and have a chat with a consultant.